What Hairstyles are in Style: Hairstyle Trends for 2023

Here’s everything you need to know about hair in 2023.

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18 hottest hairstyles of 2023: what hairstyles are in style

As trends are changing faster than ever, it is challenging to keep up with what haircuts, colors, and styles are considered “in.” If you’re wondering what hairstyles are in style, this guide will show you some of the trendiest looks for your hair to try this year. It features winter looks to try as soon as this week and unique summer cuts to try out down the road.

I love to change my hair all the time. In the past year, I’ve dyed it and changed the cut around five times, which is honestly on the low end for me. I also love to experiment with different hairstyles, whether it’s copying something I have seen on Instagram or trying to learn how to braid in a new way.

Hair is something that can make or break an outfit. I hope these trending hairstyles will help make your outfits in 2023!

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Long, Swept Bangs

We all know the 2000s are back, and long, side-swept bangs are a chic version of a 2000s haircut.

You can style this look in a very clean way or make it messy to match a variety of aesthetics. This is a great haircut to try if you like having bangs but want to be able to pull them back into a ponytail. It’s also perfect if you are a fan of dressing very Y2K.


Braids are a timeless hairstyle. Right now, they are very popular, accented with ribbons as part of different aesthetics that have found popularity on TikTok.

However, braids can go beyond that. One can style them into pigtails and ponytails or make them into intricate designs with different braiding patterns. Another great way to use braids is in an athletic outfit to keep hair held back. And we can’t forget protective styles for those with curly, coarse hair.


The super fun hair accessory of our childhood has seen a massive resurgence in the last few years. Barrettes now come in more colors and textures than neutrals and brights. Stores like Hot Topic and Dolls Kill even sell barrettes with characters on them from popular media. They are also a practical hair accessory since they hold hair away from the face.

Barrettes can be used on top of other hairstyles or their own and can be a crucial accessory in an outfit.

Maximum Volume

Lana Del Rey with a Retro High-Volume Hairstyle

High-volume hair looks have been spotted on many runways and red carpets recently.

These styles are typically paired with vintage aesthetics, calling back to old paintings and styles from Europe and inspiration from bumps in the hair in mid-century America. This contrasts the type of hair volume we saw become popular last year that took its inspiration from the 1980s due to media like Stranger Things and Top Gun.

Wet Look

How To Easily Achieve The "Wet Hair" Look

The stunning wet-look hairstyle is no longer reserved for red carpets and runways since the sleek bun trend taught everyone how to use hair gel. It remains a staple of the runway and high fashion and has seeped its way into street style.

The wet look is an excellent hairstyle to wear with fancy clothes, whether it is a gown or a menswear-inspired suit. The look pairs well with other hairstyles like tightly pulled-back buns and ponytails.

Sleek Ponytail

Sleek ponytails have also found a resurgence on the runway… with a twist.

These days, the style is looser and not entirely slicked back with gel, in order to showcase hair texture and movement. We’ve also seen designers use a scarf in the hairstyle where the hair tie should be or even just tied around the head or as a headband.

This style is simple but conveys a very put-together look. My favorite way to wear a sleek ponytail is to tie a silk scarf around it and wear it alongside a loose-fit button-down paired with a solid-colored maxi or midi skirt and a pair of heeled shoes.

Bob Haircut

Taylor Swift on 'Blank Space' Video, Stunning '1989' Sales

The bob has been legendary in fashion since the roaring ’20s and is often called “sleek,” aligning with many other trends for this Winter season.

The bob has been most famously seen on Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Taylor Swift in the 1989 era. Maybe Taylor will even bring it back when she officially announces 1989 (Taylor’s Version).

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Sleek Buns

The sleek bun is here to stay. It was initially made famous thanks to Hailey Bieber and TikTok early last year, and it continues to be a staple for clean girls everywhere.

This hairstyle looks excellent with blazers and jumpsuits for a very elevated, powerful look, but also is great as a casual way to keep hair out of the face with wardrobe pieces like a ringer tee, mom jeans, and hoop earrings.

Top Knots

The top knot is my favorite type of bun because I have very thick and currently long hair. It is the only place my bun will naturally stay on my head without too much product.

