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Shannon - Boston University

Shannon - Boston University

Hello friends! I'm Shannon, your friendly neighborhood Geek Chic columnist.    I'm currently a first year med student at New York Medical College.  I graduated from BU in 2013 with a double major in Psychology and Biology and a minor in Spanish.  

Things I love include: Disney, musical theatre, sci-fi and fantasy, costuming, karaoke, thrift shopping, baking, pole dance/fitness, getting really nostalgic over Harry Potter, and sloths.  

Fashion-wise, I'm obsessed with ankle boots, stripes, white button-downs, and blazers.  (And leopard print, if I'm feeling saucy.)  I'm pretty lazy when it comes to makeup but I love red lipstick! 

Suggestions for the column? Questions? Burning desire to discuss Trek or Buffy or LOTR or Doctor Who? Hit me up on Tumblr or Instagram