Fashion Inspiration: Disney Fairies Part 1 – Silvermist & Fawn

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Editor’s Note: If you’re new here, we know what you might be thinking: why is a college website talking about Disney characters? But as you’ll see, inspiration can be found everywhere, and with creativity, it’s possible to create real-life-wearable looks inspired by unconventional muses. Don’t think it can be done? Read on and see for yourself!

Disney Fairies

Growing up, most of us watched Peter Pan and were intrigued by the feisty little fairy, Tinkerbell.  Recently, Disney has made three movies that take an in-depth look at Tinkerbell’s life before Peter Pan. We didn’t grow up watching these movies, but I have watched all three of them, including “Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue” which was just released last week, and they are adorable! The world of fairies is such an interesting place, and Disney does a great job of answering all the questions you’ve ever had about Tinkerbell and where she comes from.

Tinkerbell isn’t the only fairy to star in her movies. Her friends, Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta and Vidia all play important roles in her story, and each of them have different fairy talents. This article focuses on Silvermist, the Water Fairy, and Fawn, The Animal Fairy.

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Silvermist, the Water Fairy

Disney's faerie Silvermist

Silvermist is a laid-back, positive character. Her job as a Water Fairy is to watch over the rivers and lakes, and make sure the dewdrops are in the right places.


For a casual outfit inspired by Silvermist, I used a tiered skirt that seems to imitate waves in a gorgeous shade of blue. The outfit is simple and sleek, just like Silvermist’s attire. To finish it off, I used a necklace with beads that are shaped like drops of water.

Casual outfit inspired by Disney faerie Silvermist

Bag- Modcloth, Top- Forever 21,  Skirt- Kohl’s,  Necklace- Old Navy, Shoes- Modcloth


For an occasion that requires a dressier outfit, I chose a satin cocktail dress with a watery sheen. For accents, I chose the color silver (her name is Silvermist) with the ring being in the shape of a wave.

Dressy outfit inspired by Disney faerie Silvermist

Clutch- Endless, Ring- Debenham’s,  Dress-,  Shoes- Calvin Klein,

Fawn, The Animal Fairy

Disney's faerie Fawn

Out of all of Tinkerbell’s friends, Fawn is definitely the biggest tomboy.  Her job as an Animal fairy is, of course, to take care of the animals. She can speak and understand all of the different animal languages.


For a casual Fawn outfit, I used skinny corduroy pants, a fuzzy vest, and cute, comfortable boots. I also added a butterfly clutch and an owl necklace, since Fawn loves her animal friends.

Casual outfit inspired by Disney faerie Fawn

Clutch- Endless, Pants- Dorothy Perkins,  Vest- Buckle,  Boots- Modcloth,  Necklace- Modcloth,  Tee- Buckle


If Fawn were to wear a dress, she wouldn’t be true to her tomboy style, so for a dressier outfit inspired by her, I used a chocolate brown pair of trousers with a beautiful top and chic-yet-comfortable oxford shoes. I also used a bird ring, because of the memorable scene in the movie where Fawn teaches a frightened bird to fly.

Dressy outfit inspired by Disney faerie Fawn

Ring- Avalaya,  Clutch- Lori’s Shoes,  Pants- Top Shop,  Top- ASOS, Shoes- Delia’s


Are you inspired by the fairies of Pixie Hollow? Which looks are your favorite? Which Disney movies would you be interested in seeing posts about in the future? I want to know what you think, so be sure to leave your thoughts in a comment!

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