Taylor Swift Reputation Inspired Outfits & a 10-Piece Capsule Wardrobe

10 pieces of clothing inspired by the princess of snakes and second chances.

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Discover stunning reputation inspired outfits by Taylor Swift. Explore the latest trends and styles for a chic look inspired by Taylor Swift’s reputation.

With 2017’s Reputation, the queen of lyrics turned her critics into inspiration and shocked the world with a completely unexpected sound. Totally unapologetic about every aspect of her character, Taylor Swift not only embraced the snake with open arms but built a 30-foot-tall one on her tour stage. And why should she apologize? Why should any of us?

This is the album’s key takeaway: every single person has made mistakes throughout their life but, as Taylor herself wrote, 

“without your past, you could have never arrived- so wondrously and brutally, By design or some violent, exquisite happenstance …here.”

Taylor Swift, in my opinion, is the epitome of class. (Can you tell I’m a Swiftie?) No matter the circumstance, she carries herself with unparalleled grace, even making post-gym attire look like it belongs on a runway. Her style ranges from pretty, pink, and floral to oversized hoodies and dark, ripped-cropped tops, but there is no doubt that each piece she wears was meticulously inspected and cherry-picked.

Today, I’ve created a capsule wardrobe inspired by Reputation, with pieces you can mix and match to create a wide variety of Taylor-inspired looks:

The Wardrobe:

reputation inspired outfits

The color of both the dress and blouse was inspired by Taylor’s somewhat unexpected appearance at the Billboard music awards where she wore a pale pink gown littered with petals, designed by Versace. Also, both pieces are slightly reminiscent of the ‘old Taylor’ that is teased by the singer on occasion.

The skirt is an attempt at representing the kaleidoscopic personality that the album explores; while feminine, it is also made from stiff denim, and the two-toned buttons add a little edge to it. The boots and belt are an obvious testament to the snake mascot that is at the forefront of the Reputation tour — there’s also a snake on the green t-shirt, which is actually from the tour merchandise store. 

The light tan coat is a classic piece, and extremely practical if it’s chilly outside; Taylor has been seen sporting coats similar to this one on many occasions. The jeans check the same boxes, but the slightly distressed cut at the ankle gives them a little more character than your basic pair.

The faux-fishnet stockings are a practical addition as well — it’s tough to wear short skirts most of the year in most countries — but they also add that edgy/grunge touch that Taylor’s tour merch has to it. Last but not least, as a little tribute to Taylor’s relationship with Joe Alwyn, a pair of typically English Oxford shoes in white, that are casual and comfy, yet undeniably adorable.

Edgy Street Style

reputation inspired outfits


This combination is perfect for those days where you feel just the slightest bit edgy and still want to retain every ounce of femininity. Personally, I think it’s ideal for wearing while listening to ‘Look What You Made Me Do‘ or ‘Ready For It’ and could be even cuter with a hat to accessorize. 

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Classy and Casual

reputation inspired outfits


This is a classic Taylor out-on-the-town look: it’s simple, effortless, and chic but still put together and versatile enough for a last-minute rendezvous at a cafe with any member of her star-studded squad. For the full effect, listen to ‘Call it What You Want.’

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Easy Date Night

reputation inspired outfits


By far the simplest outfit of the lot, this is also the most feminine. Perfect for when you’re late to brunch, or can’t decide what to wear on date night; with your hair in a bun this could be elegant and timeless, or with some blown out beach waves, a little more fun and flirty. The almost too obvious song choice: ‘Dress.’

The ‘Reputation‘ album, I think, is a really important one. It reminds you that only the people who love you most deserve a front-row seat in your life. Its existence is a testament to the fact that reinvention — or in Taylor’s case, brutal honesty and the peeling away of a mask — is not only possible but can, in fact, be the most important and transformative experience of your life. It allows you to be completely authentic, and the best part is the people who matter won’t go anywhere: 

“they don’t care about the he said, she said.”

So, no matter what it is you’ve been through — whether you’re on top of the world, or working through a rough patch, just remember to take note of who your biggest cheerleaders, and most reliable shoulders to cry on, are. If there’s one thing this album has taught me, it’s that I would be nowhere without the people who care about me. 

And once you’ve absorbed the message (and curated a wardrobe to match), sing it with Taylor, and let this be your mantra for 2024:

“I’m doing better than I ever was.”

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Step into Your “Reputation” Era: Tips to Gain Style Inspo from Taylor Swift’s Iconic Phase

Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” era was all about bold, edgy looks mixed with a romantic vintage feel. If you’re looking to channel your inner dark pop queen, here are some more tips to try.

Go Bold or Go Home:

  • Leather Love: Channel Taylor’s fierce reputation vibes with cool leather jackets, cropped vests, and sleek skirts. Mix in a delicate lace top or a silky cami for that edgy yet feminine feel.
  • Black Magic: Dive into gothic glam with an all-black look. Mix fabrics like velvet, lace, and sheer materials to channel Taylor.
  • Stay Bejeweled: Bring on the glam rock with sequin bodysuits, shiny mini skirts, and eye-catching jewelry. Balance it out with simpler pieces to keep your look on point.

Retro Feels:

  • Romantic Florals: Capture Taylor’s softer side with vintage floral dresses, ruffled tops, and lacy pieces. Opt for colors like sage, burgundy, or dusty rose for a muted feel.
  • High-Waisted Everything: We all know Taylor loves her high waists. Rock those high-waisted skirts, shorts, and jeans. They’re super flattering and perfect with tucked-in tops or cropped sweaters.

Queen of Accessories:

  • Statement Earrings: Play around with big chandelier earrings, bold hoops, or sparkly gems. They’re perfect for bringing drama and highlighting your face.
  • Iconic Makeup: Nail Taylor’s signature look with striking red lipstick and sharp cat-eye liner. She’s pretty much never without this combo.
  • Thigh-High Boots: Grab a pair of Taylor’s favorite thigh-high boots. Go for sleek leather for that rocker edge or choose suede for a softer, boho vibe.

Extra Tips for Rocking “Reputation” Style:

  • Mix It Up: Blend elements from different Taylor Swift eras. Think a vintage dress with a bold leather jacket or edgy boots with a pastel top.
  • Confidence is Your Best Accessory: Rock any “Reputation”-inspired outfit with confidence. Remember, it’s all about your attitude. Taylor walks with confidence and so should you!
  • Experiment and Enjoy: Have fun mixing styles and trying out different accessories. This era is all about expressing yourself and enjoying fashion, no matter what anyone else has to say.

What do you think about Taylor Swift’s reputation era?

What do you think about this capsule wardrobe? How many looks could you create using just the pieces above? Do you think Taylor would wear these items?

And, are you excited for Repuration TV? Are you inspired by Taylor Swift’s style or message? I want to hear about it, let me know in the comments!

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