How to Dress Like Penny Lane from Almost Famous

With outfits inspired by her ’70s rocker chick meets hippie style.

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How to Dress Like Penny Lane from Almost Famous

Almost Famous is a movie about people following rock bands in the 1970s, and everything that happens along the way. Kate Hudson’s character, Penny Lane plays a groupie, or “Band-Aid”, that not only has an awesome personality and taste for fun, but also an amazing and fearless taste in fashion! Here’s how to dress with style with penny lane outfits!

Know More About Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a character from Cameron Crowe’s 2000 movie Almost Famous. She is an aspiring rock star and groupie of the fictional band Stillwater whose life story serves as the crux of the film. Penny Lane is portrayed by Kate Hudson in her breakout performance, for which she won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Academy Award. 

She is a free spirit who loves being around rock bands, and she has the charisma and energy that almost all the characters in the film are drawn to. She befriends William Miller (played by Patrick Fugit) while he follows Stillwater on tour as a journalist for Rolling Stone magazine. 

Her friendship with William helps him come of age, as he learns to accept Penny Lane’s lifestyle and appreciate the moments of true beauty that come along with it. Penny Lane is a fascinating character, and her story remains an iconic part of the movie.

Penny Lane’s wardrobe is full of looks straight out of the ’70s. Her look is rocker chick meets hippie, with a touch of straight-up glamour… and of course, worn with confidence.

Although Kate Hudson’s character manages to flawlessly pull off many over-the-top 70’s looks, we’ve paired together four slightly toned-down outfits inspired by her look that are completely appropriate to wear today.

Outfits Inspired by Penny Lane

Outfit #1

Penny Lane Almost famous star - 70s hippie chic inspired by Penny Lane


This look is very simple and wearable yet still screams ’70s hippie chic. The tunic would be effortless to throw on over tights or leggings or wear alone if you live in a hotter climate. 

Over-the-knee boots are ideal for fall weather, but definitely feel free to swap them out for strappy sandals if the weather is still warm. A fringe bag combines ’70s throwback with today’s style, while layered necklaces are an eclectic touch.

Outfit #2

Penny Lane Almost famous star  - boho chich style like Penny Lane


How fabulous is this boho-chic dress? Its print and color scheme channel the 1970s, but the silhouette is still very modern. Throw on a faux fur vest, which is reminiscent of Penny Lane’s signature coat, as well as some suede-like booties. Complete the look with statement-making gold earrings.

Outfit #3

Penny Lane Almost famous star  - effortless bohemian vibe style


A mix of eye-catching textures gives this look an effortless, bohemian vibe. Start with a true ’70s favorite: the embroidered peasant blouse. Paired with a luxe faux suede mini-skirt, it makes for a bohemian-inspired outfit that’s still right-now trendy. 

Also, we love the vintage look of these woven mules; they’re such a fun accent piece in this outfit and pretty comfy to boot. Complete the look with a bunch of mix-and-match rings, which again give off that boho vibe we’re going for.

Outfit 4

kate hudson as Penny Lane Almost famous star - threw together look


This final look has that effortless, “just threw it together” feeling, elevated by a few standout pieces. Start with a white blouse that has crochet details, as well as high-waisted jeans. This denim has a slightly flared leg, but you could also opt for skinny jeans if that’s more your style.

Keep it casual yet chic with velvet pointed-toe flats, then grab a pair of round sunglasses. We were again inspired by Penny Lane’s iconic coat, so finish this outfit with an olive green belted duster coat in a luxe satin fabric. This whole outfit has a cool ’70s vibe, yet works for right now.

Think You Can Rock It?

So… what do you think? Are you inspired by Penny Lane’s style from Almost Famous? Would you wear these outfits to recreate Penny Lane’s look? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. I don’t think the 70’s is really my thing. That said, I have had a sudden urge to purchase and wear a fringe vest lately- crazy!

  2. I love those scrunchy brown boots! They sort of remind me of a pair I just bought and am in love with:

  3. Oh my…that trapeze tunic is beautiful. I think such dramatic pieces that look exactly like that of Kate Hudson are hard to come by…but shopping in mom’s (70’s) closet is always an option!

  4. I’m a huge fan of Penny Lanes style, and I was really looking forward to this article – but I’m a bit disappointed. I was hoping for things more like her legendary fur coat, and all those crop tops, and generally a bit more out-there. This is very toned down.


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