9 Best Comfortable Winter Shoes for Trekking Across Campus in Style

Stay comfortable while looking amazing in our favorite comfy winter shoes.

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This post will show you the best comfortable winter shoes for women.

Comfy winter shoes

For a lot of places, it’s the last leg (pun intended) of Winter, and some campuses have begun to slowly open their doors, be that for the library, exams or classes. Some of you may even live on campus and take walks or jogs around it often (lucky you).

So whatever reason you have to be on campus, these shoes are perfect whether you’re going in for study session, to collect a book or just going a walk to clear your head.

Here are our pairs that we want to step into the new year with.

1. ANJOUFEMME Winter Hiking Boots

This is one of those random Amazon finds that turned out to be a total winner. These affordable faux shearling-lined hiking boots have hundreds of positive reviews talking about how comfortable they are!

The best part about these comfortable winter shoes is the price — just $38.50!

Style these boots up with your coziest winter sweater and some leggings for a perfect winter on-campus look.

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2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Ox Sneakers

Next up in our comfortable winter shoes roundup, we have a cute pair of Converse sneakers.

The lift bottom on these shoes is trendy and adds comfort, plus it gives you an extra buffer against any water on the ground if it’s wet outside where you live.

Fun fact: Next month, it will be a new year on the Chinese calendar, specifically the Year of the Ox. The Ox in the Chinese Zodiac symbolizes hard work and honesty. So, if you want to head onto campus with a strong work ethic, these are obviously the shoes for you.

Want advice on what you can wear with your new Converse sneakers? Check out our tips on how to style Converse for inspiration.

3. Sun +Stone Cadee Ankle Booties

Think heels can’t be comfortable? Think again! These black ankle booties are simple and sturdy, and can give any outfit a sophisticated and polished feel any day of the year.

The heel adds a bit of height but not too much that you feel like you’re teetering. Perfect for those days when there’s a light sheet of ice on the streets, but you still want to look polished.

If you want to see which outfits you could polish up with a pair of ankle boots, see our guide to how to wear boots everywhere.

4. Dr. Martens 1460 Boots

A college girl classic, the Dr. Martens 1460 boots have been in style for years and are as popular as ever on college campuses.

Thanks to brands like Prada, chunky combat boots are trending in a big way this season. If you want to get this look and also have a boot you can wear for years to come, we recommend springing for the Docs.

One caveat with Docs that we should mention: They do need to be broken in before they’re truly comfortable. We recommend wearing 2 pairs of socks during this break in period.

Want some ideas on how to style these trendy boots? Here are our favorite Doc Martens outfits for every fashion aesthetic.

5. Joules Rainwell Waterproof Chelsea Rain Boot

These waterproof boots are perfect for those rainy days and the soles are sneaker-like for added comfort.

I honestly adore the whimsical addition of the golden bees as a contrast to the black. These comfortable winter shoes are sure to brighten up any day!

Want some cute pairing ideas? Check out our picks for other rainy day outfit accessories.

6. Farrah Studded Bootie

These heeled booties are a perfect for taking on the world (or at least the start of 2021) in serious style.

The studs on the lining remind me of small pearls and give what would seem like an ordinary pair of heeled boots a touch of elegance and class. Rock them with your best winter coat as you hit the streets.

Just a note, though the reviews say these are comfortable boots, the heel is considerably high so I’d recommend these for places that don’t get too icy.

7. Flynn Duck Boot

Not for the timid, these leopard print boots are full of character and bound to be a showstopper as you walk to and from campus.

The lining inside will keep your feet cozy and warm. The water-resistant technology will keep your feet bone dry. So, all in all, they’re both pretty and practical.

Now all you need is a matching leopard print coat to go with them.

8. UGG Neumel Boots

Ugg is practically synonymous with comfortable winter boots and shoes, and these ankle boots are no exception.

While classic Uggs are definitely still a popular choice with many (see our guide to wearing Uggs in 2021 for details), if you want to branch out and try something different, these Neumal boots have all the comfort of regular Uggs in a cooler style.

Additionally, they come in black, chestnut, and oyster grey so you have a good color range to choose from.

A black fur coat would go very nicely with these and luckily we have our own faux fur coat suggestions right here.

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9. New Balance Basic Sneakers

Any roundup of comfortable winter shoes would be incomplete without some classic black athletic sneakers.

You can’t go wrong with these any time of year, but they’re especially great for the winter months as they won’t get dirty in adverse weather conditions.

New Balance is one of those classic brands that will always be in style, and these simple black and white sneakers are perfect for working out at the gym or pairing with an athleisure outfit on campus.

They’re sure to be your new favorites!

What do you think of our comfortable winter shoes lineup?

What are your favorite comfortable winter shoes? Are you more of a sneaker or a boots kind of person?

What’s the weather like where you are in January? Do you guys still have snow? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “9 Best Comfortable Winter Shoes for Trekking Across Campus in Style”

  1. In my opinion, the most important feature of a pair of shoes in which you plan to do a lot of walking is their soles: they need to be sturdy and NOT smooth (learned that the hard way).

    If I’m walking in the city, I usually wear my second-hand Hogans – they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, I don’t know what I will do when they become unusable… I definitely can’t afford to replace them! For nature walks, I stick to proper sneakers or hiking boots (depending on the kind of terrain I’m walking on) because safety > fashion.

    • That’s a really good point Alice, some parts of my campus have cobblestones, so it feels like a mini trek and I hate going there with my sneakers. You reminded me I need to invest in a pair of hiking boots.


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