Michelle - The College of New Jersey

Hi! I'm Michelle, and I'm an English major at TCNJ (otherwise known as the College of New Jersey). I'm a pretty huge bookworm and love writing, Harry Potter, fashion blogs, Netflix, Disney, Starbucks, Broadway musicals, Zumba, attractive British actors, cupcakes, and tap dancing in my dorm room.

My personal style is all over the place (so much fashion, so little time), but I always like to throw in some unique detail and something girly. (After all, in middle school I chose to play field hockey because we got to wear hair bows. A girl's gotta stick to her roots.)

If you ever want to chat fashion (or Game of Thrones, or how cute Nick Jonas got this year), feel free to hit me up on twitter (@LesniakPark) or on my personal blog (michellelesniak.blogspot.com)!