Get Romantic with Valentine’s Day Nails

Here are all the nail ideas you’ll love for Valentine’s Day!

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It is almost February! So, you will want to start thinking about all of the fun Valentine’s Day nails that you want to try. (We’ve covered Valentine’s Day pedicures last week.)

Doing Valentine’s Day-themed nails is a fun way to make you feel even more special on this holiday!

If you have never tried Valentine’s-themed nails before, here are a few things you should consider.

  • First, you will want to consider what kind of nail look you want. For example, what kind of design vibe do you want? Do you want an over-the-top design, or do you want something more simple?
  • Also, what colors do you want to use? Do you want to use the traditional red and pink Valentine’s Day colors? Or do you want to use different colors for your Valentine’s-themed nail look? (Hint: You totally can.)

After you have answered all those questions, you can start creating the Valentine’s Day look you will love.

Need some inspo for a super cute Valentine’s-themed nail look? This post will show you 20 adorable Valentine’s Day nail looks for you to choose from!

Valentine’s Day Nails

1. Heart Nail Tips

Heart Nail Tips Tutorial: Valentine's Day Nail Art

If you want to do a Valentine’s Day nail design on the tips of your nails, you have to try this nail look!

This heart nail tips look will be perfect for Valentine’s Day, especially if you are doing almond-shaped nail designs. It is also very easy to recreate at home.

Just watch this quick video tutorial to see exactly how to get this nail look!

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2. Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts inspired nail art

For those who want to do something different for Valentine’s Day, try out this Queen of Hearts nail look!

This look combines red, white, and black nail polish colors to create a super cool queen of hearts-themed nail look that will be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Just watch this tutorial to see how to get this fun and different Valentine’s Day nail look.

3. Pink Valentine’s Nails

Pink Valentines Day Nails 💕✨| Acrylic Nails

Pink nails are a Valentine’s Day classic, and there are so many ways to wear them this year. (See our post on pink nail ideas for proof.)

For example, you could opt for this super cute ombre pink nail look. As shown in the video, you can even add some decorative hearts to make the look more fun!

4. Heart French Tip Nails

These heart-french nails are my absolute favorite Valentine’s Day-themed nails because they are just so adorable!

For these Valentine’s day nail ideas, you will need to create a French tip using a light pink nail color and add some tiny red hearts and polka dots to the tips to complete the look.

Or, to make your life even easier, you could purchase these press-on nails from Etsy!

5. Bejeweled Valentine’s Nails

Valentine’s Day Nails | Gel X Nails Tutorial

Another really fun and adorable Valentine ‘s-themed nail look is bejeweled nails! Adding jewels and rhinestones to your nails will be a great addition to your Valentine’s Day look to really stand out and shine.

To recreate this look, use nude and pink nail polish colors to create cute heart designs on your nails, then add some fun gems on top, as shown in this video tutorial.

6. Drippy Hearts

Valentine's Day Nails - Drippy Hearts & Lips!

If you want to do something a little bit different for your Valentine’s Day nails, drippy heart nails are perfect for you!

You may assume this look would be tricky but don’t worry because it is actually pretty simple.

To create this look, you only need to create heart designs on your nails and make them look as though the nail polish is dripping. This can be achieved by using a small detail brush or dotting tool.

You can even change up the designs a little bit and do a lips design on your other nails, as shown in this video.

How about some purple nail ideas? You might want to take a peek at our 24 Best Purple Nail Design Ideas, which are totally on-trend this year. Give it a go, and let your nails rock the purple vibes!

7. Anti-Valentine’s Nails

Anti Valentine's Day Nails - femketjeNL

If you don’t like the usual Valentine’s Day decor and traditions, you could be rebellious and try out an anti-Valentine’s Day nail look like this one!

This look combines dark nail polish colors, such as black and dark purple, to create an anti-Valentine’s Day nail look with skulls and roses.

To see how to get this super cool anti-Valentine’s Day look, watch this quick video tutorial!

8. Y2K Valentine’s Nails

If you are one of those people who is obsessed with all things y2k, these Valentine’s Day nails will be the perfect fit for you!

To get this nail look, you can either purchase these adorable Y2K heart press-on nails or try to recreate this look on your own with some pink and red nail polish!

9. Candy Hearts Nails

Candy Hearts | Valentine’s Day Nails | Gel X Dupe Nail Tutorial

One other adorable nail idea for Valentine’s Day is this candy heart manicure! Everyone knows this famous Valentine’s Day candy, and who wouldn’t want to use these candy hearts as inspo to create an adorable design like this one?

