20 Fashion YouTubers You Should Be Obsessing Over

If you love fashion, these are the channels you need to subscribe to.

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A good dose of fashion inspiration can help you dress your best for class, outings, and just about any occasion. There are so many platforms out there to find style inspiration from blogs to Instagram, Pinterest, and — today’s focus — YouTube

When I’m stumped for what to wear, I love to watch a quick fashion-related YouTube video to get my creativity going. Lookbooks, how-to-style videos, and hauls are helpful when you are shopping and styling your own wardrobe.

Not sure who to watch first? Keep reading to see 20 of my top fashion Youtubers who never fail to offer fashion inspo in their amazing videos!

Styling Experts

youtube style experts

Styling is a skill that can be learned. Sometimes you just need a teacher, so to speak, to guide you. Looking for tips on how to style certain items, styling hacks, and fashion history lessons? These first 7 YouTubers have got you covered!

1. Rachel Spencer, rachspeed

Rachel Spencer youtuber

You can see Rachel’s amazing passion for fashion through her styling charisma. 

If you like capsule wardrobes, she’s got a few great capsule example videos to check out. In her fashion videos and hauls, she breaks down each outfit and explains her styling thought process, so she really gives you an insight into the “how” of her outfit selection.

2. Ashley Brooke, Ashley Brooke 

ashley brooke youtuber

Ashley is a small town girl now living in New York, with girl boss vibes, managing her own company Life By Her. Life By Her is a digital magazine where you can find all of Ashley’s fashion tips and interact with a fashion-loving community and Ashley. 

In her YouTube videos, Ashley shares everything from “ways to style a button-down” to a “bachelorette party shopping” how-to. She also includes snippets of her glamorous life mixed in.

3. Tess Christine, Tess Christine 

OOTW: My Favorite Loungewear!

Tess is based in New York. She shops at stores such as LuLu’s and the Reformation, so if you love those stores, she’s the fashionista to follow.

I appreciate the practicality of Tess’ style. She creates ready-to-wear outfit ideas! Tess loves to recreate celebrity outfits for less (those are the most popular videos on her channel), and it’s nice to see her affordable spin on the most coveted celeb looks.

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4. Alex, Miss Alex

UNI / COLLEGE OUTFITS - Realistic comfy and casual outfit ideas! Back to school lookbook 2020

A petite fashion blogger with killer taste. Alex posts weekly styling videos like outfits of the week and how to style various clothing items. She’s a must-follow if you’re a petite girl looking to find outfits that work for your body.

5. Amy Serrano, Amy Serrano 

youtuber amy seranno

With a BA in fashion merchandising, Amy wants to pass on the love by sharing her fashion and beauty tips and insider knowledge.

Amy loves to break down fashion trends to the nitty-gritty, explaining why they’re popular in the first place. Her in-depth videos are so informative and helpful. 

6. Naomi Boyer, Style Staycation 

Simple Things You Can Do To Look Better | Enhance Your Look

Naomi is your girl if you want to learn how to create the perfect classic wardrobe. Naomi’s style is simple, flirty, and feminine. She posts styling videos (“How to Tuck in and Tie Your Tops“), hauls, and fashion advice videos (“5 Ways to Get Ready Fast“). 

Naomi explains that dressing up makes her feel her best and she’s all about sharing her passion — and positivity — with you. 

7. Shahd Batal, Shahd Batal

shahd batal youtuber

Shahd is your new go-to modest style source. This Minnesota-raised Sudanese gal takes on modest fashion with a trendy and stylish aesthetic. Regardless of your faith, her modest styling is a great source of inspiration!

Content Creators

youtube content creators

While basically every YouTuber could be described as a “content creator,” the following few fashion vloggers take their content to the next level with beautifully filmed lookbooks, scenery, and aesthetically pleasing editing.

8. Maya & Julia, The Line Up

Night Out Lookbook

Maya and Julia’s lookbooks are seriously pure art. The duo, based in Stockholm, are total cool girls who will make you feel cooler just by watching their videos. Their videos revolve around edgy and cutting-edge outfits, mixed with entertaining filming and editing touches. 

9. Cassie & Ricci, To The 9s


Cassie and Ricci are Canadian fashion lovers and content creators. Even better, they’re two college students who can perfectly balance school with work to create extraordinary aesthetically pleasing content — no easy feat!

One of their most popular videos shows how they take and edit their Instagram photos. Speaking of their Instagram, it’s also awesome. You can follow @weartothe9s for daily inspiration and send in your own outfits to be featured next!

