Spring 2013 Color Trend: Emerald Green

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Emerald green dresses

Celebs rocking emerald green dresses | Photo from Elle.

Full disclosure: I love green. I have green eyes, I'm a die-hard Slytherin, my school's colors are green and white, and I spent most of my high school years belting out the Wicked soundtrack. It's my favorite color and always will be!

So let's just say I was more than a little excited when Pantone named emerald green their color of the year for 2013. This lush, vibrant hue is said to promote balance and harmony, and you can bet we'll be seeing it absolutely everywhere this year.

If you're looking to add a few emerald pieces to your wardrobe, read on. I'll show you how to style several outfits featuring a lovely pop of green.

Pretty in Green

How to style emerald jeans with heart sweater polka dot flats rose earrings gold bangles tan belt and cream satchel

Jeans, Sweater, Belt, Flats, Bag, Bangles, Earrings

Emerald is a classically feminine yet slightly eclectic color (no wonder Elizabeth Taylor was such a big fan). Base a casual class outfit around this theme by pairing emerald skinny jeans with a super-girly navy heart sweater. Add tons of feminine details, like polka-dot ballet flats and pink, rose-shaped studs to amp up the cute factor. A structured ivory satchel and a matching belt keep things looking mature and polished. Of course, no outfit is complete without a touch of edge, so grab some spiked bangles (complete with skulls) to add a hint of contrast.

Winter Warrior

How to style an emerald coat with skinny jeans cream scarf black tote black riding boots and graphic sweater

Coat, Sweater, Jeans, Boots, Tote, Scarf

Nothing brightens up a bleak winter morning like a brightly-colored coat – so pick up an emerald one while they're on sale and wear it now and next fall! Pair your coat with a bold graphic sweater and dark skinny jeans for a casual but stylish look. Add chic black riding boots and a matching tote for preppy polish. Finally, bundle up with a cream-colored knit scarf and head out the door!

All Dolled Up

How to style an emerald peplum dress with oxford heels chandelier earrings arrow ring black clutch and green nail polish

Dress, Pumps, Clutch, Ring, Earrings, Nail Polish

When you think "emerald," you probably think of the gorgeous green jewel of the same name. (It's also my birthstone. Told you I love this color!) You can evoke all of the glamor of an emerald with a bold, jewel-toned nighttime look.

Pair a lace-patterned emerald peplum dress (though it looks bluish here, it's actually emerald green) with black Mary Jane pumps for an elegant, retro-inspired look. Add lots of bling with crystal chandelier earrings and a silver arrow ring. Next, grab a fierce black clutch and try a stunning glittering green nail polish to complete the look.

Fifty Shades of Green


Top row, L-R:Bag, Belt, Scarf
Middle row, L-R:Scarf, Studs, Bangle, Phone Case, Drop Earrings
Bottom row, L-R:Belt, Cuff, Ring, Bag

If you can't justify building up a brand new emerald-themed wardrobe, why not pick up a few green-hued accessories instead? Cuddle up with a cozy green scarf or tie a look together with an emerald belt. Or throw all subtlety out the window and deck yourself out with sparkling (faux - I won't tell!) emerald jewelry. A little touch of green can put a unique twist on an otherwise ordinary look.

Your thoughts?

What do you think of Pantone's choice? Will you be wearing lots of green this year? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the outfits -- I love hearing your thoughts!

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