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Miami is a melting pot of cultures, which makes it a great place for fashion inspiration. Bo's passion for fashion only began after her first few years in college, but it's clear that she is definitely a natural. Her unique pieces caught my eye as I was doing my daily coffee run. After sitting down and chatting with her as we both got ready for the day, I found out her outfit was just as worldly as she is.

Who’s That Girl?

University of Miami college street style

Name: Bo

Origin: China

Year: PhD Candidate

Major: Biology/Ecology

Let’s Talk Fashion

What inspires your style? “I changed my style since I started grad school because when you start it, you kind of want to grow up a little [and] look more professional. I used to wear just jeans and a t-shirt, but after I finished my undergrad studies I felt like changing it up. I use to not wear skirts, for example, but then I thought to myself ‘Why not?’”

Where do you like to shop? “That’s a good question. I like shopping, that’s for sure! When I’m here I normally shop at whatever mall is closest to me, but when I travel I always try to find a unique piece to add to my wardrobe.”

What fashion advice would you give to other students looking to improve their style? “Wear something comfortable! Wait, I take that back, I usually don’t. I wear a lot of high heels and those are definitely not comfy to walk around campus with. So I guess wear something that makes you feel good. Oh, also, wearing something that is nicely fit is super-important. It helps to keep your shape and makes you look slim and polished.”

What’s your favorite thing to wear year-round? “Since in Miami it doesn’t get very cold, I like to wear skirts. I’m a huge fan of midi skirts or the ones that go just above the knee. Shorter skirts can be tricky since it tends to get cold inside the buildings. I like to keep it simple as well [by] sticking to darker colors; nothing too crazy.”

What do you do for fun – do you have any hobbies or interests? “I’m very outdoorsy! I like birding with my boyfriend because it’s his area of study and he usually has a lot to share about it. I also enjoy hiking, biking, and swimming. The only thing I don’t like is running and jogging. I hate it!”

Elements of Bo's Outfit

1. Embroidered Skirt

Colorful skirt

Bo's skirt is the focal point in her outfit. All the way from Spain, this piece is the definition of her style. Flowers represent her nature-loving personality and the contrast between the darker colors and bright hues is so unique.

2. Dainty Bracelet

University of Miami fashion

When it came to accessories, Bo kept it simple by wearing this bracelet her boyfriend got her just a couple of days ago when they were in Costa Rica. This girl sure has been all over the world and showcases it in her accessories.

What do you think of Bo's outfit?

Do you love her bold skirt? Would you wear her outfit? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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