15 Super Fun Leopard Nail Designs to Try

Get a fun animal print look with these leopard nail designs.

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Are you looking to spice up your nails? Then you should try an animal print manicure!

One of my absolute favorite animal print designs for nails is leopard nails. If you have never tried leopard print nails, I highly recommend it. It’s chic, statement-making, and a little bit edgy, while still being sophisticated and classy.

When you think of leopard print nails, you may be thinking of just the regular brown and tan classic leopard print look, but there are many other ways to wear this look, which I’ll share below. Also, leopard print nails are ideal for any nail length, as you’ll see.

So, whether you’re a nail art newbie or a seasoned pro, leopard print nails are a trend worth embracing. Unleash your inner wildcat and let your nails do the talking. After all, life’s too short for boring nails, am I right?

Short Leopard Nail Designs

1. Black Leopard Nails

Black leopard nails from amazon

One of my favorite leopard print nail designs that you may not have thought of is black leopard print!

This is perfect if you like to use darker nail polish when doing your nails. (It’s also great for fall and winter in general.) You can create a gorgeous leopard mani print nail look with white and black nail polish, and you can spice up the look even more by using sparkly nail polish, as shown above.

2. Nude/Pink Leopard Nails

Leopard print gel polish design

Another of my favorite leopard print nail designs for short nails is a pinkish nude leopard print look, as shown in this video.

You will love this look if you use more subtle nail polish colors when doing your nails! And if you want something a little more statement-making, use glitter as shown in the video above.

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3. Gold Leopard Nails

Super Chic Leopard Print Nail Art DIY!

If you like using sparkly and bold nail polish for your designs, I recommend doing this gold leopard print look.

This look combines black nail polish with some sparkly gold polish to create a nail look that will make your leopard print designs stand out! It would be especially perfect for the holiday season.

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4. Colorful Leopard Nails

Purple leopard nails from amazon

Another great leopard print nail design for short nails is this colorful leopard print with a rhinestone nail look!

You might not have thought about doing a leopard print design with colored nail polish like these colorful shade, but this photo is proof that it can work.

To achieve a colorful leopard print nail look, you can purchase these press-on purple leopard nails! It couldn’t be simpler to get this look at home, and you can reuse the nails to wear it again and again.

5. Ombre Leopard Nails

Easy Ombre Leopard Nails

Ombre nails are trendy, but did you ever think about combining ombre and leopard print? With this nail look, you can get gorgeous ombre leopard print nails.

If you want to learn how to get this look, watch this quick video tutorial! It’s so simple and stunning.

6. Sparkly Leopard Nails

NAIL ART FOR BEGINNERS - Simple Leopard Print

If you like to add sparkle to your nails, but don’t like to go too over the top, then I suggest these simple sparkly leopard print nails.

To get this more subtle sparkly leopard print look, you will want to add a little sparkle while creating your design, as shown in this video tutorial! The best part is, you can do this in any color you want, from lavender to pink or even white.

7. French Tip Leopard Nails

Leopard French Tip Nails | Super Easy | Nail Stamping 2020

Many of us love french tip nails, so why not use the leopard print design on french tip nails? It’s such a cute look that’s a little unexpected.

To get a cute leopard print design with french tip nails, I recommend adding the leopard print design as the tip of your nails, as shown in this video! You can do it on a single nail or all of your nails, depending on how much you want to commit.

Long Leopard Nail Designs

8. Sparkle French Tip Design

Watch me do my own acrylic nails 💓leopard print & smile lines

If you have longer nails or like to do acrylic nails, there are tons of options for you to choose from in the leopard print family.

For example, one design that I love is this sparkly french tip nail design using leopard print!

To get this look, you use some sparkly nail polish for stripes, white nail polish for the french tips, and some brown and black nail polish to create your leopard design.

This video will show you exactly how to get the look.

9. French Tip Leopard

Leopard Print Frenchies | Fall Nails | Gel-X

Another great design for longer nails or acrylic nails is french tip leopard print. As we mentioned earlier, this type of nail look is when you use the leopard print design for the french tip of your nails, as shown in this video.

You can also add a little sparkle to this look by outlining your french tips with sparkly gold nail polish. (I love this for the holidays!)

Just watch this video tutorial to see exactly how to get the look.

10. Leopard Print Rose Design

Watch me doing my nails in real time. Animal print with roses nail art. Leopard print nails.

If you like the leopard print nail design but want to combine it with another type of nail design, you definitely can.

One type of nail design that I recommend combining with leopard print is a rose or flower design.

Roses and other floral designs look great when combined with leopard print designs on the nails. It’s such a classic combo that you see in fashion too. So, if you are curious about how to get a floral and leopard print nail look, check out this video tutorial!

11. Leopard Print with Accent Nail

Leopard Print Nails | Leopard Nail Art Tutorial

Accent nail designs are also a very popular type of nail look that you can do with leopard print.

You can either make a single leopard print nail for your accent nail, or do all of your nails in leopard and add a glitter accent nail, as shown above. The choice is yours. There are so many variations you can try to mix it up!

12. Colored Leopard Print Nails

Leopard Print Two Techniques - WILD NAILS!

Colored leopard print nails are another one of my favorite types of nail looks to do for longer or acrylic nails.

To create colored leopard print nail designs, you just use colorful nail polish to make the design, as shown in this video tutorial, where they used a gorgeous blue and orange shade.

So, if you have a favorite color that you love to wear, definitely try it in leopard print!

13. Sparkly Nude Leopard Print

Pink Cheetah/Leopard Nails

Another gorgeous leopard print nail look you can do for longer nails is this sparkly nude leopard print design. This design combines gorgeous nude shades with a little sparkle to create a beautiful and subtle leopard print look.

So, if you are obsessed with this look like I am, check out this video tutorial to see exactly how to do it!

14. Pink Leopard Print Nails


If you love Y2K-inspired designs, I recommend doing this pink leopard print nail look! It reminds me of all the best looks from that era.

Also, if you were obsessed with Lisa Frank when you were younger, this look will be perfect because pink combined with leopard print will give you a very similar design to Lisa Frank, especially if you use hot pink nail polish! (See our guide to ’90s nails for more on this.)

So, if you love a throwback nail vibe, check out this video tutorial to get the look!

15. Leopard Print with Pearls

Leopard nails from amazon

If you like adding something extra to your nail looks, like gems or rhinestones, you will love this look.

This look uses the leopard print design combined with some pretty pearl embellishments for the nails to create a gorgeous and very glam leopard print nail look that will make your nails stand out!

If you are curious about how to get this look, all you need to do is purchase these press-on nails, and you will be able to get this exact look at home, no salon visit necessary.

Tips And Recommendations For Doing Your Own Leopard Gel Nails

If you want to rock this look at home, you certainly can. No matter which brand or type of leopard gel tip you choose, follow the instructions carefully to get the best results. You can create stunning leopard print nails that will turn heads with a little practice.

  • Apply the gel polish with a thin nail brush. This will help prevent the polish from becoming too thick and goopy.
  • Cure each layer of gel polish for the full recommended time. This will ensure the polish is completely cured and will not smudge or chip.
  • Use a top coat to protect your manicure. This will help prevent the polish from fading or chipping.
  • Touch up your nails as needed. If you notice any chips or smudges, simply apply some gel polish and cure it under a UV or LED light.

Your leopard gel tips can last up to two weeks with proper care. So enjoy your new manicure and show off your fierce style!

Which leopard nail design from this list is your favorite?

Which design are you going to try? Have you ever had leopard nails before?

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