13 Cutest Valentine’s Day Pedicure Ideas

You’ll love trying these pedicure ideas this Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so you should start thinking about the many ways that you are going to be celebrating the holiday this year.

Whether you’re single or attached on Valentine’s Day, you will want to look and feel your best, so you also should be thinking about how you want to look and what you want to wear on this special day.

One fun way to spice up your Valentine’s Day look is to get a super cute pedicure to go with your Valentine’s Day outfit.

This is a great time to incorporate some cute designs into your pedicures and to use pretty pink and red shades.

So, if this sounds like something you want to try this Valentine’s Day, check out this list of 13 super cute pedicure ideas to look your best!

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Valentine’s Day Pedicure Ideas

1. Red Pedicure

My Pedicure Routine! | JennyClaireFox

One of the most popular pedicure ideas for Valentine’s Day is, of course, a red pedicure! This is perfect for those of us who want Valentine’s-themed nails but want something more simple.

What I love about this look is it is also very easy to do at home, just find your favorite shade of red nail polish.

Tip: Consider your skin’s undertone when selecting a red nail polish. Cool-toned girls should opt for cooler blue-reds, while warmer skin tones should go for warmer and more orangey shades.

2. Hearts Pedicure

Hearts Pedicure Nail Art Tutorial for Valentines Day- Valentine Toe Nail designs | Rose Pearl

If you want to add some designs to your Valentine’s Day pedicure, I recommend starting with classic heart designs. You can’t go wrong with these on Valentine’s Day!

This video tutorial will show you a great example of a super cute heart design that you can do on your toes. And you can even match this design with your nails.

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3. Rhinestone Pedicure

Rhinestone pedicure from etsy

Another great Valentine’s Day pedicure for those of us who want a more simple look is this red pedicure with rhinestones!

Everyone knows that red is the most popular color for Valentine’s Day, so why not use this color for your pedicure and add a little sparkle to it with some pretty rhinestones? This is such a fun and girly look.

4. Black & White Hearts

Valentine's Day Toenail Art Design Tutorial (Black & White Hearts Pedicure) ♥

More of a neutrals kind of girl? You can also use white and black nail polish to do a gorgeous pedicure for Valentine’s Day! You might not have thought of doing these colors for Valentine’s Day, but you can incorporate the V-Day vibes with the design you create with these shades.

For example, this video tutorial will show you a super cute heart design that you can remake on your toes for Valentine’s Day. It’s done in black and white but you could use any colors you liked.

5. Heart Design Pedicure

♥ 2 Valentine's Day Nail Art Design Tutorials. (Handpainted Pedicures) ♥

If you want to get a little more creative with your Valentine’s Day pedicure designs, you totally can! There are many different nail polish colors that you can choose from to create fun looks.

For example, this video tutorial will show you some adorable designs you can make for Valentine’s Day using white, black, pink, and red nail polish.

6. Pink Pedicure

Another straightforward but perfect look for Valentine’s Day is using a pink nail polish color to do your toenails. (Barbiecore, anyone?)

For example, this video tutorial will show you how to do the perfect pedicure with a gorgeous shade of pink!

7. Pink & Black Pedicure

Quick Toenail Design | Pink and Black Pedicure ♥

One of my favorite types of nail designs for Valentine’s Day is using pink and black nail polish together. These colors look so good when paired, and they will also add something different to your nails than the usual red and pink combo for Valentine’s Day.

So, if you are curious about what kind of pedicure design you can get using these colors, check out this video tutorial for inspo.

8. French Tip Pedicure

French Tip Toes︱chellaveli

Another gorgeous pedicure idea for this Valentine’s Day is a French tip pedicure. This is also another look that is pretty easy to do at home if you want something more simple.

If you have never done a French tip pedicure on yourself before, watch this video tutorial to see exactly how to do it! And be sure to see our guide to our favorite french tip nail designs for some options to do on your fingers.

9. Love Pedicure

Cute Pink Hearts 💖and Love Pedicure Nail Art for Valentine’s Day-Toe Nail Designs | Rose Pearl

A super cute pedicure design that you can also do is this love pedicure design. This design is pretty simple, all you need to do is add the word love with some cute hearts, and you will have this look in no time!

I recommend using some pink nail polish shades for this look, as shown in this video tutorial, to make it look super cute for Valentine’s Day! (Tip: Invest in a good nail detail brush — I love this set from Amazon — for flawless results.)

10. Polka Dot Heart Pedicure

Easy Valentine's Day Pedicure | Dotted Toenail Art Design 2022 (Long Toenails)

Polka dots are an unexpected choice for Valentine’s Day nails, but when you see them done, they’re honestly so perfect!

Polka dots are a really cute retro-inspired design that you can add to your Valentine’s Day pedicure, as shown in this video tutorial.

11. Glitter Heart Pedicure

DIY Easy Gold Glitter Heart on Red Toe Nail Art Tutorial ❤ Valentine’s Day Pedicure❤ | Rose Pearl

If you want to add some sparkle to your Valentine’s Day pedicure, I recommend using some glitter nail polish to create a heart design like this one.

This look is simple to do at home and will give you a pedicure look that you will love on Valentine’s Day!

12. Neon Pink Pedicure

Watch Me Work: Acrylic Toes Dupe | Neon Pink Bling Toes | DIY Press On Toe Nails | At Home Pedicure

If you want your pedicure to really stand out on Valentine’s Day, I recommend using some neon pink nail polish like the one used for this neon pink pedicure!

Neon pink will definitely stand out on your toes and will look gorgeous with your look on Valentine’s Day, especially if you add some rhinestones to it, as shown in this video.

13. Red Marble Pedicure

Long Red Toes No Water Marble Effect Easy Technique Live Tutorial Black and White Beginners

One other design that you can do on your toes using red nail polish is red marble nails!

If you have never done a marble nail design before, or if you have never done marble toenails, don’t worry because this video will show you all you need to know to get the look!

Which pedicure idea are you going to try this Valentine’s Day?

Which idea do you like the most? What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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