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Inspired by... Almost Famous

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous is a movie about people following rock bands in the 70's, and everything that happens along the way. Kate Hudson's character, Penny Lane plays a groupie, or "Band-Aid", that not only has and awesome personality and taste for fun, but also an amazing and fearless taste in fashion!

Kate Hudson's wardrobe is full of looks straight out of the 70's. Her look is rocker chick meets hippie, with a touch of straight up glamour... and of course, worn with confidence.

Although Kate Hudson's character manages to flawlessly pull off many over-the-top 70's looks, I've paired together four slightly toned-down outfits inspired by her look that are completely appropriate to wear today!

The Outfits

Outfit 1

This lookis very simple and wearable yet still screams 70's hippie chic. The tunic would be effortless to throw on over tights or leggings, or worn alone if you live in a warm climate. Gladiator sandals are very right-now (again perfect for warmer climates), while a fringe bag combines 70's throwback with 2009 style.

Outfit inspired by Penny Lane from Almost Famous

Trapeze tunic:, Yvonne shoulder bag:, Nine West Ruffian sandals: Zappos

Outfit 2

How fabulous is this dress? In this look, again, rich earth tones channel the 1970's, while details bring these pieces to 2009. High-heeled leather boots are very Penny Lane, while the boho-fabulous cocktail ring could be a great conversation piece.

Kate Hudson in Almost Famous fashion

Elina chiffon dress:, Hammered carnelian ring:, Arns boot:

Outfit 3

A mix of different colors and textures gives this look an effortless, bohemian vibe. A loose tunic dress works perfectly over comfy leggings. The cowboy-esque ankle boots are a fun accent, while a braided headband is oh so 1970's yet still right-now trendy. I finished this look off with a green cocktail ring, which again gives off a boho vibe and would be a great conversation starter.

Fashion inspired by Kate Hudson aka Penny Lane in Almost Famous

Elastic waist pocket dress:, Leggings:, Head wrap:, Megan rhinestone ring:, Hoppins ankle boot:

Outfit 4

This final look is very simple but still has that effortless, "just threw it together" feeling. I paired a pretty long-sleeved green dress with a trendy fur vest and slouchy suede boots. Just add tights or leggings, and this would be a great day look you could wear right now!

Penny Lane from Almost Famous outfit

Empire present dress:, Faux fur zip vest:, Report Makee boot:

Think you can rock it?

So... what do you think? Are you inspired by Penny Lane's style from Almost Famous? Would you wear these outfits to recreate Penny Lane's look? Leave a comment and let us know!

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