These Are the Only Spring Shoes You Actually Need in Your Closet (Just Two Pairs!)

The only two shoe styles you really need in your Spring wardrobe — plus how to style them.

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The only spring shoes you actually need in your closet

It’s time to pack away those boots and finally get those cute spring shoes out! As the seasons are changing, it’s time for your wardrobe to evolve as well.

However, there are so many Spring shoes styles now it seems impossible to pick the right ones.

Sandals, sneakers, espadrilles, slides, how do you choose?

As broke college students we can’t own them all (although one can always dream), therefore opting for one to two versatile styles is best. (See my post on the ultimate feminine capsule wardrobe for more on basing your wardrobe around fewer, more versatile pieces.)

And so, it’s with this in mind that I recommend white sneakers and ballet flats as your spring shoe choices this season.

Why these two pairs, specifically? Let me count the reasons.

First of all, both shoe styles are absolutely classic. Year after year, these styles have remained staples of a sophisticated-casual wardrobe. They aren’t trendy, yet they always look fashionable and chic.

Furthermore, both styles are versatile. Your graduation dress can be accompanied by comfortable sneakers for a sweet, dressed-down vibe. As for ballet flats, take notes from our favorite French Instagram girls and rock them casually with a striped top and cropped pants.

An added bonus to both these styles is they’re some of the most comfortable shoes out there. This makes them amazing for any traveling you have this spring break or upcoming summer. Enjoy your time off in style without the pain of aching feet. 

White Sneakers

White sneakers are such a cute and easy style. They look amazing with shorts, skirts, dresses, and anything else you have in your closet. Along with this, they can be worn at practically every event that may fall on your calendar.

When choosing a style, I recommend a classic canvas option like Converse or Keds. I find these to be the most versatile for pairing with both casual and dressy looks. However, styles like the Adidas Stan Smith are also incredibly popular right now, for a trendier feel.


Casual and feminine outfit featuring white Keds, light jeans, Victorian blouse, baby blue cardigan, and pink headband

Products: Shoes – Keds, Blouse – H&M, Jeans – Everlane, Cardigan – J.Crew, Headband – J.Crew

Sneakers are obviously quite easy to style when going casual. However, you can always find fun new ways to mix it up.

This Spring, balance feminine and casual by styling light wash jeans, a girly blouse, and sneakers together. On chilly morning, add a pastel cardigan to brighten the look further. 


White Keds styled with a Zara sundress, J.Crew headband, and Nordstrom sunglasses

Products: Shoes – Keds, Dress – Zara, Sunglasses – Nordstrom, Headband – J.Crew

Change up your dressy attire with your little white sneakers this season. This is such a comfortable way to look cute for special occasions, parties, showers, and graduations, while remaining comfortable.

A sundress, sunglasses, and sneakers are the best combo! 

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats, what’s not to love about these shoes? They are practically a fancy slipper that’s somehow viewed as classy. Sign me up.

Much like sneakers, you can style them any way you desire. Whether you’re wearing them for casual days of finishing classes to formal events where you don’t want blisters, these flats are a must.

Here are two fun and cute ways to wear them this spring. 


Cute spring shoes outfit guide - Red Sam Edelman ballet flats styled with a striped J.Crew top, Everlane white cropped pants, Target wicker purse, and Nordstrom sunglasses

Products: Shoes – Saks Off 5th, Top – J.Crew, Pants – Everlane, Purse – Target, Sunglasses – Nordstrom

A French-inspired outfit is always a foolproof way to style ballet flats. As cliche as it may be, a striped shirt and cropped pants with these slippers is chic, classic, and cute. Add a little wicker purse for texture and finish it off with a red lip for the ultimate French girl look.


Red Sam Edelman flats styled with Unique Vintage polka dot dress, Unique Vintage straw boater hat, Unique Vintage white barbie retro sunglasses

Products: Shoes – Saks Off 5th, Dress – Unique Vintage, Hat – Unique Vintage, Sunglasses – Unique Vintage

This vintage-inspired look is a stylish way to wear ballet flats this Spring. A flirty black polka dot dress with these shoes makes a feminine statement. Style it with a wicker hat and retro sunglasses to channel your inner retro Barbie.

Do you have these spring shoes in your closet?

Which of these two shoes will be replacing your boots this Spring?

3 thoughts on “These Are the Only Spring Shoes You Actually Need in Your Closet (Just Two Pairs!)”

  1. These don’t exactly work for me, so I’d like to share my substitutions in case someone else might find it helpful.

    White sneakers: they easily get dirty, they don’t work with my warm color palette. I’ve given this some thought, and I think I’ll get some pink sneakers. They work with my favorite colors for springs and I think they require less maintenance.
    You just need to work out which colors works best with your wardrobe.

    Ballet flats: my feet hurt like hell when I try to wear them. I have high arch issues, and ballet flats are the worst for that (they slip easily so I tend to bend my feet even more, they usually have no arch support). I have found a pair of ballet shoes with a mary-jane strap and arch support, and that’s much better. I’d also like to try a nice pair of loafers (in a simple line).

    • Hi Alice! Thank you so much for these substitutions! Pink sneakers are a cute alternative if white doesn’t work for you. I personally have a pair and find them almost as versatile (especially in Spring!) As well are Mary Janes and loafers. Both are as classic as ballet flats and have such a similar style!

      Thank you so much for these substitutions for those who struggle with these same issues!!! 🙂

      -Taylor – Wayne State University


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