Dorm Room Style 101: How to Decorate According to Your Aesthetic

Make your room “so you” with these tips to find your decorating style.

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How to find your dorm room style: Dorm decorating tips and ideas for your aesthetic

Since I’m running out of things to do at home right now, I’ve been online shopping, checking things off my college packing list, and planning out my dorm decorations for next year!

So today I’m sharing some dorm room style ideas, perfect for upgrading your own room.

Resources like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok (for the DIYs) can be great for planning your space and getting room inspo. Here are some decorating styles I’ve found and tips on how to replicate them in your own space.

If Your Style is…Boho-Chic

Your Dorm Room Style Will Include:

  • Lots of plants
  • Woven rugs, tapestries, and blankets
  • Exciting geometric, artsy, or animal prints for pillows and accessories
  • Natural wooden details for storage or lighting

Where Should I Shop?

Urban Outfitters is my perfect go-to for trendy and unique woven and wood accessories. I love their floral and artsy patterned tapestries, like this one!

Product photo of an Urban Outfitters tapestry

For a less expensive alternative, I do a lot of room shopping at TJMaxx as well – you never know what cool knick-knacks or wall art they’ll have!

If Your Style Is…Preppy & Colorful

Your Dorm Room Style Will Include:

  • Colorful photos, prints, and pennants on the wall
  • A defined color palette with colors like pink, orange, or blue
  • Simple patterns of polka dots, stripes, and chevron
  • Monogrammed or matching notebooks and storage totes

Where Should I Shop?

Classic college dorm stores and websites like Dorm-Decor and PBDorm have lots of bright and practical sets for getting a matching and cohesive theme for your room!

Product photo of a PBDorm set of storage boxes

Check out this set of boxes from PBDorm – they’re color coordinated and stackable for cute and practical storage!

If Your Style Is…City-Sleek

Your Dorm Room Style Will Include:

  • Photos or prints with sleek black frames
  • A monochromatic or B&W color palette
  • Simple patterns and textures like fuzzy rugs and velvet accents
  • Tons of inspirational quotes on posters, tapestries, or blocks

Where Should I Shop?

When looking for sleek and simple accessories, I always love to start at Ikea. They have great storage for a minimalist style and a college-friendly budget.

This bookcase is only $30 and provides tons of storage for school supplies and snacks!

Product photo of an Ikea bookcase

H&M is another great resource for affordable bedding and accessories in tons of stylish prints and solid colors.

If Your Style Is…Cozy & Relaxing

Your Dorm Room Style Will Include:

  • A neutral color palette with greys, tans, and pastel pink or yellow
  • Lots of chunky woven blankets
  • Textured accessories like banners, wall hangings, and fairy lights
  • Simple wall shelves and drawers to minimize clutter

Where Should I Shop?

PBDorm, as well as having matching items for those with a preppy style, also have a ton of neutral bedding and decorations in pastels that will go perfectly with your room.

Product photo of a Dormify throw blanket

Another place I love to go for textured and neutral accessories is Dormify. They have tons of throw pillows and soft blankets like this one!

If Your Style Is…Funky & Eclectic

Your Dorm Room Style Will Include:

  • Lots of lighting accessories like neon signs and string lights
  • Bright colors including pink, purple, blue, and orange
  • Band posters and unique artwork
  • Mixing patterns and wood tones

Where Should I Shop?

For fun bedspreads, my favorite lesser-known life hack is to shop the Target kids section. (Shh, don’t tell!) It always has quirky decorations and sheet sets, like this gorgeous rainbow comforter!

Product photo of a Target comforter set

One of my favorite resources for one-of-a-kind prints that match my personal style is Redbubble. It’s a great way to buy from artists and get a ton of posters and wall art for your room!

What’s your dorm room style?

What is your dorm room decorating style? Where’s your go-to store for back-to-school shopping?

Show off your dorm decor in the comments!

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