Faux Leather Chic: 10+ Outfits I’m Loving Right Now

Get all the outfit inspo you need for styling faux leather pants this season.

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This post will show you how to wear faux leather pants and leggings, with 10+ stylish outfit ideas to try.

How to Wear Faux Leather Pants & Leggings

Sweater weather? Try faux leather weather, instead!

Now that the fall is here, it’s time to pull out the sweaters, boots, and of course, the faux leather leggings and pants, which are absolute must-haves for any fashionista.

A stylish alternative to jeans and leggings, there’s just something about faux leather pants that will make you look cool; edgy yet elevated, this material commands attention.

If you’re looking for new ways to wear your faux leather leggings and pants this season, look no further: I’ve come up with 10 outfit ideas for everything from a night out on the town to running around campus. You’ll be surprised to see just how versatile they can be!

First, though, let’s cover a few guidelines for how to wear faux leather leggings and pants:

Tips for Wearing Faux Leather Pants & Leggings

  • When getting dressed, create a chic contrast by wearing your faux leather bottoms with clothing made from other materials like satin, cotton, wool, etc. Avoid wearing faux leather on faux leather (for example, a moto jacket with your faux leather leggings), as this can look a bit costumey.
  • Always consider outfit proportions. If you are wearing tight-fitting faux leather leggings, opt for a top with an oversized fit and/or longer length to balance them out.
  • Wear them day or night! Many of us think of faux leather pants as being nighttime attire, but as you’ll see in these outfit ideas, you can totally “dress them down” for daytime.
  • As for footwear, you can keep your faux leather bottoms casual by wearing them with sneakers, or dressing them up with heels or ankle booties. (For more on this, see our guide to What Shoes to Wear with Leather Pants.)

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to the outfit inspo. Read on for 10 stylish outfit ideas showing you how to wear faux leather leggings and pants.

10 Fashion Tips for Faux Leather Leggings and Pants

1. Casual Daytime Faux Leather Pants Outfit

Yes, faux leather pants can totally be worn casually during the daytime, especially now that there are so many more relaxed pants styles available, like faux leather cargo pants. These beige faux leather cargo pants have a loose fit and oversized pockets, making them a great option for everyday wear. Plus, cargo pants are trending this season.

Style them with some casual sneakers like these neutral-toned Nike Air Force 1 kicks and a trendy cropped sweater layered over a basic tank top. This beige extreme cropped knitted jumper is the ultimate layering piece that will instantly transform tanks, tube tops, and tees into fall and winter-ready pieces by adding sleeves (and warmth in general). Don’t forget a cute hair claw clip and your fave jewelry.

2. Faux Leather Leggings Outfit for the Weekend

This outfit is a go-to that I plan on wearing non-stop this fall, especially on weekends — it’s so cozy yet put-together!

Since faux leather leggings are tight-fitting (these have spandex, though, so they’re extra comfy), I recommend balancing them out with a top that has a looser fit, like this oversized beige rib knit turtleneck sweater. The same goes for footwear: opt for some chunky boots, like these tan Chelsea boots with a contrasting flatform sole. It’s all about balancing proportions!

Finally, a long plaid structured coat pulls the ensemble together and gives it a luxe, elevated feel.

3. Trendy Faux Leather Pants Outfit

This outfit is for fashionistas who love trying new fashion trends. Vest tops (the kind that look like a suit) are major this season, as are flared, wide leg, and low-rise pants. Embrace these trends by wearing some flared low-rise faux leather pants with a cropped vest top for drinks with friends or a night out on the town.

A pair of black thong square-toe sandals with a block heel will give you a little boost of height needed for the flares to do their thing while you walk.

Keep the accessories minimal yet statement-making: a silver chain necklace and a snake print shoulder bag, which adds a pop of print and matches the gray-green color of the vest top.

4. Sporty Faux Leather Leggings Outfit

You may not think of faux leather leggings as being “sporty,” but you can totally upgrade your athleisure looks with them! Swap out your regular black leggings for a faux leather pair that will elevate your ensemble without sacrificing comfort — because, at the end of the day, they’re still just leggings! This pair features a wide, comfortable waistband and ankle-length cut for a casual look.

A long puffer vest is a must-have for the fall, and this ecru quilted vest has a contrasting black zippered hem and drawstrings to tie into the outfit’s color palette. Wear a simple crewneck sweatshirt underneath, along with some sneakers and an athletic trucker hat for a cute, sporty touch.

This stylish yet functional outfit is perfect for running errands or spending a long day on campus — just grab your backpack, and you’ll be good to go.

5. Faux Leather Pants Outfit for Going Out

Faux leather pants are one of the best choices to wear if you’re heading out on the town with your friends, especially when temps drop, and mini skirts and dresses aren’t really an option. They have a cool, elevated look compared to jeans and always look amazing with heels and going-out tops.

While black faux leather pants are a solid choice, why not try a bold color for a fashion-forward look? These forest green faux leather straight leg pants are totally on-trend and will stand out in the crowd. Plus, they pair with everything from corset tops to bodysuits.

I love how they look with this white ribbed two-piece set featuring a tube top and bolero, plus some layered gold necklaces.

Pull the look together with some white square-toe ankle booties and a matching woven mini handbag with a trendy knotted handle detail.

6. Faux Leather Leggings Outfit for a Coffee Shop

Heading to a coffee shop to meet up with a friend? Faux leather leggings are the perfect solution for a casual yet cute outfit (that will look fab in the pics you’ll inevitably snap while you’re there).

