This Brand’s Flirty Dresses Are Giving Us Major Wanderlust

Major Spring Break inspiration ahead.

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I’ve never been able to get behind maxi dresses. Maybe it’s just me or maybe this is a common opinion, but I’ve always thought maxi dresses look so dramatic and billowy that they would only really work for a school dance or someone’s wedding.

And then I saw Caroline Constas‘ latest collection. It’s brimming with Spring Break fashion inspiration, but it’s the dresses that are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. And I suddenly want to wear maxi dresses every day.

Flower Dresses

Caroline Constas is a NYC-based fashion brand with wanderlust-inducing pieces. “Inherently wearable and ideal for travel, each piece speaks to the jetset lifestyle that Constas conveys.”

The brand counts Demi Lovato, Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rita Ora, and Olivia Culpo as just some of its celeb fans.

You already know that this brand convinced me to love maxi dresses. But they don’t only do maxi dresses well – all their dresses sample a variety of prints and the most beautiful silhouettes to give you something to wander along the shoreline in.

Caroline Constas shows us how to dress up without looking like you’re playing dress-up. That’s something we can all be inspired by.

Want to get the Caroline Constas look on a budget? We’re going to check out some of the brand’s best looks to channel during spring break (and everyday life). Let’s get started!

Look #1: The Strapless Maxi

A strapless maxi can all too easily look like a bridesmaid’s dress. However, the designer added daring stripes to this bandeau maxi. With a print, the dress becomes unmistakably beach-ready.

two strapless maxi dresses, black bikini, espadrille wedges, mascara, nail polish, lip gloss, straw clutch, lip treatment, sunglasses

Products: Dress(L) – Zappos, Bikini Top – Express, Bikini Bottom – Polo Ralph Lauren, Mascara – Urban Decay, Lace-Up Espadrilles – Nordstrom, Nail Polish – Bobbi Brown, Lip Gloss – Clinique, Clutch – The Bagtique, SPF Lip Treatment – Jack Black, Dress (R) – Nordstrom, Sunglasses – Anthropologie

Start with a strapless maxi dress. I chose striped ones, but any print works. The dress is perfect on its own, or as a cover up for a cute bikini. The espadrille wedges and straw clutch scream “poolside,” as do the sunglasses.

Finish the look with unfussy makeup, like this waterproof mascara, lip gloss, and a lip treatment with SPF to protect your lips from a long day in the sun.

Look #2: The Floral Maxi

This dress is gorgeous, no doubt, but how could you pull something like this off in real life? With the right accessories, this dress goes from runway to romantic dinner date, or even to your spring break getaway!

Lip gloss, suede bag, 3 floral off shoulder maxi dresses, blue suede sandals, tassel earrings, sunglasses, bronzer

Products: Liquid Lipstick – BareMinerals, Suede Bag – Express, Dress (L) – Asos, Blue Sandals – Gilt, Dress (Center) – Azalea, Earrings – Lilly Pulitzer, Sunglasses – Nordstrom, Dress (R) – Express, Bronzer – NYX

The off-shoulder silhouette is so romantic, especially in a floral print. To keep it from looking too dressed-up, stick with flat sandals instead of heels, and add a suede bag and sunglasses.

These tassel earrings are fun instead of formal, and bronzer and this hot pink gloss give you that perfect sun-kissed look!

Look #3: The Midi

Yes, I realize this isn’t a maxi dress, but midi dresses can be equally tricky to pull off. How do you know which length to get? What size heels to wear? How do you even accessorize this??

I think the dress in the picture is dramatic enough (look at those sleeves!) that it doesn’t need too many accessories. But we’re going to take a more laid-back approach so that you can wear a midi dress even after your beach vacation.

2 Polka Dot Midi Dresses, suede jacket, block heels, 3-strand necklace, pink nail polish, blue tote, eyeliner

Products: Dress (L) – Unique Vintage, Suede Jacket – Sans Souci, Block Heels – Aqua Pillar, Necklace – H&M, Nail Polish – Essie, Bag – Macy’s, Eyeliner – NYX, Dress (Center) – DollsKill, Dress (R) – Nasty Gal

I stuck with the polka dot print, because it’s just as carefree and fun as a trip to the beach. (Also, polka dot anything is one of our favorite timeless spring fashion must-haves.)

To wear this midi dress after spring break, I added a suede jacket to toughen it up and keep it wearable once you leave the beach. A blue tote is versatile and pops nicely against the black and white polka dots.

Tan heels and a necklace are versatile accessories that go with any look, so add them here! Pink polish and a cat eye complete the look.

What Do You Think?

Are you SO ready for spring break? Are these dresses giving you wanderlust? What do you think about maxi dresses? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Unless you’re going someplace tropical where you’re wearing a bikini all day (which, I realize many people do for spring break), I wouldn’t want to waste carry on space on a maxi dress that a) is a ton of fabric, b) is going to wrinkle like crazy if it’s at all breathable, and c) there’s no way I’d bring a strapless or off shoulder anything traveling–last thing I need is to worry about pulling my top up all the time. I love my maxi dresses, but they’re really not travel friendly.


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