Fashion Inspiration: Disney Fairies Part 3 – Vidia and Tinkerbell

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Editor’s Note: If you’re new here, we know what you might be thinking: why is a college website talking about Disney characters? But as you’ll see, inspiration can be found everywhere, and with creativity, it’s possible to create real-life-wearable looks inspired by unconventional muses. Don’t think it can be done? Read on and see for yourself!

Disney Fairies

Growing up, most of us watched Peter Pan and were intrigued by the feisty little fairy, Tinkerbell. Recently, Disney has made three movies that take an in-depth look at Tinkerbell’s life before Peter Pan. We didn’t grow up watching these movies, but I have watched all three of them, and they are adorable! The world of fairies is such an interesting place, and Disney does a great job of answering all the questions you’ve ever had about Tinkerbell and where she comes from.

Tinkerbell isn’t the only fairy to star in her movies. Her friends, Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta and Vidia all play important roles in her story, and each of them have different fairy talents. This article focuses on Vidia and Tinkerbell.

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Vidia, the Fast Flying Fairy

Disney's Vidia

Vidia isn’t exactly the sweetest fairy around Pixie Hollow. In the first movie, she is quite unpleasant and vicious, but she ends up being a big part in rescuing Tinkerbell in the third movie. She is never the most friendly character, but deep down, she cares about Tinkerbell and the other fairies.

Casual Outfit Inspired By Vidia

Vidia’s outfit shows off her hourglass figure by cinching the waist, so I used a dress with a similar silhouette. Since she is a tough girl, I added boots and a faux leather bag.

Casual outfit inspired by Disney's Vidia

Dress- Yes Style,  Socks- Urban Outfitters,  Boots- Forever 21,  Bag- Endless,  Bangles- Girl Props

Dressy Outfit Inspired By Vidia

This form-fitting dress is something Vidia would love. To accessorize, I used feathered earrings, since Vidia’s outfit is made of feathers, and other edgy pieces, such as studded pumps.

Dressy outfit inspired by Disney's Vidia

Tights- Topshop,  Bag- Lori’s Shoes,  Earrings- Avalaya, Shoes- AMI Clubwear,  Dress- Windsor Store

Tinkerbell, the Tinker Fairy

Walt Disney's Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is a Tinker Fairy, which means she’s got a knack for inventing things.  However, she is no ordinary Tinker Fairy.  She invents loads of useful things for the fairies, and she even ends up being allowed to travel to the main land for the changing of the seasons, something that no Tinker Fairy had ever been allowed to do.

Casual Outfit Inspired By Tinkerbell

The skirt I chose for this outfit is perfect for Tinkerbell – it’s her favorite color (green), and it has a simple and sleek design, like her dress. I used a strapless corset top shaped like the neckline of her dress, and a mouse necklace, since one of her best animal friends is a mouse named Cheese. (It’s also a little nod to Disney!)

Casual outfit inspired by Disney's Tinkerbell

Shoes- Love My Shoes,  Top- Miss Selfridge, Corset- Topshop,  Skirt- Forever 21,  Necklace- Forever 21

Dressy Outfit Inspired By Tinkerbell

For a dressier Tinkerbell outfit, I used a gorgeous green dress with tiny ruffles. I used glittery gold shoes and a sequined clutch because they remind me of Tink’s pixie dust. To finish off the look, I used bell-shaped earrings, because of her name, of course! (Fun fact: Tinkerbell finds out that when fairies try to speak to humans, all that the human can hear is the sound of a bell.)

Dressy outfit inspired by Disney's Tinkerbell

Clutch- Forever 21,  Shoes- Endless,  Dress- Modcloth,  Earrings- Max and Chloe


Are you inspired by the fairies of Pixie Hollow? Which looks are your favorite? Which Disney movies would you be interested in seeing posts about in the future? I want to know what you think, so be sure to leave your thoughts in a comment!

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  1. These outfits are great, would you consider making some based on the 80’s tv show 21 Jump Street? I think you’d do an awesome job and value your creativity.

  2. I just found this series, and I love it! It would be amazing if you could do a winter version of some of the princesses. I love the cute dresses, but there’s no way I could wear any of this until June at least!

  3. Hello, I love these Disney posts and patienly wait for each of them. I even talk about it on my blog. Hope the author don’t mind…I credited.

    I don’t know if anyone asked before, but Eilonwy from the Black Cauldron would be quite inspiring, I guess. Plus it’s the movie’s 25th anniversary this year.

    But it’s just a Disney idea, actually I think you have to be really inspired to create one of your articles. So we can’t really ask “do this” or “do that”…

    sorry for spelling mistakes!

  4. I love the ‘Inspired By’ series, and was wondering if you’d possibly do one based on the female characters from Final Fantasy 7? I think they’re clothes are pretty iconic, but could be made to look very fashionable with a bit of mixing and matching!


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