4 Fun, Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas

Wondering what to do if you have no plans for spring break? Our last-minute spring break ideas will help.
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It's finally here (or close enough, at least!): That much needed week of relaxation and responsibility-free bliss also known as Spring Break! While surely some of you gals are already packed and ready to go to some tropical location, the rest of us may still be wondering how exactly we’re going to spend 7 days of down time - which means we need last-minute spring break ideas.

If you couldn’t afford to book a beach getaway, got caught up in the hoopla of school, or had your plans fall through, don’t fret – you still deserve to enjoy yourself! Here are four ideas on how you can still have fun on your Spring Break (in style, of course).

Take a Spur-of-the-Moment Road Trip

Just because you couldn't jet off to Colorado for that skiing excursion doesn't mean you can't skip town for a mini adventure! If you're craving to see unfamiliar sights, grab a few friends or loved ones and plan a last-minute road trip. Sometimes it's not necessarily where you are but who you're with when the laughs and good times emerge; with a little preparation and some light packing, you can even extend a day trip to a weekend retreat or more.

  • Plan as much or as little as you want. After taking basic safety into account (like having someone you trust to call in case you get lost and storing some extra cash in your purse), take the reins on what kind of trip you want this to be. Have any must-sees along the way? Want to play it by ear? Whatever you're in the mood for, go for it!
  • Pack some snacks and bottled water for the ride. Popcorn, fruit, nuts, beef jerky, crackers and cheese, and cookies are popular for road trips. If you want to take it a step further and save meal money, store some sandwiches in a cooler. Water (or Gatorade) will keep you hydrated and energized for those long hours on the road.
  • Plug in your favorite jams. If you're leaving town, radio stations are bound to change. Put on your favorite playlist on shuffle so you can sing along while driving.
  • Don't forget to take pictures!

Affirm your Bookie Pride!

Hey, there is absolutely no shame in spending all day (or several) curled up with a good book. Make your bed with fresh sheets straight from the dryer for an instant mood boost, and throw on a big comfy shirt and some socks. Prepare yourself a steaming mug of tea and a snack, and start reading! Just be sure to get up and walk around or go outside every few hours to let your body and mind recoup.


Whether you love playing with animals or working with children, lending a helping hand can be very rewarding! Lots of organizations need volunteers any day of the week, so do some research on local activities or events you can participate in. Or, you may be able to snag a trip for an Alternative Spring Break just in the nick of time; if not, there is bound to be an opportunity out there you will genuinely enjoy doing.

Fake Being a Beach Bunny

OK, I know we'd all like to be soaking up the sun on a beach in Ibiza, but halfway around the world is pretty far away. Fortunately, you don't have to be somewhere tropical to still glam it up wherever you are - be it a local pool or your backyard.

  • Lounge in your favorite swimsuit. Pack away a fabulous beach bag and head to your local beach or indoor community pool. Go solo or grab a girlfriend to chat with while relaxing.
  • Pour some refreshing drinks. Try filling up your water bottle with a fruity drink instead of H2O. Check out a few combinations here or mix your own refreshing concoction.
  • Cool off and chill out. When you're finished, rinse off and catch a light brunch or early dinner. Spend the rest of the day shopping at an outdoor mall, catching some Z's, and just relaxing!


What are your plans for spring break? Going somewhere awesome? Taking it easy at home? Let us know in a comment!

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