The best part about these nails is you can get creative with the colors and messages you write on the candy hearts!

Check out this video for an example of a candy heart nail look that you can recreate.

10. Black & Red Valentine’s Nails

Valentine’s Day Nails - Black And Red Hearts Nail Design

Another more gothic Valentine’s Day nail design is this lace nail design using black and red nail polish.

This look is easy to create, add some lace designs to your nails with black nail polish on some of your nails, then create some added designs like a heart design or red French tips, as shown in this video tutorial!

11. Minimalistic Valentine’s Nails

Minimalistic Nail Art 2023 💘 Fun & Easy Valentine's Day Nail Design Compilation

If you don’t want to do an intricate design for Valentine’s Day, no worries because you can also do some super cute minimalistic Valentine ‘s-themed designs!

Just check out this quick video tutorial for a couple of examples.

12. Heartbeat Nails

Valentine's Day Nails| Easy Hand Drawn Gel Nail Designs

Another cool Valentine’s nail design I recommend is this heartbeat nail design.

For this nail look, you will want to create a design that mimics a heartbeat line. To make this look more fun, you can add some extra things, like heart and lip designs or even a cute gummy bear, as shown in this video!

13. Pastel Valentine’s Nails

Pastel Valentine's Day Nails | Glitter Eyeshadow Hearts Nail Art Design

Another great way to create the perfect Valentine’s Day nail look is to use pastel nail polish.

Pastel pink nail polish will be a great addition to your Valentine’s Day nail looks since it’s sweet and subtle but still perfect for the holiday. This tutorial shows you how to use pastel pink to draw on some hearts with the addition of pretty silver sparkles.

14. French Tip with Hearts

Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art - French Manicure With Hearts - Wedding Nails

If you love doing classic French tip nails, you can also totally incorporate this into your Valentine’s Day nail look.

I recommend adding some pretty red heart designs to your French tip nails or even a little sparkle with some glitter, as shown on these nails!

15. Polka Dots with Hearts

Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art - Sparkly Hearts | Indigo Nails

An adorable but also super simple Valentine’s look to try is this polka dot and hearts nail look!

If you want to recreate this look, I recommend using some sparkly red or pink nail polish when you do this design. And feel free to do just a single accent nail or two; it’s up to your taste.

Check out this video tutorial to see exactly how to get the look.

16. Teal Valentine’s Nails

Valentine's nails from amazon

For those of us who want something different from the usual Valentine’s Day colors, you can also totally try out this teal nail look for V-day.

Even though teal is not a traditional Valentine’s Day color, you can create a super cool design using it.

To get this look, you can try to create the design yourself or hit the salon, or you can purchase these press-on nails at the link above.

17. Heart French Tip Design

HOW TO: Acrylic Nails Tutorial For Beginners | Valentine’s Day Nail Design

For those of us who want to do a fun French tip nail design on longer acrylic nails, this one is for you!

This look will give you an abstract French tip nail design for Valentine’s Day. To create this look, you will want to add half of a French tip to your nail and top it off with a cute little pink heart on each tip.

18. Heart Design Nail Art

MY VALENTINES DAY NAILS | Heart Nail Design | Cute Nail Art

A really cute way to incorporate a heart design into your Valentine’s Day nail look is by doing a look like this one!

This look makes it seem like your nails make a heart when put together.

If you want something a bit fun and unexpected for Valentine’s Day with a heart design, I recommend watching this video tutorial to see how this look is done.

19. Abstract Valentine’s Nails


Another stunning Valentine’s Day nail look I recommend is this abstract Valentine’s manicure!

This look is also pretty simple to recreate at home using white and pink nail polish colors and detail brushes.

All you need to do for this look is create some swirl designs using these colors, and you will have a super cool and fun Valentine’s Day nail look that you will love! Any salon can do this for you, too.

For a quick guide to how to get this abstract Valentine’s nail look, watch this video tutorial!

20. Red Glitter Nails

Valentine's Day Red Glitter Nails | Patrice Nailed It!

We have to finish with a classic. If you want something super sparkly for Valentine’s Day, you also definitely use some sparkly red or pink nail polish!

Watch this video to see how to get gorgeous, sparkly red nails for Valentine’s Day!

Which Valentine’s Day nail look from this list are you in love with?

What kind of nails do you want to have on Valentine’s Day? Do you like to match your nails with your Valentine’s Day outfit?

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