20 Super Cute Toe Nail Designs You Must Try

Toe-tally in love with these cute nail designs! 💅❤️

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Toe nail art from Amazon

Looking for fun new designs to try on your nails? Look no further! This post has got you covered with a list of twenty stunning toe nail designs that you’ll be obsessed with.

Nail art is always a fun way to express yourself, but have you considered trying out some of those cute designs on your toe nails? It’s a great way to make doing your toes more exciting and give yourself a new canvas to work with.

Whether you’re a nail art pro or just starting out, these toe nail designs are sure to inspire you. So get ready to pick out your next favorite design and have fun experimenting with your nails!

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Toe Nail Design Ideas

1. Abstract Glitter Design

Abstract glitter nail design

A great example of a super cute toe nail design that you can try is this abstract glitter design!

This design combines the trendy abstract nail look with some glitter to really make your pedicure stand out!

So, the next time you are dying to try out an abstract design on your nails, I recommend trying out this design on your toenails. You can even get this exact look by purchasing these press-on toe nails to make doing your toes much easier!

2. Polka Dot Bow Nails

Polka Dot bow nail design from Amazon

If you want a more girly design for your toenails, I recommend trying this polka dot bow design!

This design combines red, white & pink to create a super cute design you will love! For this look, you will want to use all of these colors to create the bow and polka dot designs on your nails.

And, if you have never done a toe nail design before, don’t worry because you can buy these press-on toe nails to save you the extra time of doing your own pedi!

3. Floral Swirl

Pedicure tips & toe nail art for perfect toenails by cute nails

For a more simple but girly toenail look, I recommend trying out this floral swirl toe nail design!

This look is slightly different from the regular swirl nail trend, so it will give you a more unique design if that is what you are going for.

To create this look, you will want to have some white and pink nail polish to be able to create the floral and swirl designs!

And, if you need a little help recreating this look, check out this video tutorial to see exactly how to get the look.

4. Glitter Gel

Real Time - Glitter Gel Toes

If you want a toe nail look that will be easy to do at home but will still make your nails stand out, this simple glitter gel pedicure is the one for you.

All you will need for this toe nail look is some glitter nail polish, and you can create this look in no time.

For this look, make sure to find your favorite glitter nail polish color. If you want a bold color that will add a lot of color to your toenails, I recommend trying out the purple glitter gel nail polish shown in this video!

5. Polka Dot Designs

Stunning toe nail designs to keep up with trend || Foot nail art at home 2023 || Nail Delights💅

Polka dot designs are fun and easy to do (all you need is a $6 dotting tool), so I highly recommend trying them on your toenails!

The key is to test out different polka dot designs to find the ones you like the most on your nails.

For example, you could try out the blue and green polka dot nail designs seen above. Just grab your dotting tool and watch this short video to see how to recreate these super cute polka dot designs at home.

6. Rainbow Toes

Holo Taco Rainbow Toes

If you want a toe nail design that is really colorful, go for this rainbow toe nail design! This kind of pedicure will definitely make your toes stand out, and it will also add some sparkle to your toes if you decide to use glittery nail polish. (Not to mention, it would be great for Pride coming up!)

To recreate this look at home, you will want to make sure you have all of the colors of the rainbow. You can also mix your colors as needed if you don’t have everything in your kit already.

For some help and inspiration on creating this kind of look, I recommend checking out this video tutorial which will explain exactly what you need to do.

7. Neon French

acrylic toes tutorial (without form or tips)💕

Everyone loves a classic French mani or pedi. But if you want to make this look stand out more, I recommend adding a pop of color to your nails with colorful French toes!

For example, instead of the classic white tips for your French pedicure, try going for a color that will stand out more, like this gorgeous neon pink shade used in this video tutorial.

Using neon nail polish will also make your pedicure look even more stunning, so I recommend using some neon colors for your next French pedicure!

8. Splatter Toe Nail Art

Splatter Nail Art Trend is So Much Fun! | Neon Toenail Art ♥

A fun new trend that you might not have seen before that looks really awesome on toe nails is the splatter nail art trend!

This design is basically just something that gives off the illusion of splattered paint on your nails. And what is great about this design is it also looks super cool on toenails.

So, if you are curious about trying out this nail trend, this video tutorial will show you how to get this kind of design using multiple colors like pink, white, and yellow!

And, if you want to add something extra to this design, you can even add some abstract designs in black, as shown in the video.

9. Floral with Glitter

Amazing TOE Nails 💄😱 The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation #10

Who doesn’t love floral designs on their toes? Floral nail designs are among the most popular toe nail designs.

But, most of us are usually used to the simple floral nail designs on our toes. So, why not add something extra to your toe nail designs by creating a detailed floral design like this one?

