30 Stunning Pink Nails Ideas You’ll Obsess Over

Pink nails are always in style, but here are the hottest ways to wear them right now.

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Pink nails are just about as classic as it gets. They’re natural, classically feminine, and the best part is, they go with just about everything. Pink is a go-to color for so many of us.

If you’re tired of rocking the same old basic pink polish, though, there are lots of cute ways to switch up your pink mani in 2024.

Here are the cutest pink nail ideas that are trending right now.

Baby Pink Nails Ideas

1. Coffin-Shaped Pale Pink Nails

This is probably the most popular pink nails look this year. Classic baby pink coffin-shaped nails are everywhere and you really can’t go wrong with this look.

Need a nail idea for a wedding? Birthday party? Date night? These should be your go-to’s. They’re pretty, eye-catching, and yet simple enough to work for any occasion.

Don’t have the long nails required for this? You can always buy these exact press-on nails on Etsy to get the look in minutes, sans a salon visit.

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2. Hot Pink Tip French Manicure 

hot pink nail designs with v-shape french tip

If you want a more interesting variation on pink coffin-shaped nails, try this hot pink v-shaped french manicure look.

French manicures are always classic, but the v-shaped pink french tip mani is a more modern take on the look. Plus, the addition of hot pink instead of a white tip makes it so cute and a little unexpected.

Again, these are press-on nails, so you can buy them on Amazon and reuse them again and again.

3. Swirl Abstract Pink Nails

pink nail art

As I mentioned in my past posts on green nail ideas and winter nail ideas, abstract swirl nails are absolutely everywhere right now.

This look seriously works in every color! I’m super obsessed with this pink and nude abstract swirl nail look, though. It’s pretty and girly yet isn’t over-the-top.

These nails are tricky to DIY and can be expensive at the salon, so I recommend investing in this press-on nail set from Amazon that can be reused.

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4. Ombre Pink Almond Shape Nails with Gold

nail art

I’m obsessed with these stunning ombre baby pink and gold nails. They look like you’re wearing gemstones on your fingers!

My favorite part about these pink nails is the addition of gold detailing- it’s so glam and eye-catching, making them look so expensive and luxe.

These nails would definitely need to be done at a salon, or you can buy the set of press-ons here for way less than the cost of a salon visit.

5. Diamonds Pink Nail Design

nail art with rhinestone

If you love adding bling to your nail look, try these baby pink and rhinestone nails for your next mani.

I love that these pink nails are milky and sheer, which adds to the sweet and girly vibe. Plus, the diamond placement is unique, almost making these nails look studded.

You can buy these exact nails as a set right here and apply them at home.

6. Baby Pink Yin Yang Nails

I’ve been seeing yin-yang nails everywhere this year and I love the look with baby pink and white. It’s a definite nod to the Y2K fashion trend that’s back right now.

This is one of those pink nails looks that you could definitely DIY yourself with a small detail brush and two shades of polish. If you want the perfect nail shape as seen above, though, definitely invest in this set of press-ons from Etsy.

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7. Baby Pink & Neon Pink Modern Art Nails

Here’s a more unique take on baby pink nails. Here, classic baby pink stiletto nails are made more interesting with some hot pink and black line details. These nails remind me of a modern art painting.

These cool nails would be perfect if you have a modern or streetwear-inspired sense of style.

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8. Baby Pink Cloud Nails Tip Design

pink nails with clouds nail art

Cloud nails are a huge trend in nail art right now and we can’t get enough!

While I love cloud nails with all the pastel colors, there’s something about pink cloud nails that just makes me smile a little wider. They remind me of summer sunsets and put me in such a good mood.

These cloud nails are extra unique because they incorporate the cloud detail only on the tips of the nails, as a fun twist on a french mani. You’d definitely get tons of compliments on these! Or you check this alternative sheer.

9. Baby Pink Swirl Valentines Nails

pink nail art with french tips

If you want the perfect Valentine’s Day nails, look no further.

These pink and red swirl nails are super trendy and incorporate the two colors most associated with February 14th. They’d be the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day outfit. (For other options, see our list of our favorite Valentine’s Day nail ideas!)

