Heroic Styles: Mera (Aquaman)

Hold on to Spring Break a little longer with these outfits inspired by The Queen of the Sea.

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Coming back from Spring Break is tough. You just want to hold on to that tiny moment of relaxation a little bit longer, however you can.

Believe me, I know this well.

For this week’s Heroic Styles post, I decided to help you hold on to that beach vibe for at least another few minutes. Today we’ll look for inspiration in a character that (literally) lives under the sea, Mera, from DC’s Aquaman.

About Mera

The Queen of the Sea was created by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy. She first appeared in Aquaman #11 on 1963 and she’s been ruling the sea ever since.

Mera has superhuman physical strength, and hydrokinetic and telepathic powers. Although her first appearances were as a supporting character to her husband, Aquaman, recently she’s been portrayed as a superhero in her own right and is a member of the Justice League.

Mera in the DC Extended Universe

Her cinematic debut was in the movie Justice League on 2017 and she’s portrayed by Amber Heard, sharing screen with Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

Both of them reprised their roles as King and Queen of the Sea for DCEU’s Aquaman in November 2018.

Mera’s Style in the DCEU

Although Mera is mostly seen in her classic green suit, we get the chance to see her in other outfits in Aquaman (2018).

On land, she favors neutral colors, specifically beige and muted greens, in breathable fabrics like linen.

Her underwater outfits are more colorful: she uses emerald greens, bright oranges, lilacs, silver and gold.

Mera Aquaman Style — Outfit #1: “Redheads. You gotta love ’em!”

Mera Aquaman style: Outfit inspired by Mera with tan trousers and top, green jacket, espadrilles

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This is Mera’s land outfit, which she wears to the desert and to Sicily. It’s an outfit in breathable textiles and neutral, earthy colors.

To get that Mera Aquaman style from this scene, use a loose button-up beige shirt with a pair of wide leg pants in the same or a similar color. Tuck the shirt into the pants to create a sleek silhouette and to not drown yourself in fabric.

Mera is wearing an army green duster, but I opted for a cropped denim jacket in the same color to give the outfit a bit of an edgy vibe and add texture.

To keep the outfit light and breezy, use a pair of black platform espadrilles and a straw crossbody bag to accessorize.

Mera’s Style — Outfit #2: “Welcome to Atlantis”

Mera Aquaman style: Outfit inspired by Mera with red skirt, silver metallic shoes, silver bag, coral necklace

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This is Mera’s full-glam ensemble. It is literally called the “jelly fish gown”. It is an ethereal, flowy orange, silver and lavender-toned dress.

To recreate this outfit in a wearable way, use an orange flowy maxi skirt with lilac details. To emulate Mera’s jeweled corset, I opted for a silver sequined top.

For the shoes, you can either dress down wearing a silver mule-type sneaker with faux-jewels or dress the look up with a pair of silver strap heels.

For accessories, everything is sea-themed, since it’s Mera’s home. Use a necklace with an orange coral with pearl details, and some gold bracelets with different sea-inspired details. To tie the outfit together, finish it up with a silver crossbody bag.

Mera’s Style — Outfit #3: “You do your best thinking when you’re not thinking at all.”

Outfit inspired by Mera Aquaman style: Green skirt, black tank, gold heels and jewelry

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Mera’s go-to outfit and superhero suit is a green catsuit with scales and golden details.

Use a green satin midi skirt to get the oceanic vibe. For the top, rock a black bodysuit with a V-neck. Mera doesn’t actually wear shoes (ever) so I chose a pair of golden ankle boots to emulate the details of Mera’s suit.

To accessorize, keep on using shades of gold to keep with the theme. This envelope bag with golden chain matches perfectly with the boots. Since the bodysuit has a V-neck, a stacked necklace with seashells fits perfectly. Finally, layer one more necklace with the Aquaman symbol to reference Mera’s belt.

What do you think of our Mera Aquaman style guide?

Which outfit would you wear? Do you like Mera’s style? What hero would you like to see next?

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