6 Tips on How to Live Like Sharpay Evans

In good times and bad, who doesn’t want to be fabulous?

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First of all, in troubling times, it’s important to take a break, laugh, and get your mind off of the news every now and again. So, here is an article I hope allows you to forget for a little while about what’s happening and actually enjoy your quarantine. 

Sharpay Evans was the first of the pop culture mean girls we couldn’t help but love. And what’s not to love? The clothes? The car? The dog? The ambition? The passion? The talent?

While (perhaps wrongfully) portrayed as the antagonist of the series, not only did Sharpay Evans show a huge heart throughout the iconic High School Musical saga but she also inspired girls around the world to become driven young ladies.

As a young girl, I never wanted to play Gabriella when we played pretend HSM; I wanted to be Sharpay. She knew what she wanted, and she was out to get it. (Of course, Sharpay was far from perfect and was rather unkind, and hopefully, young girls can aspire to be more like Gabriella or Taylor in that respect.)

Thankfully female characters with that much passion are no longer portrayed as bossy but rather as high-achieving women. So today, I want you to take inspo from Sharpay in all the best ways.

Now, how can you achieve your dreams like Sharpay Evans?

Well as a devout follower of her fabulous lifestyle, here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up from my rather unhealthy obsession with this movie series.

With this extra time at home, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to harness your inner Sharpay.

6 Tips on How to Live Like Sharpay Evans

Dream Bigger!

Alexa, play “I Want It All” from High School Musical 3: “Bigger is better, And better is bigger”.

Sharpay didn’t just dream of being on Broadway; she dreamed of being the biggest star in the world. If you’re going to dream, why dream small?

If you ask Sharpay, there are no limits to dreaming, and the bigger the dream, the greater the motivation.

I believe your biggest dream should never be something you can tangibly achieve with ease but something you always strive for. 

Everything pink!

I’ve got this covered. Yes, I am a twenty-year-old college woman with everything pink. Fight me.

To me, pink is the best color; other colors are just ‘not pink’ in my eyes. Sharpay’s eyes only see pink and dull. I’m with her.

There is something extremely feminine yet overwhelmingly powerful about pink that empowers us. Yes, it’s traditionally a “girly color,” — but why not reclaim, own, and embrace that?

If you really don’t like pink, challenge yourself to buy one pink thing, and I think it will surprise you. Take this extra time to tie-dye a shirt pink or paint your pencil holder pink. Just get some of that unabashed Sharpay energy into your space!

Monogram/personalize everything!

Sharpay has everything engraved with her name on it — I mean, with a name like that, I would too.

With all this time in our hands, everyone can. You can pretty much monogram everything. (Here’s our favorite list of stores for monogram everything.)

Maybe you want a cute monogram on the sleeve of your sweater, on your towels, pencil case, side of your shoes, on top of the socks, front of your backpack, and side of your bag. The opportunities are endless; not only does it make each piece authentically you but it is also convenient because you know what’s yours. 

Don’t be afraid to be the star of your own show!

Sharpay never needed anyone to tell her she was special. Not her friends, not her parents, not her teachers, not her classmates. She just knew she was.

Even when it seemed a lot of people made fun of her ambition and self-confidence, Sharpay was unapologetically herself—100% of the time.

That’s the kind of attitude you have to bring with you.

There is only one you, and you’re amazing. This is your show; run it!

Start by re-watching HSM to get Sharpay’s energy, then focus on yourself with some self-care to remind yourself that you are special.

Wear something appropriate to change history.

Granted, Sharpay’s style was definitely an evolution throughout the three HSM films, but she really nailed it in her film Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.

Regardless, she was always going for it with her fashion choices.


Well, when you have an important day in your life, you dress up, right? For weddings, graduation, birthdays, etc..… you dress up. Well, Sharpay made sure that every day was an important day, so she always had to be dressed to impress.

I am of the belief that if you dress up in what makes you feel amazing, you will be amazing, and in turn, your day will be amazing.

Even if we are all staying in today, dress up like you were going to your class and like you might run into your crush on campus, do your makeup, and strut around the house like it’s nobody’s business. Snap a couple of selfies if you feel like it. Share or don’t; they’re for you!

Be Fabulous

Last but definitely not least, the cardinal rule of being Sharpay Evans, be fabulous! Duh.

When you combine all the previous advice, it’s hard not to be fabulous when you’re dressed to make history in head-to-toe monogrammed pink, going off to chase your dreams like the star you are.

But in case you forget, when you’re lying on your bed watching your online lecture on Zoom, remember you are fabulous!

If this hasn’t gotten you in the mood to watch High School Musical again, I don’t know what will. I mean, we all have so much time now, so why not?

In times like these, I remind you to focus on what you can be grateful for and, most importantly, remember to laugh because what is life without joy? Even in her darkest times, Sharpay Evans always had hope, and so should we. 

Did we forget any of Sharpay’s advice?

What’s your favorite Sharpay-inspired life advice? What could Sharpay improve on? Let us know!

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