You could get these done at any nail salon, or just make it easy on yourself and pick up these press-ons on Amazon

Black and Pink Nails Design

10. Black and Pink Stiletto Nails with Small Hearts Accent

Black french manicures are a popular nail trend at the moment and I love this pink nail idea that incorporates a black french mani and little black hearts.

These cute press-on nails would be such a great choice for Valentine’s Day if you want something a little more neutral and less traditional than the other Valentine’s nails above.

11. Pink Nails With Black Lines & Studded Detailing

Here’s a cool, edgy take on pink nails, this time adding black nail art and stud details to baby pink nails.

This pink nails idea is really cool because each nail has something different. One has a diagonal french mani look, one has black beads that look like studs, one has a v-shaped french detail, and another has cool line detailing.

You could probably DIY these at home if you’re good with nail art, but if you want to get this exact look, I definitely recommend ordering these well-reviewed press-on nails instead.

12. Light Pink Nails with Black Outline

I feel like I see outline nails everywhere and they’re a great go-to style if you’re looking for something simple, minimal, and cool. These light pink and black outline coffin nails are so chic! I feel like these are definitely cool girl nails.

Once again, these are available as a set if you want to skip the salon visit.

13. Pink Nails With Black & White Flowers

Here’s the perfect edgy take on floral nails, featuring black and white flowers on a baby pink background.

I love how the floral print nails are mixed in with solid-colored white and black nails. In this look, the flowers are more of an accent which makes them really stand out.

You can buy these nails on Amazon to get the full look for yourself at home.

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14. “No You Hang Up” Scream Nails

bold statement nail art

If you love girly and edgy looks mixed together, these Scream-inspired “No, you hang up” Valentine’s nails are so funny and cool. I absolutely love this nail idea!

These custom-painted press-on feature ghostface, the Scream killer, holding a phone, along with hearts and sparkle details on a pale pink background. The color combo is so cute and any fans of the movie or show will definitely get a kick out of these!

Or you buy the scream-inspired nail sticker on Amazon

15. Hot Pink & Black Coffin Nails

This pink nail idea is simple but statement-making. Here, we see long coffin nails in alternating hot pink and black, but what makes these nails unique is that the finishes change — the black is glossy, while the pink is matte.

You could certainly do a similar look at home with pink and black nail polishes and a matte top coat, or the nails are available to buy as a set right here.

16. Pink and Black Checkerboard Pattern

pink nail design

Featuring a chic black and pink design with a trendy square Acrylic shape, these nails are adorned with adorable pink heart and checkerboard patterns that add a touch of sweetness to any look.

These black and pink nails have a slightly punk rock vibe, aided by the addition of stud-like jewels and beads. These would be really difficult to pull off at home, so I definitely recommend picking up the whole set of nails here.

17. Pink & Black Punk Nails

For a more literal punk feel, these punk-inspired pink and black nails bring me back to the pop-punk fashion trends of the 2000s. (Think studded belts, chokers, and checkerboard Vans.)

The nail art seen on these nails is so diverse and varied — you’ve got a pinup style tattoo, a checkerboard print nail, pink and white skulls, and snake and smiley face graphics in pink. Seriously so cute and detailed, I love these!

Pink Nails with Glitter

18. Light Pink Nails with Holographic Glitter & Stars

pink nails with star glitter

These pink and silver holographic star nails give me total princess vibes. The pink is iridescent, while the star glitter is perfectly placed and stunning.

DIY-wise, it would be possible to recreate this nail look at home with some star glitter on your natural nails, but I do think the length makes these extra stunning. If you want the long coffin shape, definitely check out the full set of nails on Amazon.

19. Pink Silver Glitter Nails

pink nails with glitters

“Baby boomer nails” are a fun throwback nail trend right now, and the look is all about short or squared-off nails with an exaggerated french mani.

These pink and white french nails with a line of silver glitter are a fun way to add a little sparkle to your nail look without going over the top. These are available as press-on, or they’d be easy to DIY with a small angle brush and your favorite silver glitter polish.

