My Morning Routine (& How to Create Your Perfect Morning Routine)

Your guide to making each day your best day.

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Today I’m going to share my morning routine and teach you how to create a perfect morning routine for yourself.

While I wish I had the same morning energy as Demi Lovato in Camp Rock 2 singing and dancing to Brand New Day, I tend to err more on the side of spending two hours watching Saturday Night Live skits on YouTube before I peek out of my sheets. 

But with so many days at home, and many more to come as colleges decide to go online, I realized I needed a routine that would set me up for a productive and energized day.

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After a series of trials, and mostly errors, I am proud to publish my findings. Here is my morning routine, plus some things you can do to create your perfect morning routine. Feel free to switch things up and do what works for YOU.

But the one rule you must follow is to leave your phone charging far from your bed (can you feel the separation anxiety kicking in?) and do not touch it until you complete your morning routine. (No, I’m not a boomer, I swear I’m Gen Z!)

1. Complete a task

Once upon a time, when I was in high school, I was so bored during an assembly that I actually listened to what the principal had to say. Turns out he actually knew a thing or two, and one of those things is that you should always make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning.

I know, I know, first the phone and now making beds — I’m losing my mind.

But in all seriousness, many experts say that competing a task early in your day, as simple as it may be, makes you more inclined to continue completing tasks throughout the day.

My morning routine starts with making my bed and I highly suggest you try it, too!

2. Center yourself

After completing your task, reward yourself, like how I reward myself for doing 10 mins of studying with 2 hours of streaming Criminal Minds.

This should be a time for you to connect to yourself, which may seem weird in a time where you’ve actually grown sick of spending so much time with yourself, but having some time to really focus on your mental and emotional well-being can do miles of good.

That can come in the form of a 10 minute stretch or yoga routine, or it could be a time of meditation/prayer. This part of my morning routine usually means a meditative stretch in my backyard where I can connect to nature.

We’re so used to be plugged in, why not plug in to yourself before you plug in with the world?

3. Treat your skin

Obviously, my morning routine includes skincare. (I feel like that’s a staple of every fashion blogger’s regimen.Personally, I love my skincare time, maybe it’s because I always start it out by looking at my mirror and saying “Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.”

After your sunscreen, serum, acid, oil, whatever it is we’re doing these days to our skin, take some time to give yourself a little facial, especially if you hold tension in your jaw, like me. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe!

4. Spark joy

My morning routine: Photo of a woman painting

Those that know me, know I am a die-hard fan of Marie Kondo. I’m always saying “that doesn’t spark joy”, which apparently is an attitude that doesn’t “spark joy” in my mom. But as I’ve said, your morning will set your mood for the day, and that’s why I suggest you choose one activity that really sparks joy in you and sparks your creativity.

No matter what your career is, creativity is one of the things that most sets us apart. The perfect morning routine allows a little time for something creative.

Read a book, paint some flowers, draw a friend, write a poem, sing to Lizzo, dance to the beat of your own drum, whatever it is, make sure it never feels like a task. If it does, then switch it up and try something new. 

5. Dress up

The last thing before you get to check your phone — we’re almost there, I promise — is to pick your outfit for the day.

Lately this part of my morning routine has been as difficult as choosing between my grey sweatpants and my black sweatpants. But as we’ll soon need to start leaving our bunkers, you may find yourself once again saying “I have nothing to wear”.

You’ll actually take much less time with this step after you’ve done all of the above things because 1) you’ll be goal oriented, 2) you’ll be in tune with how you’re feeling 3) you’ll feel beautiful from the inside 4) you’ll have sparked creativity for a perfect outfit.

Don’t believe me? Try it! Trust me, you’ll have an amazing day.

What does your perfect morning routine look like?

Which part of my morning routine are you most looking forward to trying out? What are you most hesitant to try out? Let us know!

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