10. Jenn Im, Jenn Im 

How To Pose For Photos | 10 Easy Poses For Instagram | clothesencounters

Jenn Im is a super famous YouTuber who covers everything from beauty to diet and fitness tips. On the fashion front, I live for Jenn Im’s “What Would Jenn Wear?” series where she answers styling questions from her subscribers. 

I love Jenn’s creative spin on fashion looks and her complementary editing that brings everything together. Plus, if you love her look, you might be excited to know she launched her own clothing line, Eggie! 

11. Audrie Strome, Audrie Storme

trying on my mom’s clothes from the 90s

Audrie is your girl if your look leans toward boho style. She features bohemian-inspired outfits along with sustainable fashion options. Plus, her travel vlogs are a must-watch, they make you feel as if you’re globetrotting along with her.

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The Students

youtube students

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love to follow Youtubers who are college students too – talk about relatable! We did a whole post recently on our favorite college youtubers, so check that out for more college-life-specific recs and less fashion.

But here are a few YouTubers who have a nice mix of college life and fashion inspo for class.

12. Lilia, Lily-like.com

MY JEWELRY COLLECTION & ORGANIZATION *try on* ✨ Rose Gold Earrings, Necklaces, Rings & Watches

My first go-to college vlogger is Lilia (lilylikecom). My favorite videos of hers are her seasonal fashion guides which include 5 of the season’s trends, 5 capsule wardrobe basics, and outfit ideas styling the basics and trends together. So useful!

Lily is also a law student and posts her popular law school vlogs and “study with me” videos regularly. 

13. Katie Joslin, Katie Joslin

A Week In Outfits (Uni Student) #12 | Katie Joslin

If you like to shop at Brandy Melville you will love Katie’s relaxed, low-maintenance vibes. You’ll never fail to be inspired with her “week full of college outfits” videos.

14. Ashley, Best dressed

50 OUTFITS for when you have nothing to wear

You’ll fall in love with Ashley’s witty personality as much as her style. She posts styling videos like lookbooks filmed on her college campus with voice-overs she describes as “saucy dry humor.” 

15. Jasmin, Jusuf

a week in my life: midnights //1 (season 2)

Aesthetic goals. Enough said, to be honest. 

Jasmin’s style is chill and comfortable. Along with fashion videos, she posts lifestyle tip videos, explaining how to be more productive. So helpful for busy college students!

16. Arianna, Ariana.Ava


An edgy Fashion Institute student based in New York, Arianna not only knows how to style killer outfits but is also a fashion designer and amazing thrifter. Her videos offer unique fashion inspiration for those with unconventional styles. 


youtube shoppers

Like lookbooks, haul videos are great for finding out what to buy this season. They are also a great place to see reviews for online companies and get an idea of what current pieces look like on actual people before you order. These YouTubers post hauls regularly to share their stylish finds and deals.

17. Samantha Maria, Samantha Maria 

10 Winter Outfit Ideas | Sammi Maria

This London-based mom and wife loves to shop at affordable stores like Zara, ASOS, and Topshop. Her style is the perfect mix of high-end, affordable, and minimal. You can see how she styles her latest wardrobe additions in her lookbooks. 

18. Toni Sevdalis, Toni Sevdalis 

HUGE ZARA FALL HAUL | Comfy + Cute Outfits

This fashionista posts regular hauls featuring Zara, Pretty Little Thing, and Missguided, and she always has the cutest finds! She’s another must-follow for those looking to mix high and low items for a glam look.

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19. Melissa Tatti, Threads Obsessed

10 FALL LOOKS 2020 | Thrift & Style Ep. 3 (pt 2)

Thrift shopping has never been more exciting thanks to Melissa’s thrift hauls and “come thrift with me” videos, where she takes you along on her thrifting adventures. Melissa also films videos where she shares and styles her secondhand finds for your inspiration. 

20. Kianna Naomi, Kianna Naomi 

Back To School Outfit Ideas 2018 | Kianna Naomi

Tune in each back to school season to watch Kianna’s must-watch try-on hauls featuring shops like Fashion Nova and Garage. Kianna also posts vlogs and room decor videos. 

What do you think?

That wraps up 20 of my top fashion YouTubers. Their videos always offer inspiration for help with any fashion dilemma. Do you watch YouTube for style inspiration? If so who are some of your favorite fashion YouTubers? We’d love to know in the comments below. 

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