As I mentioned, oversized tops are the way to go when wearing leggings, so this houndstooth prints sweater vest with a long, loose silhouette is ideal. You can wear it on its own or layer it over a long sleeve top or button-down shirt.

Loafers are a major trend this season, and I’m obsessed with the faux shearling lining on this lug-soled pair — not to mention how well they match the sweater vest.

Accessorize the outfit with a pair of chunky gold hoop earrings, a style staple.

7. Faux Leather Pants Outfit for Date Night

Date night definitely calls for faux leather pants. There’s something about leather pants that feels sexy, especially in the form of some high-waisted pants with a body-hugging fit. While dresses and skirts are classic choices for a date, faux leather pants give off a total cool-girl vibe and are perfect for a night out with your date.

Contrast the edgy faux leather material with a soft, feminine top, like this purple satin camisole top with a draped neckline. These leather pants also feature a split-vent hem detail that is perfect for showing off some heeled black ankle booties.

Complete the ensemble with a gold mariner chain necklace and a dressy woven clutch bag that matches the top. If it’s chilly out, wear a long structured coat or aviator jacket over top.

8. Faux Leather Leggings Outfit for the Fall

IDK about you, but as soon as fall hits, I almost exclusively wear shackets. They are one of my favorite clothing creations ever — whoever thought of combining a shirt and a jacket to create the ultimate lightweight outerwear piece is a mastermind in my book. And, of course, they have to be plaid because wearing plaid during the fall is a must!

I’m especially a fan of long shackets, which happen to look great with faux leggings, thanks to their oversized fit. This plaid shacket features a black, off-white, and green color palette that looks ultra chic.

A pair of chunky black combat boots add to the edgy vibe of the outfit, while some retro-inspired aviator sunglasses with tinted lenses keep it trendy. Add a cream-colored rib knit beanie if there’s a chill in the air.

9. Faux Leather Pants Outfit for the Winter

Dressing for the wintertime can feel tedious at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Wearing a pair of black leather pants (these have a high rise and relaxed fit) is a great way to add interest to your look, even when you’re all bundled up.

Keep warm in a short puffer jacket and a cute beanie hat. This embroidered beanie hat ties together the colors featured in this outfit for a cohesive look.

Complete the ensemble with winter boots or some Chuck Taylor All-Star Run Star Hike high-top platform sneakers that have serrated soles, making them a sturdy option for winter weather.

10. Faux Leather Pants Outfit for the Office

Faux leather pants at the office? Yes, it is possible!

Of course, this outfit is totally dependent on the dress code at your internship or workplace, along with the office culture. But if you do work or intern somewhere that has a fairly laid-back and modern atmosphere, you can make your leather pants pants office-appropriate by styling them with classic pieces.

Firstly, opt for faux leather pants with a straight leg silhouette as opposed to tight-fitting ones. Loosely tuck in a classic white button-down shirt — this blouse’s fabric has a slight sheen which gives it an extra-stylish touch. Wear a plaid blazer over top with an oversized fit like this gray, black, and white plaid double-breasted blazer.

Ballet flats happen to be a big trend this season and are great footwear for the office. Finally, don’t overdo it on the accessories: keep it simple with some chic pearl stud earrings (these have a cluster design for a fresh look) and some practical blue-light glasses.

6 More Faux Leather Leggings & Pants Outfit Ideas:

Want more options? Here are some of the cutest leather pants and pants of the season, styled to perfection. Take notes!

1. Faux Leather Leggings with a Classic Coat

Give your classic clothing items a modern upgrade by wearing them with faux leather leggings.

A long beige coat, white button-down shirt, and oversized black sweater are all timeless pieces that look instantly cool and youthful when paired with faux leather.

2. Faux Leather Pants with a Band Tee

Lean into the edgy vibe of faux leather by wearing your leather pants with a band tee. The graphic print and casual cut of a tee make the pants feel laid-back, especially if they are an eye-catching color like burgundy.

3. Faux Leather Joggers with Sneakers

Like sweatpants but elevated, how cool are these vegan leather joggers? Wear them with a sweatshirt and sneakers for a stylishly sporty look. Their elasticated waistband and roomy fit add to their comfy appeal (but they can be dressed up too, with heels and a crop top).

4. Faux Leather Pants with a Tank Top

Sometimes, simplicity reigns supreme. When you’re out of outfit ideas, you can’t go wrong with a basic white tank top to wear with your faux leather pants. The key here is accessorizing: layer plenty of metal necklaces, wear some fun retro sunglasses, and a cute shoulder bag to bring the outfit together.

5. Faux Leather Pants with a Cut-Out Top

I’m loving the color combination of black and brown this season — it looks so chic! Whether a chocolate brown or a lighter cognac hue, brown tones look striking when paired with black.

Make a statement with a black cut-out top or sweater worn with your brown faux leather pants. This outfit is perfect to go out in; just add heels or ankle booties.

6. Faux Leather Pants with a Bodysuit

This outfit, featuring dark brown vegan leather straight leg pants, a knit bodysuit, a long coat, and sneakers, couldn’t be any cuter for the fall and wintertime! Bodysuits compliment faux leather pants nicely thanks to their tucked-in look and flattering fit, and this pairing can be worn day or night.

What do you think of our faux leather leggings and pants outfit guide?

Would you wear faux leather leggings or pants? Which outfit idea is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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