Dormspiration: The Hunger Games

You can do Hunger Games in your dorm without it looking crazy or, well, murder-y. Promise.

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The Girl on Fire is back: with the recent DVD release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on March 7th, the craze over all things Katniss, Peeta, and Capitol has again captured our attention. Suzanne Collins’ brilliant descriptions of their outfits, living quarters, and daily meals are wonderfully imaginative, and are a great source of inspiration.

Here at CF, we’ve covered fashion inspired by The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire already, but today I wanted to focus on the unique decor and furnishings found throughout Panem. (Before you think I’m crazy, hear me out – you can totally do Hunger Games in your dorm without it looking crazy or, well, murder-y.)

The film’s directors and producers are careful to make the contrast between the Districts and the Capitol as clear as possible, especially when it comes to interior design. There’s something for everyone, whether your taste leans more to the rustic and vintage or to the kooky and candy-colored.

In this post, we’ll draw dorm and apartment design inspiration from the story’s main settings, District 12 and the Capitol penthouse that initially houses the characters. Let’s get started!

District 12

Image © Lionsgate

Characterized by homey, rustic colors and rough, muted fabrics, District 12 is furnished simply and with traditional materials like wood and unvarnished metals. While District 12 is an impoverished district, the residents make their simple homes comfortable using their own ingenuity, and the movie sets are great inspiration if you favor a rustic, uncomplicated design style. Channel that design with pieces like the ones below:

District12 style

Product Information: Metal Bin, Wire Locker Basket, Washed Linen Bedding, Wooden Nightstand

Utilitarian chic is the name of the game here (no pun intended). Start with a gorgeous and soft washed linen bedspread set that is of a similar blue to the dress Katniss wears to the fateful Reaping. Complete the look with an unvarnished, rough wooden nightstand, then store things in a galvanized metal bin and a wire locker basket.

Capitol Penthouse

Katniss bedroom
Image © Lionsgate

The soft hues of Katniss and Peeta’s home district contrast sharply from the artificial-looking sea greens of their Training Center living space in the Capitol. Sharp geometric angles and luxurious textures dominate the design, as well as kooky patterns and modern shapes.

Capitol style

Product Information: Bedding, Velvet Throw, Pillow, Poodle Statue, Vase

Whimsical patterns and shapes, like this cockatoo pillow and retro poodle statue, transform an otherwise richly decorated room into the slightly stranger version that the Capitol espouses. The deep sea green bedding set is a nod to Katniss’ platform bed in the apartment. Keep cozy with a thick velvet throw and add some delicate glassware for good measure.

What do you think?

Were you inspired by the Hunger Games’ interior design? Do you prefer the decor of the Districts or of the Capitol? Did the film’s producers and directors get each location right? Let us know with a comment!

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  1. Very cool! The “utilitarian chic” look isn’t my thing but it definitely looks great in the collage you provided, with the mix of matte gray and wood.


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