Would You Wear... Barely Tinted Sunglasses?

Don't rock these during a poker game.
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When we ask, "would you wear barely tinted sunglasses?" Your answer is probably, "what's the point of that?" To be honest, we don't really know. But we like them. 

Barely tinted sunglasses are popping up in all of our favorite stores and on celebrities. They do block some of the dramatic effects of the sun, but they're mostly about fashion. One can see your eyes perfectly through them, which makes them different from traditional sun-protected eyewear.

The bottom line: Practical? Not really. Fashionable? Yes. Don't invest. Do buy a cheap pair if you're so inclined.


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What do you think about barely tinted sunglasses?

Have you ever worn them? If no, would you? Are they cool or not practical? Comment below and let us know! 

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