Would You Wear... a Puffer Vest?

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Photo Credit: 1. J. Crew, 2. ELLE, 3. Forever 21

In the dead of winter, layering is the key to staying warm. Let's face it: puffer vests are so much more stylish than long underwear. While they used to be reserved for the preppier dressed among us, this warm outerwear item is now essential in wardrobes across the board.

Plaid, faux fur-lined, metallic, neutral, thick, or thin, there's a puffer vest out there for everyone at a range of price points. Not only does this utilitarian item keep you toasty, but it goes with everything in your closet (aside from your fanciest black tie gown!). You can layer up with sweaters underneath or opt for a coat over. Count us in.

Our fave budget-friendly picks...


Product Information: UNIQLO, Amazon, H&M

Now the important part... would YOU wear a puffer vest?

Is this an item you would add to your wardrobe? Which style would you pick out for yourself? Let us know in the comments! 

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