Quiz: What’s Your Dorm Room Style?

Take this quiz to see how you should decorate your space this year!

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Dorm room style - blank dorm room

It’s college shopping season (dun dun dun), and you know what that means! A new year, a new you, and probably the most exciting: a new room.

Whether it’s new bedding, a new desk, new posters, or new dishes, it can be super-exciting to decorate, but it can also be super-hard to decide what you really want and need for your dorm. After all, there are so many different options. 

I know, I can hear you saying “So I don’t need these bowls in every color?” The answer is, you really don’t. You will be much happier when you decide on a “theme” and all of your stuff correlates into such a small space. 

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And, even if you don’t live in a dorm, it’s the perfect time of year to buy essentials for your living space, because so many items are on sale right now.

If you still haven’t decided what “theme” or “style” you want your room to have, take this quiz and find out!

Quiz Results!

Below are the results to the quiz. If you haven’t taken it yet, please don’t peek! I’ve put together some decor items to match each dorm room style. Scroll down to take a look:

Boho Hippie


Bean BagTrash Can, Tapestry, Geo Light, Sham Set, Candles, Wall Art, Banner, Plant

Everyone loves coming to your dorm because it’s the perfect place to chill and hang out. Big pillows and/or comfy chairs add seating, while flowy, cool tapestries keep the walls from looking bare. A not-so-boring trash can placed in plain site will also help your room stay clutter-free.

Try to hide anything that’s super-modern or made of metal and instead use items made from wood and glass to obtain the “chill hippie” vibe.

Modern Chic


Chairs, Clock, Planner, Bowl, Mugs, Wall Art, Pillows

No one is as organized as you, even with your super-busy lifestyle. Decorate most of your space with a neutral (like white), then use color to draw attention to the objects you can’t forget about or need to focus on, like your planner and alarm clock.

These colorful accents will brighten up your dorm and keep it looking flawless, so it’s always an oasis when you come home after a long day.

Media Inspo Junkie


Poster #1, Poster #2, Chair, Blanket, Mug, Wall Art, Popcorn Bowl

Let’s face it: Netflix is bae. You love your favorite characters and would watch Bridesmaids all day, every day if you could. Decorate your walls with colorful posters (who doesn’t love Marvel?), and have fun dishes to eat out of when you invite your friends over to watch the new season of OITNB.

The key to this design style is to have fun with novelty items, but to balance it out with more mature, neutral pieces.

Simple Vintage

Simple Vintage

Poster, Pillow, Journal, Vases, CandlesWall Art, Clock

Local thrift stores and the Salvation Army are your favorite places in the entire world, so lighter colors or objects that look like they have faded over time will be perfect for your space.

Choose an electric mix of posters, framed photography, and wall decor to amp up your dorm room style. You can even use Polaroids (or print out Instagram pics) to make a cool collage on your wall.

What do you think?

How are you decorating your dorm room or apartment this year? Do you have any DIY tips or ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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