50 Incredibly Gorgeous Winter Nail Ideas to Try

Here are the hottest nail trends you need to know about this winter.

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This post will show you the best winter nails ideas to try this year.

Top 50 hottest winter nail trends this year

I’m so excited for the winter season! From the holidays to the crisp weather, there are so many things to love about winter. I also get so excited for the new fashion and beauty trends I get to try in the winter, including new winter nail ideas.

I’m obsessed with cute nails, and matching my nails to the season. There’s something so put-together about a gorgeous manicure; it really boosts your confidence and makes you feel like you have your life together.

With this in mind, let’s get your nails looking 10/10 for winter. Below, I’m sharing 50 super cute winter nail ideas to get your inspiration going!

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Winter Nails Inspiration – Our Favorite 50 Ideas

White nails

This is the winter way to wear white nails! This pretty white nail polish is infused with subtle foil flakes that flash green and pink. It’s so stunning and unique; I’m definitely buying this one for myself this winter.

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Green nails

Green nails are a holiday season classic. They’re bold and beautiful and remind me of pine trees, holly wreaths, and minty candy. (See our 15 favorite green nails ideas here!)

This polish by Spectrum Cosmetics is called “Holly” and it’s a stunning green shade that just screams holidays!

Gold and Gray Nails

These gray and gold nails are such a modern and cool look, using one of Paintbox Nails’ “Power Couples” sets, Like Gilded + Like Velvet. The set comes with both polishes you need to create this stunning look.

Candy Cane Nails

This is such a sweet idea, pun intended. Candy canes are a classic winter treat, so why not pay homage to them with your nails?

These candy cane nail wraps are a super easy way to get this look with minimal effort. Plus, they’re only $5.99 for the set!

Falling Glitter Nails

Falling Glitter Placement Nails (for New Year's!)

Want an eye-catching glitter nail look for winter? Look no further than these falling glitter placement nails. They have the look of falling snow, but are also so incredibly glam.

I think these would be the perfect New Year’s nails! They’re not like all the other glitter nails you’ll see, and they really catch the light in a beautiful way.

Icicle Nails


I love the idea of icicle nails for all those winter wonderland vibes. These nails combine silver and white glitter nails with snowflakes and rhinestones for a themed look that feels fresh.

These would be so stunning to rock for a holiday party or just to cheer yourself up during those long days of winter.

White glitter nails

I’m obsessed with white glitter nails and this glitter powder from Amazon makes it so easy to get the look.

Just paint your nails with any white polish, then dip your nail in the glitter while it’s still tacky and the glitter will stick. Finish your top coat of choice.

Red Nails

These pretty red nails would be perfect for Christmas! It’s a step above your basic red, featuring multicolored glitter flecks to make the polish more interesting.

Just a few swipes of this gorgeous color and you’ll have everyone asking you where you got your nails done.

The shade is called “Deck the Claws” by KBShimmer.

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Christmas Nail Art

Cute Nail Art 2023 🎄 Fun & Easy Christmas Nail Design Compilation!

How cute are these Christmas nail art designs?

These will require some nail art skills (and a good detail brush), but the tutorial goes through each design step by step so you can create these adorable Christmas nails at home. My favorite is the penguin nail — how cute!

Starry Christmas Nails

Easy Starry Christmas Nail Art

These starry Christmas nails are so sweet, and all you need to make the design is a toothpick and some white polish.

I love this with the red and green, but this nail design would also make a pretty winter nails look with a deep blue to represent the night sky.

Purple nails

Snowflake on Dark Purple Manicure-DIY Winter Nail Art Tutorial | Rose Pearl

Deep purple nails are a popular winter nail trend that comes back around every year. Pretty much every shade of medium to deep purple is on trend for winter, so pick your favorite and rock it.

If you want to add a little something extra to your purple mani, try this cute purple nails tutorial for winter. It uses glitter and a snowflake graphic for a super pretty look.

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Brown nails

This is kind of an unpopular opinion but I seriously love chocolate brown nails in winter. There’s something so cozy and cute about them, and they look fantastic with all winter outfits. Plus, most people don’t rock brown nails very often, so you’re sure to stand out.

This shade, from Cirque Colors on Etsy, is called “Pony Up” and it’s a gorgeous chocolate brown with multicolored shimmer — so unusual and cool!

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Hanukkah Nails

Striped Glitterfall Nail Art (perfect for Hanukkah!)

When it comes to winter nails, there are tons of Christmas nail looks out there, but we can’t forget about Hanukkah!

I can’t believe how easy this Hanukkah nails tutorial is — I truly think anyone could pull this off. The key is to invest in some striping tape (you can get a giant spool of it on Amazon for less than $5), and be sure to try the makeup sponge trick from the video for the best ombré effect.

Pink nails

How stunning are these pink rhinestone nails? They give me ice queen vibes but they’re still so girly and cute.

These are press-ons, so you can buy them and re-use them, but you could also get this look done at a salon with rhinestones.

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Gold nails

💕🌟HOW TO: Delicate Nails with GOLD LEAF!! 🌟💕

Gold is a classic winter and holiday color, so it’s a great choice for your nails.

