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After the great response on last week's post, One Tree Hill Fashion - How to Dress like Brooke Davis, I decided to continue this week with another one of the stylish women of One Tree Hill - Peyton Sawyer.

Throughout the seasons, Peyton has transformed from a brooding cheerleader to an artist to a music industry entrepreneur. And with these transformations, her style has also evolved and matured. Read on to learn more about her sense of style and how you can get it for yourself!

About Peyton's Style

Like Brooke Davis, Peyton's style is unique and perfectly complements her personality. With that said, her wardrobe is a complete 180 from Brooke's tight dresses and lady-like cardigans.

Favoring rock-and-roll graphic t-shirts, distressed jeans and tank tops, Peyton's style is the perfect combination of grunge and vintage - perfect for a trendy music industry career.

Peyton's Look: For Day

For Peyton, it's all about comfort for the daytime. During the day, it's rare that she's ever seen in anything besides jeans, and her favorite denim is often paired with a cotton tank or t-shirt for a perfectly effortless look.

In contrast to Brooke's chic ensembles, Peyton is the epitome of 'girl-next-door' and a great fashion inspiration for any girl. Her look is always casual but also includes unexpected accents, like a delicate necklace or a vintage pair of Converse.


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Peyton's Look: For Night

The musical influences in Peyton's style really shine through when she's out at a bar or a music club. Usually opting for a vintage t-shirt and skinny jeans, her looks are always trendy and fashion-forward.

Although many stores (like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters) have a ton of graphic t-shirts to chose from, sifting through bins at your local thrift store may turn up some of the best one-of-a-kind tees. Emulate Peyton's rocker style by pairing your vintage t-shirt find with a pair of black skinny jeans and long, layered necklaces.


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Peyton's Look: For Work

The great thing about Peyton's profession is that there really is no dress-code (if only we could all be so lucky). As with her day and night looks, she often relies on a great pair of jeans as the basis of her look. Paired with a button up or a detailed blouse, dark-wash denim looks both trendy and professional.

When she does forgo pants, Peyton opts for feminine slip-dresses and skirts and pairs them with structured jackets in denim or suede. The trick is to find the perfect balance between rocker-chic and girly vintage.


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Tying it All Together

Even though Peyton and Brooke's styles are almost complete opposites, they both dress to match and complement their unique personalities.

Over the years, Peyton has transitioned from a moody teenager drawing in her room to a successful manager and music-industry expert. Through it all, she has always stayed true to her creative taste and style.

What do you think of Peyton's style choices? Do you better identify with her rocker-chic look or do you like Brooke's style better? You guys had great feedback last week and we'd love to hear more from you! Be sure to leave a comment.

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