And, if you want your toes to stand out even more, I recommend using some glitter nail polish to make this look really sparkle!

10. Black French Tip

Acrylic toe tutorial (French tips) | How to do acrylic toes

If you, like me, have done the classic French manicure and pedicure too many times, you may be searching for another go-to color for French tips.

And a great option that you should try is black French-tip toe nails! Much in the way that white is chic for French tips, black is nice and neutral as well. It will add a little something different to your usual French pedicure.

11. Abstract French Design

Abstract French design from Amazon

If you love getting French pedicures but still want to incorporate some fun and trendy designs on your toes, this is the look for you!

This look is an abstract French design for the toes, so you will get a toe nail design that mimics the style of a French pedicure with a little something different added to it.

For this look, you will get slanted French tips with multiple nail polish colors. (You can always add sparkle if you want it to be even more unique.)

And don’t worry about having to recreate this look from scratch because you can easily purchase these press-on nails to make it easier to get this design at home!

12. Bling Toe Nails

Full Look Bling Toes - Kirsty's Feet are Back!

If you are looking for a toe nail design to really make your nails stand out, try doing this bling toenails look!

For this look, the focus will not be on nail polish. Instead, you will be completely covering your toe nails in rhinestones to give you a super sparkly nail look for your toes!

This look is for those who want their nails to stand out.

It might seem a bit tricky to get all of those rhinestones on your toe nails, but don’t worry because this video will help to guide you in recreating this look.

13. Ombre Glitter Pedicure


If you love the ombre nail look trend and are curious about trying it on your toes, don’t worry because you totally can!

Ombre toe nails are super popular and look amazing in any color combo under the sun.

A great option is blue shades, as shown in this video tutorial. I especially love the blue for beach days during the summer!

14. Marble Toe Nail

Pedicure: dry water marble technique

Another super popular nail trend is marble nails! Marble nail designs became super popular many years ago, but they’re still a popular, fun nail trend.

And something new that you can try with this nail design is doing it on your toes.

So, the next time you want to try the marble nail trend, I recommend doing it on your toe nails. But before you try this look, make sure to watch this video tutorial to see exactly how to complete it at home. It’s simpler than you think!

15. Cherry Toes

Cherry toenails from amazon

You might have seen this type of nail trend before; it is the mini fruit nail trend! Basically, for these looks, people have been designing tiny fruit on their nails to create nail looks.

And you can even do this type of look on your toes! For example, these press-on nails show you a super cute way to incorporate a cherry design on your toes with red and green nail polish.

16. Sparkly Striped Nails

Zebra design from Amazon

Animal print toe nail designs are also a popular trend. You can do any animal print under the sun, from leopard to cheetah, and they’ll all look great.

For example, this striped toe nail design combines zebra print with sparkles and pink nail polish to create a super cute look.

And, instead of having to recreate this look at home yourself, you can always purchase these press-on toe nails to do the trick!

17. Abstract Floral Design

Floral Toenail Art Tutorial | Summer Pedicure ♥

If you like floral toe nail designs but want to add something different to the look, I recommend going for this abstract floral nail design on your toes!

You will still add a floral design to your toenails for this look, but you will alternate with dots and blank nails to give it a more abstract feel.

Watch this video tutorial for guidance on creating this look at home on your toes.

18. Multicolored Design

Multicolored design from Amazon

A more simple but also super cute toe nail design that you can do is a multicolored toe nail look.

For this type of look, you must pick out a couple of different nail polish shades you like. Then, just alternate them in order on your toes. This could not be simpler!

You can even add some sparkle to the look, as shown on these press-on multicolored toe nails.

19. Galaxy Toe Nails

TOP 15 Toe Nail Designs For Summer 2021 | Toe Nail Art Ideas For Beginners | Cute Toe Nails Designs

If you want a fun and out-there design for your toe nails, I recommend these galaxy toe nail designs!

For this type of toe nail design, you can use galaxy colors like blue and purple, as shown in this video tutorial, to get the look. Be sure to watch the full video to see how the galaxy effect is achieved — if nothing else, it’s so soothing to watch!

20. Neon Ombre Toes

Acrylic toes Dupe? Ombre Toe Nails | Diy Press On Toe Nails | Fake Nails At Home Quick, Easy & Cheap

One other toenail design that I recommend trying is neon ombre toes.

For this look, you will want to have at least two different nail polish shades of your choosing to be able to recreate this look on your toes! Ideally, you want a neon and a pastel shade, as shown above.

For a detailed guide to getting this pedi at home, check out the video tutorial I’ve included above.

Which toe nail designs from this list do you like the most?

What kind of toe nail art will you be trying in 2023? What are your favorite toenail designs?

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