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Hi! I'm Amy, a pre-med student at St. Lawrence University (voted the preppiest school in America!), studying everything I can get my hands on, and trying to master web programming in my spare time.

I'm absolutely obsessed with interior design, and can usually be found wearing chunky knit sweaters in local bookstores with my customary green tea latte in hand. Besides my love for fashion (especially anything nautical-inspired), I adore baking, classical music, O. Henry's short stories, graphic design, Chipotle, grammar, typography, and sushi. I also am perpetually cheerful. I draw fashion inspiration from quite a few sources, especially Rachel Bilson, Emma Watson, The Devil Wears Prada and Brooks Brothers catalogs.

I have recently begun to harbor a burgeoning passion for blazers of all shapes and sizes, and am slowly but surely increasing my collection from my measly three. Also, if you present me with a Chipotle burrito, we are sure to share a long and fruitful friendship.

I'm always happy to take article requests and to listen to anything else you have to say. Follow me on Twitter if you want instantaneous updates on my exploits, or read my blog at Huffington Post College!

Click here to check out my web and graphic design business, Amy Yao Design.

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Dormspiration: Threshold by Target

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Image Courtesy of Target Second only to my love for interior design is my deep-seated, weirdly visceral appreciation for Target. The fact that its logo is typeset in Helvetica is only the tip of Target’s beautifully organized iceberg (which causes my “quick” shopping trips there to be about as successful as that of the Titanic). […]




3 Easy Ways to Create More Space in Your Dorm Room



Photo Credit: With only seven more weeks (!!!) until graduation, my current dorm room couldn’t look more different from the vision I had in my head before moving in freshman year. It’s a little surprising, considering that my duvet cover and furniture (and most of my clothes…) are still the same. The biggest difference […]




Dormspiration: The Hunger Games

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Hunger Games

Image © Lionsgate The Girl on Fire is back: with the recent DVD release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on March 7th, the craze over all things Katniss, Peeta, and Capitol has again captured our attention. Suzanne Collins’ brilliant descriptions of their outfits, living quarters, and daily meals are wonderfully imaginative, and are a great […]




Dormspiration: Disney’s Frozen



Image © Disney Frozen-mania is still going strong, and even though I was initially incredibly skeptical about this movie and its characters before I saw it, I would hereby like to dedicate this post to my little sister, who managed to get me so hooked on Elsa and Olaf that I do not go a day […]