These delicate gold leaf nails are so girly and beautiful. I can’t stop staring at them! The combination of the milky white nails and the ombré gold leaf tips is so gorgeous! These are definitely statement-makers that will have you feeling so glam.

Cute Snowflake nails


Snowflake nails are a huge winter nail trend so you’ll see a bunch of variations on them in this post. You can’t go wrong with this look for winter.

If you have a girly sense of style, you have to try these cute pink and white polka dotted snowflake nails. This tutorial uses gel polish at home but you could definitely get them done at a salon if you wanted.

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Queen Elsa nails


Here’s a more glamorous take on the snowflake nails, inspired by Queen Elsa from Frozen!

I absolutely love all things Disney so I thought these Queen Elsa nails were so cool. They look like pure ice thanks to the mix of blue chrome and white glitter. The rhinestones take them over the top into Disney Princess territory.

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Black and White Nails

Abstract, retro-inspired manicures are really in right now, and I love these black and white nails for winter. They have a fun ’70s vibe that I’m super into.

What’s cool about these is that they are actually press-on nails, so it’s super easy to get the look. They’re totally reusable, so they’re a great investment.

Matte nails

Dip Powder Winter Nail Art | Black snowflake nails 😍 Chill out with me ❄️❄️

Matte nails are fun and unexpected, and I love this matte take on snowflake nails for winter.

This cute winter nails design features matte black nail polish with gray snowflake stamps and white dots to look like falling snow. So cute and an edgier take on the snowflake nail trend, if you aren’t a cutesy nail kind of girl.

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Gel nails

3 Easy Gel Polish MARBLE Ideas! 💅

Gel nails are super popular since they last a lot longer than normal nail polish. This gel nail polish idea features a marbled design that’s so chic for winter!

You could totally DIY these nails at home and you could do them with regular polish as well. As a bonus, this nail tutorial is just mesmerizing to watch.

Nude nails

Nude nails are my go-tos for the winter season. They go with everything and they’re never too loud or bright. Just super classy and clean.

This Memeda gel polish is an insanely popular cult favorite on Amazon for getting perfect nude nails. Its many fans love it for its flawless your-nails-but-better finish and impressive lasting power. The company claims this polish can last up to three weeks!

For more on nude nails, be sure to see our list of 25 Stunning Nude Nails Ideas to Try ASAP.

Silver nails

Apply Chrome, Holo, & Mermaid Nail Powders PERFECTLY!

Aside from white and blue, silver is the quintessential color we associate with winter, so it makes total sense that silver nails would be trendy in the winter season.

There are so many ways to rock silver nails and the tutorial above shows you three different ideas, featuring nail powders.

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Black nails

You can’t go wrong with chic black nails year round, but I like to rock my black polish the most in the fall and winter seasons.

Olive and June makes my favorite black nail polish — it’s rich, inky, and opaque, plus it’s super easy to apply and it lasts a long time without chipping!

Snowman and Sweater Nails

Winter Gel Nails | Snowman & Sweater Nail Art Tutorial!

The concept of “sweater nails” sounds so weird at first, but once you see it, it’s a super cute winter nail idea.

This sweater nails tutorial combines light blue polish with a couple of sweater accent nails and a snowman nail art design. It’s such a cute combo! If you wanted, you could do all of your nails with the sweater pattern instead; that would also be adorable.

Christmas Sweater Nails

Here’s a 2D take on sweater nails, in the form ofugly Christmas sweater” nail wraps. (They seriously have nail art for everything!)

My favorite thing about these nails is that they aren’t in the typical red and green hue, which gives them more versatility to wear all winter long.

Blue Swirl Nails

I’ve been seeing swirl nails everywhere this year and they’re so cool and unique. For a winter take on this trend, go for shades of icy blue as seen here.

If you want to get this exact same look, these are actually press-on nails you can buy and apply in minutes. So easy!

Sweater Weather Nails

Sweater Weather Nails | Winter Holiday Nails #1

Here’s yet another take on sweater nails, this time in light purple with much longer acrylic nails. This one incorporates 3D elements for an even cooler, high-end look.

Snowflake Nail Polish

Most of the snowflake nail looks above require painting the snowflake freehand. But if you want to get the snowflake nail look sans nail art, this super cute polish comes with snowflake glitter infused into it!

I’ve never seen a nail polish like this before and I’m obsessed — need to pick this up ASAP.

Multichrome Nails

Why choose just one color for your winter nails when you can get multichrome polish?

This cool shade of nail polish is either blue or purple, depending on where the light hits it. The shade is totally perfect for winter and so much fun.

Reindeer Nails

These are just too cute! If you like sweet nail art and nostalgia, these reindeer nails are for you. These are nail wraps, so no nail art skills necessary.

Red and Gold Nails

Red and gold is a classic holiday color combo, so why not rock those two colors on your nails?

These nail wraps come highly rated. The reviews even say that these last some people a full month!

Disney Christmas Nail Art

Disney: Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Nail Art!

If you’re a serious Disney fan, you need to try this Disney Christmas nails idea! It incorporates holly, polka dots, and multiple Mickeys for an adorable look.

