10 Shoes You Can Wear with a Red Dress

Looking for something to wear with a red dress? Add these shoes to your wardrobe!

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Wearing a red dress is a surefire way to turn heads and make a statement, but many of us overlook the importance of selecting the right shoes to complement our outfits.

Apart from wanting your dress to look stunning, you’ll also want to find shoes that match perfectly with it.

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The beauty of donning a red dress is that you have plenty of shoe options to choose from. Often, people tend to stick with nude shades or red shoes to match their red dress, but there are so many other ways to make your dress stand out even more with the right shoes.

For instance, do not be afraid to experiment with other fun colors that complement red, such as light pink or green. If you want your outfit to sparkle, consider adding metallic shades or sparkly shoes.

Shopping for shoes can be daunting, especially for dresses. Finding the perfect pair of heels for a red dress can be even more challenging because of the dress’s boldness.

But don’t worry! This post will offer you ten fantastic shoe options to pair with your next red dress look.

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What Color Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress: 10 Stunning Options

1. Rhinestone Shoes

The Steve Madden Carrson Shoes in Crystal are among my favorite shoes to pair with almost any dress, especially for special occasions. The rhinestones on these shoes will add just the right amount of extra sparkle to your look. And they obviously match every color, including red.

So, the next time you have a special event or would like to wear your red dress for a special occasion, I recommend pairing your dress with these gorgeous sparkly heels!

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2. Red Shoes

My other favorite shoes to wear with red dresses are red heels with some sparkly detailing like these Lullie Red Satin Rhinestone Ankle Strap Pointed-Toe Pumps.

These pumps come in a gorgeous red satin fabric with a beautiful rhinestone bow in the front and rhinestone detailing on the ankles of the shoes.

These shoes also come in a pointed style that adds something trendy to your look! They would also be a great choice to dress up a little black dress.

3. Nude Shoes

A great go-to option and one of my personal favorite types of shoes for any colorful dress are nude heels like these Alta Light Nude Suede Lace-Up Heels.

Nude heels make your life so much easier because they will go with almost any outfit or look. This means they will also work perfectly for your next red dress look!

4. Black Shoes

Another gorgeous option for those of us looking for something a bit sparkly to pair with our red dress is the Mix No. 6 Mesha Sandal.

These heels come in black with beautiful rhinestone detailing around the shoe’s straps. We all love basic black heels, but I love that these add something more fun to any look thanks to the rhinestones.

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5. Gold Metallic Shoes

Another excellent option for those of us who are looking for something a bit different to pair with our red dress is these Alaina Sandals!

These sandals come in a beautiful gold metallic color with a chunkier heel. They also are more of a strappy sandal to give you a bit of a more trendy shoe.

This type of shoe is great for those of us who are looking for something that will make our entire look stand out!

So, if you want your dress and your shoes to be the star of the show on your next special occasion, I recommend purchasing these Alaina Sandals to pair with your gorgeous red dress.

6. White Shoes

White heels are another classic shoe you may want to try with your red dress.

For example, these Billini Virden Heels in white will look gorgeous when paired with any dress or outfit!

What I love about these heels is that they are also a bit strappier to give you a trendy heel look, but also, they are lace-up heels, which makes them look even more fun. They also come with a chunkier heel if that is the type of shoe you find most comfortable.

7. Light Pink Shoes

Some of us may not have thought of this option, but you can also wear colorful shoes with red dresses!

For example, these Affection Pink heels by Steve Madden that come in a gorgeous light pink shade will be perfect for those looking for gorgeous pink shoes to pair with a red dress.

This is one of my absolute favorite shoes to pair with red dresses because I think that pink, especially light pink, and red look stunning together!

So, if you are interested in trying out this type of shoe with your red dress, I recommend wearing these chunky light pink heels for your next special occasion where you will be wearing your red dress.

These heels will give you a trendy chunky heel look and look adorable when paired with the gorgeous red dress you plan on wearing!

8. Silver Metallic Shoes

If you loved pairing gold metallic heels with your red dress, you might also love these Confetti Heeled Sandals. Instead of gold metallic, these shoes come in a silver metallic shade with rhinestone detailing on the front.

These shoes will make your red dress outfit stand out and work perfectly for those who may prefer silver over gold.

And on top of the silver metallic shade, you will get some added sparkle with the rhinestone detailing on the front. So, if you want to try metallic shoes with your look, I recommend purchasing these Confetti Heeled Sandals!

9. Brown Shoes

Another great option for dresses that will especially look great when paired with a red dress are these Lafayette Heeled Sandals!

Brown is a color that may be a bit overlooked when it comes to shoes, but especially now, brown shoes have become more popular and trendy.

So, why not try these shoes with the new red dress you plan on wearing? With these Lafayette Heeled Sandals, you will not only be getting a fashionable brown heel that will go perfectly with your red dress, but also you will be getting a shoe with a trendy wide heel and a super cute bow that will be tied around the ankle to fasten the shoe.

10. Green Shoes

If you want to be out there with the shoes that you wear with your red dress, I recommend trying the Kia Block Heel Sandal in green!

Many people might not think about wearing other bold colors with a red dress, but you still can. For example, these green heels will be perfect for those looking for a bold color to add to our red dress look!

Green also complements red very well, so these shoes will look gorgeous when paired with your red dress.

So, the next time you have a special event and want to find a bold pair of shoes with your red dress outfit, I recommend going with these green heels to add something extra to your look!

What color shoes do you wear with a red dress?

What shoes will you be wearing with your red dress? What shoes do you think look best with red dresses?

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