15 Marble Nail Designs You’ll Love

If you’re obsessed with marble nails, here are some fun ways to switch up this classic design.

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Marble nails have been around for a while now, but we still love them because they’re so classic, chic, and easy to do.

Marble nails became so popular when everyone started to get the classic white marble nail design. After this nail idea became a trend, it seemed like everyone wanted to get marble nails, and the trend just grew from there.

However, if you have been following the trend since the beginning, the classic white marble nail look may not be what you want to rock anymore. Instead, you may want to switch things up and try a new take on marble nails.

For example, one easy way to switch up your marble nail looks is to go for a different color. I am sure you love the white marble look, but adding a different color to your nails gives the look an entirely different vibe.

One other great way that you can change up your marble nail look is by incorporating some different nail trends into your designs. For example, a marble accent nail is a great idea for a hint of the trend. And marble ombre nails are another unexpected take on the look.

Now, if this sounds exciting to you, this post will show you 15 different marble nail designs that aren’t your typical black and white. Read on to check them out!

1. Matte Nails with Marble

Realistic Marble Nails with gel polish | Matte Black Nails | Mineral Stone

I am sure you have seen matte nails before, but have you ever thought about combining your matte nails with a marble nail design?

As you can see in this video tutorial, matte and marble designs look amazing together! The video combines black nails with gray and white marble featuring gold veining for a super luxe, cool-girl feel.

So, the next time you want to switch up your marble nail look, I highly recommend trying out this marble nail idea! Check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

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2. Glitter Marble Nails

Holo Glitter Marble Nail Art Tutorial (No🚫 water!)

Of course, if you love glitter or want to make your nails sparkle, you can also put together a sparkly nail look using a marble nail design.

For example, this video tutorial shows you how to get a super cool holo glitter marble nail look that will definitely leave your nails looking sparkly! This would be so cool to do for the Fourth of July!

3. Marble Tips

HOW TO: Pink Marble Nails | Trying Blooming Gel For The FIRST TIME!

I am sure you have also probably seen the nail trend recently where people have colorful tips on their nails.

And, for those of us looking for a cool new marble design that still looks perfect for this year, this is the one. You can create an amazing marble nail look by incorporating the marble design on the tips of your nails.

Just watch this video tutorial to see a beautiful example of pink marble tips on acrylic nails.

4. Blue Marble Nails

Gel Polish Marble Nail Art Design

Another simple way to spice up your marble nail looks is to change the colors that you use.

And if you are trying to decide on a color that would look pretty as a marble nail design, I recommend trying out blue nail polish colors. (More blue nail ideas right here!)

You can combine different shades of blue to get a gorgeous marble nail look as shown in this video tutorial. This design reminds me of the ocean so it would be perfect for summer.

5. Smokey Marble Nails


One type of marble nail look that you might not have seen before is the smokey marble nail look. This is a super cool nail look using the marble design that combines multiple colors and is drawn on the nail to give that smokey effect.

If you want to achieve this look at home, just watch this quick video tutorial that will show you all the details on how to get the look!

6. Jade Marble Nails

Crystal Nail Tutorial: Jade Nail Art(really green fluorite)with Gel Polish|Stone/Quartz/Marble Nails

Another great way to change up your marble nail designs is to try to mimic the look of stones such as jade.

In order to get the look of a jade stone, you have to use green shades to create a marble nail look as shown in this video tutorial. Bonus points if you apply gold leaf like they do for a final accent!

7. Rose Quartz Marble Nails

WATCH ME WORK: Holographic, Rose Quartz Nails | Easy Marble Nails | Hard Gel Nails

Another great stone that you can try to mimic when switching up your marble nail look is rose quartz.

This is also a great look for those of us who love the color pink or who like to have pink nails. Rose quartz-inspired marble nails are so girly and glam, perfect for everything from summer weddings to vacations.

8. Marble Nails with Gold Foil


Another common nail trend is adding gold foil to nails. I have seen gold foil on so many different nail designs this season, and it always adds an extra pop to any basic design. However, I definitely think that gold foil combined with a marble nail design stands out as one of the prettiest nail looks!

What I love about this kind of nail look, is that the gold foil pretty much looks good with any color, so you can choose whatever color you like for your marble design!

9. Marble Ombre Nails

Acrylic Marble Ombre | Nails Tutorial |

Ombre nails have also been popular for a while now and people are also trying to switch up their ombre nail looks by adding different colors or designs to their nails.

So, why not combine the two? This gorgeous marble ombre nail look is surprisingly easy to achieve and you don’t have to get it done at the salon. Just check out the tutorial for an idea of how it’s done.

10. Water Marble Nails

How to - Water marble accent nails

You probably have seen or heard about water marble nails before, since they’re famously simple to DIY.

Water marble nails became very popular as a way for people to get a marble nail look at home without having to worry about drawing the design on their nails. You literally use nail polish in water to get the design. (See the tutorial above for a full rundown.)

I think that this is a super fun way to get a marble nail look that you will love with whatever colors that you like!

11. White Marble Nails

Realistic White Marble Nails Using REGULAR NAIL POLISH!

Okay, I know we’re branching out, but I had to also mention the white marble nails because they are so iconic. And, I am sure there are some of you that would like to know how you can get this look at home without having to spend money on getting your nails done.

Never fear, this video will show you exactly how to get the classic white marble nail look that everyone loves! Never discount a classic.

12. Cloudy Marble Nails

Watch Me Work | Cloudy Marble Nails | Gold Foil | Smokey Marble Nails | Clarissa Ama

Another different way to use the marble nail design is to create cloudy marble nails.

Cloudy marble nails will basically give you a white and grey smokey effect on your nails, and they’re super trendy right now.

If you are unsure what cloudy marble nails look like or how to get them, this video will show you all you need to know about this stunning nail look! I also recommend adding gold foil to this look as shown in the tutorial because it will make your nails stand out even more.

13. Stone Marble Nails

Easy Stone Marble Nail Art | GEL POLISH

Stone marble nails are one of my favorite marble nail designs because they give you such a gorgeous and unique look. However, you may want to create a stone nail look with multiple colors which may be a little more difficult.

So, I recommend watching this quick tutorial, which will show you how to get a super cool stone marble nail look! You can always get these done at a salon if you don’t want to attempt the DIY.

14. Accent Marble Nail

Long Slanted Tip Marble Accent Acrylic Nail

I am sure you know about the accent nail trend. This is basically when you make one or two of the nails on each hand have a different nail polish color or design.

This is perfect if you want to add something different to your marble nail look because instead of doing all of your nails in marble, you could make a trendy nail look by just doing the marble design on one nail.

This video tutorial will show you exactly how to get a super cute nail look that has a marble accent nail!

15. Brown Marble Nails

How to: Brown marble design - acrylic nails

If you have been following the recent fashion trends, you have probably noticed that brown has become a very popular color in clothing.

Brown has also become a popular color for nails as well! Now, it seems like everyone is trying out brown nail designs and colors to get a trendy nail look.

So, why not take advantage of this trend and create a super cool marble nail look using brown nail polish shades? It’s such a trendy and unexpected take on marble nails, and the best part is that your nails will be neutral enough to go with anything.

This video tutorial will show you a great example of how to get a gorgeous set of brown marble nails!

Which marble nail designs from this list are your favorite?

What kind of marble nails have you tried before? Which marble nails are you excited about trying?

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