Silver and Copper Nails

These metallic glitter nails are simply stunning and so simple to do! They’re one of my favorite winter nail designs in this whole list.

The two nail polishes come in a set, so just layer them over your favorite nude polish (I recommend these nail stickers to help with precision when making the design) and you’re good to go.

Deer and Buffalo Check Nails

This winter nail idea is so unique and cute. It combines buffalo check plaid with glitter, a black nail, and a reindeer. They’re wintery, but not in an over-the-top way.

Again, these are nail wraps (and they’re super affordable) — grab the set on Etsy here.

Lapis Lazuli Nails

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Nails!

I had never heard of gemstone nails until recently, but now I’m obsessed! These lapis lazuli nails are truly gorgeous and they stand out from all the other winter nails out there.

The cool blue color is one of my favorite shades to wear during the winter, too — so pretty.

Vintage Green Plaid Nails

Plaid is the unofficial print of fall and winter, so it only makes sense that plaid nails would be a hot winter nail trend.

There are so many different plaid nail ideas out there and you can do any colors under the sun. But for winter, I’m really into these green, black, and gold plaid nails. These are nail wraps as well, so you can get the exact look for yourself.

Aurora Korean Nail Art

New Aurora Korean Nail Art 2021 ✨

This one would be so perfect for new years — I can’t stop staring at these nails!

These aurora korean nails combine a special foil overlay with a beige-y pink polish for an incredibly pretty look that you won’t see on everyone at the party.

New Years Nails

15+ EASY NAIL IDEAS | New Years Eve huge nail art compilation

If you need even more ideas for New Years nails, here’s a huge compilation! My favorites are the geometric nail designs with multiple polish finishes — so unique and eye-catching.

Sugar Nail Art

White winter nails with sugar nail art

I had never heard of sugar nail art before but I’m obsessed! In case you haven’t heard of it either, it’s the process of making 3d nail art coated with glitter for a crystalized, sugary appearance.

The video above shows you how this effect is created, and the end result looks like glittering snow. I definitely want to try this one myself!

Pink Chrome Nails

Christmas nails trends. Pink chrome winter nails. Real time nails

For those who like their nails long, these pink chrome nails would be amazing to get at your next salon visit! They aren’t your typical winter nails, but I could definitely see these being perfect for a holiday party or new years.

Camel and Navy Nails

Here’s another nail look using one of Paintbox’s Power Couple sets. This winter nail design combines camel and navy for a chic, New England prep take on winter nails.

Festive Nail Art

This cute line nail art look from Olive and June is so perfect for the holidays! It just looks like a party on your nails with the multiple colors and glittering gold base.

This pretty winter nail look would also transition perfectly from Christmas to New Year’s.

Glitter Gradient Nails

Glitter gradient nails are a total classic for any special event, or if you just want to smile every time you look at your nails.

You can use any type of glitter for these nails, but gold is definitely my favorite for the holiday season. Or, you can make it super easy on yourself and buy these exact nail wraps — no polish required.

Polygel Nails

How To: Polygel Nails + Saviland Polygel Kit Review

Polygel nails were new to me but I’m definitely going to get these done! I especially love this polygel nails look, which has the look of foil embedded in the nail for an icy, almost psychedelic look.

Leopard Stiletto Nails

Leopard print nails are classic in my book — like we always say here on CF, leopard is a neutral!

I think leopard print is particularly perfect for the winter season as it’s a darker print that feels like it’s made for cool weather. I love that these nails go with everything, too.

Leopard French Tips

Here’s another cute take on the leopard print mani. Leopard french tips are classic yet still fun, the perfect balance to go with all of your winter outfits without being too over-the-top.

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Abstract Purple Nails

I’ve been seeing abstract nails all over the place this year, and this nail trend is still going strong for winter.

These pretty abstract nail wraps mix shades of purple with gold flecks for a beautiful nail look that would be perfect for the holidays.

Nude and Gold Stripe Nails

This one is for all my fellow nail minimalists — I know you’re out there! While over-the-top nails are definitely trendy right now, sometimes you just want something simple and chic that looks great on short nails. (See our favorite short nails ideas for more in this style.)

These nude nails with a gold stripe are exactly what I was looking for. They’re festive without being cheesy, and there’s nothing too bold or bright about them. You could DIY these, but they’re nail wraps, so I’d recommend just buying the set on Etsy — it’s less than $10!

Classic Plaid Nails

Pretty Plaid Nail Art (for Christmas/Winter!)

Here’s another gorgeous take on a plaid manicure, featuring red and black buffalo check with gold accents.

This manicure reminds me of cozy nights by the fire, snuggled up in a flannel shirt and listening to Christmas music. (Can you tell I love the holidays?) It’s such a fun tutorial to watch, as well.

Glitter Outline Nails

Glitter Outlined Party Nails

These glitter outline nails look like they’d be really complicated to do, but they’re actually SO simple. All you need is a nude polish, a gold glitter polish, and a nail detail brush to get this luxurious winter manicure.

What do you think of these winter nail ideas?

How do you like to do your nails in the winter? Which of these winter nail ideas is your favorite? Tell me in the comments down below.

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