We are starting to see the top knot appear as the antithesis of the sleek bun, with styling that is much messier, paired with heavier or statement makeup. Strands usually hang out, and the bun is not entirely centered on the head.

This messy hairstyle ties in well with the indie sleaze comeback that is on the rise.


Debby Ryan with a Bob-To-Long/Wolf Cut

Bob-to-long, better known as the wolf cut (or even modern-day mullet), has made its way off social media and into the world of high fashion. With the right outfits and confidence, this hairstyle is an impeccable statement, but I wouldn’t rush to make this significant change unless you’re truly ready to commit.


Half-Up-Half-Down is another one of those hairstyles that will never be unfashionable. It’s the perfect balance of practical and sophisticated — getting hair out of the face for warmer weather but not looking like you just left the gym.

This hairstyle pairs wonderfully with scrunchies, ribbons, scarves, and even just a plain hair tie. This should be a staple for your hair this summer.

Bubble Ponytail

After a brief disappearance for a season or so, the bubble ponytail is back thanks to Coquettecore and a love of reviving ‘old’ styles on TikTok, and the realization that it is such a fun way to spice up a ponytail.

All you need are clear, black, or neutral hair elastics, and you are good to go! This gets your hair out of your face and can make any outfit more playful or editorial.

Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is a practical and low-effort hairstyle for any occasion. It’s great for the gym or the beach or as an accent with a fabulous outfit. One of the best ways to dress it up is with two small front pieces pulled out (or, if you have bangs, just bangs) and tied back with a bow, ribbon, or scarf of some sort.


The 2020s are already proving to be more maximalistic than their previous decade, whose tail end is defined by minimalism, neutrals, and simple hair looks. Every hair accessory from Y2K and before seems to be coming back in a big way, from Blair Waldorf-inspired headbands to Butterfly clips just like the ones Jackie wore on That ’70s Show.

Any hairstyle can be accessorized, from throwing a claw clip on instead of doing a basic bun to putting small clips in a braid or putting a ribbon around pigtails, or just using a scrunchie instead of a basic hair tie. These can indeed be defining accessories in a broader outfit and can bring more color into a look, or help shape an aesthetic.

Butterfly Cut

DIY Hair Layers | Cut your own layers with the Butterfly Haircut | simple diy hair cut

The viral Butterfly Cut is absolutely everywhere right now. First popularized by Youtube hair influencer Brad Mondo, the butterfly cut is about face-framing layers and tons of volume. It’s become extremely popular because it can be DIYed at home according to Brad’s instructions. Videos of women trying it are undoubtedly hitting your FYP as you read this.

With so many people trying this trend, it’s guaranteed to be a hugely popular look this spring and summer.

Airy Shag

✂️ how to Cut Shag Haircut Perfectly

The airy shag is the hairstyle for the “it” girl who wants to look like she just woke up that way. It works on any hair length since it’s filled with messy layers and does not have to be a particular style of texture to look good. This hairstyle does not care where it parts, emulating beachy waves.

An airy shag is a great haircut choice, especially for those with naturally wavy hair, since it will highlight that texture and not require much maintenance.

Collarbone Grazing Lobs

Hailey Bieber with a collarbone-length lob

The collarbone-grazing lob is a long bob that stops at the collarbone and does not require bangs. It’s just long enough to pull up as needed and still has the ability to be styled in numerous ways.

If you prefer to have short hair, especially in the summer months, this is an excellent pick for you since it is so versatile and trendy.

Bottleneck Bangs

Elizabeth Olsen with Bottleneck Bangs for the 2022 MTV Movie Awards

Bottleneck bangs have become the ‘front pieces’ in every 2023 haircut. They are a full bang in the front that gets longer as it goes down and can be morphed into two front pieces hanging out. This gives a softer, but extremely chic look, and makes the grow-out process a lot easier.

If you want a dramatic change without having to deal with dramatic consequences, this is the ideal cut for you to try this summer.

What do you think of the hairstyles featured? Would you get any of these bold haircuts or try out any styles? Which ones were your favorites? Leave a comment and let us know!

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