20. Pale Pink Nail Polish with Iridescent Glitter

I can’t believe this stunning pink nail look with iridescent glitter can be achieved with just a few coats of nail polish!

The shade, “Special Week” from PI Colors, is described as “a sheer pale pink, filled with iridescent rainbow flakies and chunky glitters.” It’s absolutely beautiful and will give you the look above in just 2-3 coats.

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21. Pink Butterfly Nail Design

With all things 2000s coming back around, butterfly nails are a hot trend in manicures this year.

These cool pink nail designs feature a mix of light pink nails and clear nails with butterfly glitter embedded in the nail — so pretty and girly! You can pick up the full set here to easily do them yourself at home.

22. Pink and Glitter Summer Nails

If you really love pink and/or bright colors, these tone-on-tone chunky pink glitter nails are definite statement-makers. They’d be perfect for the summer months or vacation!

This cute nail designs would be easy to recreate at home — you just need a chunky pink glitter polish and a light pink cream polish, plus some french nail stickers to help you create the pink tip. You can also purchase the set of nails right here.

23. Pretty Pink and Glitter Nail Design for Prom

These pale pink and gold glitter ombré nails practically scream prom to me. I love the short stiletto shape (so trendy right now) and the way these nails are glam but not crazy.

To get this look, you could DIY at home or go to the salon for the stiletto shape with acrylics, or just buy the set of press-ons here.

Pink and White Nail Designs

24. Light Pink and White Girly Nails

How To: Beautiful Pink Nails STEP BY STEP

These may be the girliest nails I’ve ever seen and I’m obsessed! The mix of hearts, glitter, rhinestones, and iridescent pink polish is so pretty, yet because the nails are short, this look is surprisingly wearable.

Watch the Youtube tutorial above to see exactly how these pretty nails are done.

25. French Nails with White and Glitter Tips

Here’s another cool take on the glitter baby boomer french manicure, this time with a slanted french shape and white glitter tips.

These nails are actually short press-on, but you could get the look at home if you wanted, too. You’d just need some white glitter polish and some tape to create the slanted french lines.

26. Light Pink and White Ombre Coffin Nails

ombre nail design

I can’t stop staring at these white and pink ombré long coffin shaped nails. They are total stunners! I think the key is their matte finish; it makes these nails extra cool and unique.

I’m not really a super long nail girl but these press-on nails are so much fun, they definitely make me want to go for the long nail look.

27. Pink Nails with Gold Bling

Pink Nails with Gold nail art

If you want a short pink nails idea with glitter, look no further! This simple nail art look would be easy to DIY as it’s really just nude and pink nails with a gold glitter statement nail.

If you don’t even want to bother trying to get those swirl perfect at home (I know I’d struggle with it), you can buy this look as a set of nail wraps for super cheap!

28. Hearts on Pink and White Nails

heart pink nail design

Here’s another cute pink heart nail art look that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

This look combines pink and white nails with two accent nails featuring small hearts. One nail is light pink with white hearts and one nail is white with light pink heart. I love that the hearts are simple and subtle; that makes this look so much more wearable for everyday.

This pink nails idea would be easy to recreate with a small brush at home, or invest in the press-ons for nails you can wear over and over again.

29. Pink & White Flame Nails

I am obsessed with the flame nails trend that we’re seeing everywhere this year, and these pink and white flame nails might just be my favorite way to rock this look. There’s something so unexpected about seeing flames in simple french manicure colors; it’s really cool and irreverent.

I definitely would not be able to do these flames justice myself, so luckily I can just buy this set of press-on nails for a low price on Etsy. It makes it so easy to get an incredibly trendy nail look in minutes.

30. Pink and White Nails with Snowflake Accent


While we’re still in the winter months, I’m loving snowflake nails, and how cute are these pink and white snowflake nails with white “snow” glitter?

I love the combination of subtle polka dots on three of the nails with the snowflake accent nails. So pretty! If you’re up for the nail art challenge, the tutorial above shows you how to recreate this wintery look.

What’s your go-to pink nail look?

What do you think of these pink nail ideas? Which one is your favorite? How do you like to rock pink nails this year? Tell me what you think in the comments section down below.

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