One Tree Hill Fashion – How to Dress Like Quinn James

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quinn from One Tree Hill

As requested by many of you amazing CF readers, Quinn James is the subject of the fourth (and final!) installment in the One Tree Hill fashion series.

Over the last month, we’ve discussed the styles of Brooke, Peyton and Haley, and given you tips for incorporating each of their unique styles into your own day-to-day look. Did you miss your favorite character’s week? You can find all of the posts below!

About Quinn’s Style

Quinn James is a free-spirit, a photographer and an artist at heart – and her style choices have always reflected these traits. She has the confidence and grace to make both a men’s t-shirt and a to-die-for dress look equally chic. Unlike her co-stars, she doesn’t have the commitments of motherhood like Haley or a growing fashion house like Brooke; she is able to completely express herself through fashion.

Knit Basics

Quinn’s wardrobe revolves around comfortable basics like v-neck tees, tank tops, cardigans and zip-up sweatshirts. Although she sometimes adds jewelry or a great purse, the basic tops really let her natural beauty (and amazingly toned arms) shine. As a photographer, she is always observing the world around her; she doesn’t have a desire to attract attention to herself through bold fashion choices like Brooke does.

Quinn is a great inspiration for daytime dressing – especially for class! To get her look, stock up on v-neck tees in pretty colors at Forever 21 or Old Navy and wear them with your favorite pair of jeans. For a little punch of Quinn’s creativity, add a long necklace or a great pair of boots (see ‘Finishing Touches’ below for a great pair from Forever 21) and tousle your hair in loose waves for the perfect carefree look.

Quinn from One Tree Hill - fashion basics

Product Information: Red Tank – Urban Outfitters, Tiered Tank – Old Navy, Ruffle Trim Tank – Old Navy, White V-Neck – Old Navy, Cardigan – Old Navy, Purple V-Neck – Forever 21

Distressed Denim

Quinn also loves to rock the epitome of artist wear – distressed denim. Quinn’s looks almost always include ripped jeans or denim shorts, and these pieces fit perfectly with her disposition. The extra detail also spices up her basic tops and cardigans, eliminating the need to add jewelry or tons of accessories.

For those of us who aren’t artists and photographers, ripped denim like Quinn’s may not always be appropriate. I work at a super creative advertising agency and wear jeans every day, but I still wouldn’t rock a pair of ripped skinnies to the office. Stuck in the same situation but love Quinn’s look? Destroyed jeans are great for days of shopping, coffee dates and running errands. They can be warn with flats (check out the styles below), sandals or boots. Invest in an affordable pair, like these from American Eagle, and give em a try – just not at the office!

Quinn from One Tree Hill - distressed

Product Information: All American Eagle – Jeggings, Skinnies, Flare, Cut-off Shorts, Light-Wash Shorts

Finishing Touches

Alright, alright, no one’s style can consist exclusively of ripped jeans and cotton t-shirts – where’s the fun in that? The aforementioned wardrobe staples are really easy to incorporate into just about anyone’s closet, but below are some of the more unique items that really define Quinn’s style.

Chambray tops, plaid button-ups, heavy boots – most of the pieces that Quinn wears look they could be straight out of the Urban Outfitters catalog. The other unifying aspect? All of her looks still reflect her creativity and confidence. She doesn’t go straight for super-feminine pieces (a la Brooke Davis) or Peyton’s rock-inspired tee shirts – instead, she finds the perfect middle ground. And although her daytime looks are always perfectly effortless, when it comes time to dress up, she always has a to-die-for dress.

Quinn from One Tree Hill - outfit touches

Product Information: All Forever 21 – Denim Shirt, Ankle Boots, Plaid Shirt, One-Shouldered Dress; Necklace – Old Navy

Tying it all Together

I’ll admit, I think Quinn’s style is my favorite of the four One Tree Hill girls. Her look incorporates aspects of each of her co-stars – great dresses, comfortable basics, edgy details. This meshing of different styles also perfectly reflects the college student’s closet. With classes, dates, internships and going out on the weekends, we all have different styles and go-to-looks, and her style would work for all of them.

Your thoughts?

What do you think of Quinn’s style? Do you identify with her ripped jeans and tank-tops, or do you prefer a more put-together ensemble? A ton of you requested a post on Quinn, so I hope this gave you a little bit of inspiration! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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