An Entire Capsule Wardrobe Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Pastel Era

Get the look of Taylor’s new pastel themed era with this capsule wardrobe for spring.

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Update 2020: We have a new Taylor Swift era to discuss! See our guide to Folklore fashion here.

Taylor Swift is the talk of the music industry right now, ushering in her new #TS7 era with the release of her new single ‘Me!’ featuring Brendan Urie (of Panic! at the Disco).

The song (which we covered in its own blog post here) celebrates uniqueness, individuality, self-love, and happiness. It is an upbeat, catchy track that makes you dream of a world where the clouds are made of cotton candy and everything is periwinkle and baby blue. And, in fact, that’s just the aesthetic Taylor seems to be channeling for her new era.

In sharp contrast to her ‘Reputation’ era look (snakes, leather, and black glitter), Taylor recently began to flood social media a new, bubbly pastel fashion aesthetic to match her music video.

If you, like me, are loving Taylor’s new era, read on! Today we’re taking “Me!”‘s vibe and channeling it into a full wardrobe. If you want to channel #TS7’s feel for springtime, all you need is the capsule wardrobe below:

The Clothes

pieces inspired by Taylor swift's 'ME!' era: Pastel shorts, dresses, pants, and gold jewelry

Products: Striped Sweater – Cotton Emporium, Floral cropped sweatshirt – Taylor Swift, Pastel pink shorts – O’Neill, Striped shorts – Missguided, Pantsuit blazer – Express, Pants – Express, Pink dress – Lulus, Earrings – Forever 21, Bracelet – The MET Store, Ring – Lane Bryant, Striped tulle dress – ASOS Design, Pastel striped dress – Lulus, Butterfly jumpsuit – Old Navy

The pieces above are all in keeping with the pastel, butterfly-filled, daydream theme of this new era. While Taylor appears to be incorporating a wide range of cuts and fits into both her costumes and daily style, it is clear that everything she wears deliberately emphasizes the idea of a sunny, happy-go-lucky outlook on life whilst not letting go of practicality.

Outfit 1: Taylor’s Tailored Look

pastel pantsuit and earrings

Products: Earrings – Forever 21, Pantsuit blazer – Express, Pants – Express

This outfit is inspired by the scene from the ME! video which features several dancers, as well as Taylor herself, in monochrome pastel suits and carrying briefcases. This look is practical and professional, while still being a little lighter and more unique than a regular black on black suit.

Of course, we can’t forget that wearing the color yellow can actually help boost your mood as well!

Outfit 2: Taylor Leaving Her Apartment

outfit inspired by paparazzi pictures of Taylor Swift

Products: Earrings – Forever 21, Ring – Lane Bryant, Striped Sweater – Cotton Emporium, Pastel pink shorts – O’Neill

This pairing is inspired by paparazzi pictures which show Taylor leaving her apartment in new TS7 merchandise and light colored shorts.

This outfit also features the much-used butterflies motif that Taylor incorporated into her iHeartRadio music awards red carpet look, as well as teased on Instagram.

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Outfit 3: Taylor’s Beach Day

an outfit Taylor Swift might wear to the beach

Products: Bracelet – The MET Store, Butterfly jumpsuit – Old Navy

This jumpsuit is something Taylor might wear on a really casual, sunny day- again incorporating butterflies — and accompanied by this super cute bracelet could be a really fun and easy outfit for any casual day you might have planned!

Outfit 4: Taylor’s Shopping Day

a casual outfit that Taylor Swift might wear

Products: Ring – Lane Bryant, Floral cropped sweatshirt – Taylor Swift, Striped shorts – Missguided

Recently, Taylor released a whole new set of merchandise, and one of the lovely new sweatshirts is this floral one above!

Paired with these wonderful, striped pastel shorts, this sweatshirt would be perfect for a fun day of shopping in Nashville or even for class. Why not let these pretty colors put a massive smile on your face (and everyone else’s)?

Outfit 5: Taylor’s Date Night Look

an outfit inspired by Taylor Swift on a date night

Products: Earrings – Forever 21, Bracelet – The MET Store, Pink dress – Lulus

The dress featured here is almost the same color as the one Taylor wears in one of the ME! video scenes (when she acquires a brand new cat!). With its semi-formal style and fit-and-flare cut, it’s perfect for a multitude of scenarios, and especially a dinner out with friends or date night!

Outfit 6: Taylor’s Sunday Brunch Look

a semi formal outfit inspired by Taylor Swift

Products: Ring – Lane Bryant, Striped tulle dress – ASOS Design, Blazer – Express

This outfit is one of my favorites because of this amazing, striped tulle dress. It just makes me so happy to look at, so I can only imagine how great it would be to wear!

Inspired by everything about Taylor’s new era, this outfit is a perfect blend of fitted and flowy, and matches wonderfully. It’s ideal for a brunch or any semi-formal event!

What Do You Think?

Did you love the ME! video? Are you a fan of the new era’s pastel theme? Are you absolutely infatuated with Benjamin Button – Taylor’s new cat? Tell me everything in the comments.

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