Weekend Getaway Outfits: National Parks

Because this fashion season, trails are the new runways.

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In full disclosure, I’m not the biggest nature gal out there. Sure, I’ve done my rounds of Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, you know the family trip canon. But it took a full-blown pandemic for me to really start loving the great outdoors. You can’t help but get this feeling that you’re Louis and Clarke, exploring the unknown.

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However, it took me throwing on some Lululemon leggings and some Vans sneakers to realize I wasn’t in the Bay Area anymore, and I’d need a whole new set of special gear for my new adventures. But I wasn’t about to start looking like a contestant in a survival game show, I was going more for a crossover between Reese Wetherspoon’s characters from Legally Blonde and Wild

While the odds of you running into anyone in the middle of the forest are very low — and let’s be honest, that sounds like the start of a horror film — social media means you can take everyone on your trip with you. 

So, when you’re about to give up, you’ve walked all day, and you realize it’s only been 17 minutes, at least you’ll look great. It will all be worth it for that Instagram shot, oh and I guess the peace and connection to nature and whatnot. But in all seriousness, who couldn’t do with some time away from all of this? Let’s seek out places where our phones don’t work, because let’s be real, all our screen time stats could do with a little break.

Here are three outfits to get you through your weekend in the woods like Elle Woods.

Friday outfit

Products: Fleece, Sunscreen, Sports bra, Hair tie, Leggings, Backpack, Gloves, Sneakers

As you leave the pollution and turmoil, for the peace of the wilderness, you’re going to have to bring supplies. While your bag has to fit all you’ll need, you also want it to be compact enough to be able to carry it as you hike.

Don’t forget to take cold weather gear — even though you’ll be moving, you’ll be reaching new heights, so it’s best to keep warm. But pack sunscreen and reapply often — let’s be honest, our skin doesn’t remember what it’s like to be outside for that long.

Takeaway styling tip: Add style to your go-to black workout outfit with some colorful accessories, bonus points if they’re the same tone.

Saturday outfit

Products: Vest, Water bottle, Shirt, Headband, Socks, Shorts, Hiking boots

I’ll admit, these puffy vests are 70% of the reason I’ve taken up exploring the wilderness. But trust me, brushing up on your survival skills is so much more fun when you look the part.

Hiking boots are a must, especially if you’re going to be going through more advanced trails, and make sure they’re a dark color because they will get dirty.

While you may want to stay lightweight for some of the trails, always carry a water bottle with you.

Takeaway styling tip: For warmer days, pair shorts with a lightweight long-sleeve shirt and carry a vest with you — trust me, it will keep you warm.

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Sunday outfit

Products: Jacket, Sports bra, Water bottle, Pants, Fanny pack, Hat, Hiking boots

While I’m not a fan of hunting, I have to give it to hunters, they sure do know how to throw on an outfit. Camo always goes well with earthy tones like beige, tan, orange and on-trend color chocolate brown.

Make sure you take a windbreaker with you, they’re lightweight and will keep you warm. If you need to carry something for immediate access, bring along a fanny pack.

Takeaway styling tip: Make your classic cargo pants and camo clothes stylish by following to an earth tones palette.

What do you wear when exploring the great outdoors?

Wearing cute outfits has definitely played a large role in my sudden interest in hiking, but it’s also a great way to be outdoors, get exercise, and social distance. It’s time to do some online shopping for essential gear and text your bubble.

Oh, and I can’t forget the most important shopping of all, you’ll need cookies, marshmallows and chocolate. Because obviously you’ll need to make s’mores around the campfire. Have fun with your friends, this nature everyone keeps talking about, some okayish acoustic music, and the cutest outfits ever.

What’s your favorite national park? What park is at the top of your bucket list? Let us know!

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