What to Wear on Your 21st Birthday

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21st birthday

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Most college girls will celebrate their 21st birthday at some point during their four years. And as everyone knows, 21 is a big deal - it's a milestone birthday, and a time to turn the page to new possibilities and experiences. It's also one night where you want to look your best while you parade around town with your girls.

Not sure what to wear on your big night? Below, I've listed some fashion tips and outfit ideas for going out on 21st birthday! Cheers to another year… Happy Birthday, you big twenty-oner, you!

Key Pieces for a 21st Birthday Outfit:

Before we get to the fashion picks, here are a few must-have items for a 21st birthday look:

  • Wristlet or clutch with wrist strap - For a crazy night out, you don't want to be burdened by a heavy bag - go for a wristlet or clutch that attaches to you so you won't lose your money and ID.
  • 21er tiara, sash or light-up shot glass - These are a necessity! Aside from perhaps a bachelorette party, a 21st birthday is the ONLY time you'll have a built-in excuse to look completely ridiculous at the bars and at restaurants. It's your birthday, so live it up!
  • Flashy heels - It's your birthday, so why not make a statement with your footwear? Something sexy, sparkly, or bright is a must for your 21er!
  • Amazing dress - Your 21st birthday is the perfect opportunity to splurge on that perfect party dress -go for something you absolutely love, and make sure it's something you'll be able to dance in. 21st birthday dresses are supposed to be fun!
  • Camera - You'll want to document this night. Have one of your trusty friends act as photographer for the night, and make sure to ruthlessly delete any photos you don't love!
  • Lipgloss - You'll want to freshen up as the night goes on. Glossy lips are always a bonus.

5 Best Stores for 21st Birthday Dresses:

  1. Lulus - Great for cute, trendy, and girly dresses that won't break the bank.
  2. Modcloth - Perfect for vintage-inspired dresses; can sometimes be on the pricier side.
  3. Nordstrom - Giant selection and great for pieces you want to last.
  4. Macy's - Another department store favorite.
  5. Forever 21 ...Fitting, right? ;)

21st Birthday Outfit Ideas

21er Outfit

Dress, Heels, Necklace, Wristlet, Tiara

This first look would be perfect for the fashion-forward girl who isn't afraid to mix patterns and prints. Start with a flowy white 21st birthday dress with lacy detailing. Add some leopard print heels, a sparkly wristlet, a chunky Betsey Johnson necklace (hey it's your b-day, you can splurge a little) and a 21er tiara. You're set for a night of glam and fun.

21er Outfit 2

Dress, Heels, Wristlet, Earrings, Bracelet, Tiara

You can always count on your trusty friend, the little black dress, to carry you through an important night like this one. Put on some sparkly black heels, diamond stud earrings, a brightly colored cuff bracelet, and a wristlet and you are ready to go!

21er Outfit 3

Dress, Heels, Wristlet, Bracelet, Tiara

This last look is definitely my favorite because it's glam but still fun. One-shoulder dresses have been hot for a few seasons now, and this light pink sequined one would be perfect for the girly girl. Add some white-gold heels and a fancy bracelet. (No necklace is needed since the dress's neckline is gorgeous on its own!) Grab that wristlet and head to the bars for a night on the town. You'll be sparkly and pretty all night long!


Are you celebrating your 21st this year? If so, what are YOU going to do/wear? Or if you've already celebrated, what did you wear on your 21st birthday? Do you like these looks? Let us know in the comments below!

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