Three Cute Outfits for Valentine's Day 2020 | Image|Three Cute Outfits for Valentine's Day 2020 | Image

Three Cute Outfits for Valentine’s Day 2020

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  1. Jessica says

    Great post! Thanks!

    I’d love to see a post about working in retail. I am really hoping to get a job in retail this summer and would appreciate any advice you might be able to offer. I have no experience in working retail but I am eager to learn! Interviewing tips (what to say and wear), who to contact (and how often!) after turning in the application, and how to an excellent job once hired would be incredibly helpful. I would appreciate any advice! 🙂

  2. jeanie mer says

    viva – ooh lovely dress, I’m sure I’ve seen pix of Kate Moss in something similar – if you have similar colouring then you could look up what she wore with it. If you have dark skin then you could go for a stronger contrast eg turquoise coloured accessories, shoes etc.

    Silver might work if it was chrome and a bit spiky or studded, to add a sort of tougher contrast edge to the very floaty dress.

    I’d always say use fewer rather than too many accessories – one stunning one is great eg a fabulous choker but no bracelets & just one cocktail ring.

    Actually even if you are paler I’m liking the bright turquoise blue idea. More high-fashion than plain black accessories, unless you go for a haute goth-y look for the rest of the accessories e.g. jet choker, black strappy very high platform sandals (e.g. the Louboutin copies), black cocktail ring, black feathered bag or feathered shoulder cape. Black nail polish (short nails) and heavy black smoky or winged eyeliner, probably pale/nude mouth.

    Hope that’s a few useful ideas! would love to see you post a polyvore set of what you decide on!

  3. Marytante K says

    I personalty like MyCloset ( app) by Mamoru Tokashiki. to manage my closet. From now own I will manage my closet by the color : ) Will get my mood on the go : )))) Great article! Thank you.

  4. Sridevi says

    Thanks for such informative article on colors. I always feel that I would pick colors by what my mood is. And I could see my mood and the color associated in this article. Good information about colors. Generally I would choose dark colors when I am kind of low energy and I pick bright and light colors when I am full of energy. I am not sure, If I choose a bright and light color on my down day would help me anyway?

  5. mostwanted says

    Aaaaarghhh! I was interested in this subject and saw here it’s for chicks! I don’t own dresses or handbags, I’m alpha male, not transexual! Haaaahaahah!

  6. Katie says

    Hi Zephyr, I’m curious to hear what you think about brown — that’s my usual staple neutral (the way most people wear black, and some wear gray) and I’m totally addicted. It’s so soft and vaguely hippie! But lately people have been mentioning that it doesn’t seem so professional. Should I not be wearing it to interviews/work? What kind of emotions/image does it connote? I’m so curious, the answers could have a big effect on my whole wardrobe!

  7. Viva says

    Hi! I love all the post – its so true about colours and mood! I was wondering if I could have some advice. I’m wearing a yellow dress to prom but I have no idea what colour accessories to wear. Shoes are my biggest issue – both style and colour. I’ve looked at white and silver but they seem a bit tacky. I live in the UK and my prom is in June – any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you 😛

    btw – this is the dress

  8. Sherin says

    I love wearing green, but I realised that I don’t have many red things. I think this is a great post and is inspiring me to wear other colours.

  9. Katie says

    This post is so interesting! I always like to think about colors in my wardrobe and its always interest to read about how color can affect you! I normally hate purple but I wore a purple shirt the other day just to try it out and it is definately a stimulating color, everyone noticed!

  10. Maly says

    I particularly adore the layout of this blog post and the photos used in the examples. I love all colors and need to incorporate more bright and flirty colors into my wardrobe. This is a BIG help, especially with finals around the corner, I’ll be sure to sport some YELLOW !

  11. Julie says

    I totally own a knockoff of that pink bag. I call it my Rory Gilmore bag n_n.

    I really liked this post.

    I feel a lot prettier when I wear red and when I wear a black and white ensemble I feel like I can totally kick ass at class and at presentations. I don’t normally wear yellow, but I’m going to give it a try during finals week.

  12. avl says

    I find this to be totally true.

    I wear a lot of black and my friends always say I’m the responsible one.

    I totally want to wear more yellow know.

  13. Melissa Kay says

    AWESOME! Totally loved this post. Definitely got me inspired. I’ve got a big 3 day conference coming up, with a bunch of different events. Now I know what outfits to buy, for the different moods I want to portray. =)

  14. Ellen says

    I love the pink top from H&M. It’s so cute!

    Good point about red stimulating appetite, and to add to it, I think I read somewhere that this is why a lot of fast food restaurants have a lot of red–to get the customers to eat more, eat faster, and leave faster.

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