How to Style Leather Pants with Different Types of Shoes

Need help finding the best shoes to wear with your leather pants? Here’s a list of footwear that will keep you looking stylish.

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When thinking of staples to include in your fall wardrobe, leather pants are high on that list. Now, leather pants are not new on the fashion scene, but last year they shot back up in popularity and are incredibly on-trend this season.

Honestly, what’s not to love about leather pants? They can be just as versatile as jeans (and even more comfortable). You just have to learn some styling tricks, like the right footwear to pair with them.

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In today’s blog post, we will be discussing the best shoes to wear with (faux) leather pants. Though you may think boots are the only way to go, you will find you have lots of options. From ankle boots to block heels to sneakers, choices abound.

10 Best Shoes To Wear With Leather Pants

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Keep reading to find out which shoes to wear with leather pants, and get some outfit ideas too!

Best Shoes To Wear With Leather Pants

There are many footwear options to pair with leather pants. You can come up with various combinations to find a new look.

So if you need outfit inspo, here are some ideas for styling leather pants with different footwear.

1. Ankle Boots

This outfit has an edgy vibe. If that is the aesthetic you’re going for, pair your leather pants with ankle boots. You can wear any color of boots, but I recommend black to really lean into the style. This outfit features a dark wash denim jacket, black faux leather pants, and black ankle boots.

A few tips to keep in mind: First, wearing straight-leg or flare leather pants allows the pants to cover the tops of the boots. (Remember, you can also wear flat ankle boots or even lace combat boots if you don’t want to wear heeled boots.)

Also, if you want to mix it up, try picking suede boots if you want another texture. They still give off an edgy vibe, but they look less matchy with the leather pants.

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2. Pointed Toe Pumps

Who says you can’t be feminine and cute in leather pants? To add a girly touch to a leather pants outfit, pair your look with pointed-toe pumps.

Why does this work? Well, not only do heels or sandals make any outfit more girly, but pointed-toe shoes can also help elongate your legs. Try a nude or cream pair for a softer look and so they don’t compete with the outfit.

The key to this look is the brown leather pants. Remember that leather pants come in different colors, so don’t feel limited on sticking to a black pair! Creating a tonal look like this feels softer and sweeter than an all-black ensemble.

This look would be great for brunch, a lunch date, or even a Sunday dinner. Now go off and have a fashionable day!

3. Stiletto Heels

Want a perfect night-out look? Go for a monochromatic look with leather pants, and add stiletto heels. It’s simple and will look effortless too!

This outfit features an all-black look with a faux leather texture on the clothing pieces. Since leather-on-leather can be overwhelming, mix it up with a suede or corduroy jacket and a cotton tee shirt.

These leather pants feature a split hem at the ankles, so they’re perfect for showing off your footwear. Add some stiletto heels for a glamorous vibe for a night out.

4. Combat Boots

This look is a chic outfit that’d be great on a fall day when the weather is chilly, whether you are off shopping or going on a coffee run. It’s based on the combo of leather pants and simple combat boots.

To recreate this cute casual look, grab a brown knit sweater, put on your leather pants, and add some combat boots. The boots make the look lean and edgy, but the brown faux fur-lined coat adds a casual and relaxed element back to the outfit.

I recommend opting for cropped or ankle-length leather pants to show off your boots, especially if they have details like laces or buckles and if the shaft is higher. Don’t forget the accessories to keep the look casual yet chic.

5. Loafers

Loafers are also great for pairing with leather pants. Loafers give off preppy vibes, so putting them together with the pants makes the pants more formal. Plus, loafers are on-trend, so that’s a win-win.

This would be a great work-appropriate look (for a business casual setting), especially if you pair it with a solid top like this cream henley or just a solid off-white top. Again, you don’t have always to pick black. In this case, these burgundy leather pants appear sophisticated and fall-appropriate.

6. Flats

I love the idea of pairing leather pants with flats. (Ballet flats, in particular, are back this season!)

This look features a sleeveless top and brown faux leather pants paired with dressy sandals. You don’t have to do sandals, though — this would work with ballet flats, flat mules, or even comfy sneakers. Either way, this outfit will make you look stylish and would be great for a workday in warm weather!

7. Block Heels

Block heels are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and they look great with leather pants.

Take this ensemble, for example. A one-shoulder floral blouse already makes a statement so the rest of the pieces are more subtle. The black block heels add the tiniest bit of edge and cool girl vibes to the look and match well with a black leather bag.

This look is effortless and put together. It is great for a night out with friends, drinks, a rooftop lounge, or even a date night. Swipe on nude lipstick and grab your bag when you head out. Don’t forget a brown or black coat if it’s cold.

8. Animal Print Shoes

Want to make a bold statement with your footwear? Try a pair of animal print shoes with your leather pants.

A pair of statement shoes will add an edgy yet trendy vibe to your leather pants. And don’t think you just have to get a simple pair of leather pants, and you can have pants with details too! Try a pair of faux leather pants with zipper details like these. Add a mesh top or a black tee and blazer to let the animal print shoes be the star of the show.

9. Slip On Platforms

Slip-on platforms are great as they give you height and have a chunky look that works with thick leather pants. I love how they work in this ensemble!

This is a club-inspired look, but this time featuring green faux leather pants. The zebra print tube top and black platform sandals give an early-2000s-inspired look that is trendy right now. If you are looking for an outfit to go to a club or for drinks, this would be a great option! It is getting colder, so change the tube top for a long sleeve crop top, and add a coat over top.

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10. Sneakers

For our final look, we pair the leather pants with some staple footwear with these white sneakers.

You need at least one pair of white sneakers in your wardrobe. I have a pair I wear all the time that instantly makes my looks more casual. I love wearing leather pants casually, so sneakers are my go-to option. They help dress down the look and add a touch of athleisure to the outfit without having to throw on a pair of joggers or leggings.

Let’s take a look at this ensemble. It features a patterned sweater vest. Sweater vests are very trendy right now, so wearing a sweater vest on its own or with a white tee underneath has a preppy feel that’s so cute. Now, put on the faux leather pants and some white sneakers, and this is a casual outfit that’d be great for a college class, running errands, or a study date.

What Shoes Do You Wear With Leather Pants?

What footwear would you pair with leather pants? Do you like the outfits we picked? Leave a comment and let us know!

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