Heroic Styles: Captain Marvel

Earth’s mightiest hero is here to save your outfit of the day.

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In our Heroic Styles column we cover the style of different heroes to inspire us in our daily lives. Last week, we covered Black Panther’s breakout character Shuri. This week, I’ll guide you through Marvel’s latest hero, Carol Danvers A.K.A Captain Marvel.

About Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the name of many fictional superheroes, but we’re focusing on Carol Danvers’ cinematic incarnation.

Carol Danvers was created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan, and debuted in the comics in 1968. Her Marvel Cinematic Universe big break was just last week and she’s played by Academy Award Winner, Brie Larson.

Carol Danvers’ incarnation of Captain Marvel has been considered Marvel’s biggest female superhero and even Marvel’s mightiest hero, period.

Captain Marvel’s Style in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Carol’s style through the movie is casual, but still put together. She wears a lot of military greens paired with muted and neutral colors. She’s mostly in jeans, t-shirts and a distressed moto jacket.

Here are some outfits inspired by Captain Marvel’s style:

Carol Danvers Style: Outfit #1 – Noble Warrior Heroes

Captain Marvel outfit with black jeans, moto jacket, Levi's tee, baseball cap, zip up sneakers

Products: Jeans – NA-KD, Jacket – Nordstrom, T-Shirt – Levi’s, Baseball cap – Athleta, Sneakers – Trend Savvy

For this first outfit I took inspiration from Carol’s Earth outfit. It is a simple, casual outfit but it is still cute and an easy option if you don’t have a lot of time to put something together.

Since the movie takes place mostly in 1995, use high-waisted jeans in a dark grey color to emulate the era. Pair them with your favorite white graphic t-shirt, preferably if it has a simple design like Carol’s.

Carol is wearing a distressed leather jacket in the photo, but I opted for a dark green suede moto jacket since actual distressed leather jackets are crazy expensive. This jacket gives the same look Carol’s has for much less money.

Use a pair of simple, leather sneakers to complete the outfit and wear a dark grey baseball cap to emulate Carol’s look (and hide a bad hair day).

Carol Danvers Style: Outfit #2 – Reborn

Captain Marvel inspired outfit with trench coat, black ankle boots, sunglasses, black purse

Products: Dress – H&M, Sunglasses – Ray Ban, Boots – Steve Madden, Purse – Mango

Captain Marvel had a life before becoming a hero, and that life included service in the military.

To get Carol’s military style (while avoiding looking like you’re in a Top Gun Halloween costume), wear an army green midi dress. This piece is suitable for both class and a night out, and it is a perfect transitional piece while the weather is getting warmer.

The black ankle boots are perfect for the length of the dress and will give your look an edgy vibe. To accessorize, add a pair of aviator sunglasses and a black suede bag to tie the whole outfit together.

Carol Danvers Style: Outfit #3 – Earth’s Mightiest Hero

Captain Marvel inspired outfit with plaid pants, navy blue top, star spangled purse, navy converse sneakers, star jewelry

Products: Pants – ASOS, Top – American Eagle, Sneakers – Converse, Purse – Madewell, Earrings – Nordstrom, Necklace – Nordstrom Rack

Captain Marvel’s suit is a leather catsuit that probably wouldn’t be our first choice for day-to-day wear, especially with this spring weather.

To emulate her suit in a more everyday fashion, rock a pair of plaid red and blue pants with a navy blue camisole. This way you have the perfect transitional outfit with a winter item (pants) and a spring one (top). Keeping with Carol’s casual ’90s style, wear some classic blue Converse sneakers.

Carol came from the stars (almost literally) and her suit has several details inspired by them. Accessorize with a burgundy and golden star covered purse and golden star and moon themed jewelry.

What do you think of Captain Marvel’s style?

Have you seen Captain Marvel? Which outfit would you wear? What was your favorite item?

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