How to Transition Combat Boots from Summer to Fall

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Combat boots were definitely my most worn boot last year and I have a sneaking suspicion they will be this year, too. Why, you ask? Well, these babies are oh-so versatile and can match almost any style. Likewise, they’re great for transitioning from summer into pumpkin season!

To prove my point, I’ve put together two outfits incorporating my trusty combat boots. One is perfect for early fall, while the other is ideal for colder weather. Scroll down to check them both out:

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1. Fall Flowers

Combat boots, floral dress, denim jacket

This outfit is great for those warmer, almost-fall days. I paired a summer dress with a denim jacket, although, if you have one, I think a denim vest would look pretty snazzy, too. I opted to leave my legs bare, but knee-high socks or tights would also be a stylish addition if it’s chillier where you are.

As for the dress, who says floral is only for spring and summer? Like with most patterns, if the floral has a dark base – in this case, black – it’s definitely appropriate for sipping pumpkin spice lattes and crunching on leaves on your way to class.

2. Sweater Weather

How to wear combat boots in cold weather

For colder days, there is nothing cozier than the oversized sweater and a chunky infinity scarf. Of course, you also can’t go wrong with green utility jacket. On my legs, I went with some thick leggings, because as everyone knows, wearing pants every single day is hard. To not fall into the “leggings as pants” epidemic, just be sure your sweater covers what Miley Cyrus’s outfit did not cover at the VMAs.

On occasion, a fun beanie with an animal (or a sassy phrase if you’re feeling Cara Delevingne-inspired) can be a happy touch. Beanies keep the hair out of your face when walking to class on windy days, although I do recommend taking them off inside so people don’t refer to you as the “Girl With the Penguin Hat”.

Shameless plug time: to see an additional outfit featuring combat boots paired with jeggings, check out my Study Abroad post!

Tell me what you think!

What did you think of these outfits? Do you own combat boots? What do yours look like? Do you fold them over? What are you most excited about for fall? For me, I prefer my combat boots unfolded and I’m most looking forward to eating pumpkin pancakes at my school’s dining hall!

4 thoughts on “How to Transition Combat Boots from Summer to Fall”

  1. I totally love this!! I was wondering though… do you have any thoughts on what I can do with all my high-low dresses and skirts as the temperatures drop? I loved them all summer but I live in the North East… should I be boxing them away?

  2. Jacyln–I love penguins too! This was a gift so unfortunately I’m not sure.

    Diana & Gabriela –I’m glad you like my boots! They’re from Madden Girl and are super comfy and durable. The only thing I don’t like is that the zipper doesn’t go all the way down to the sole, so getting them on and off can be difficult. I would recommend getting a pair where the zipper goes down all the way, and the laces go through holes instead of pegs. I’ve seen some cream colored ones out and about that look awesome!

    Rose–thank you so much! I love utility jackets too 🙂

    Niamh–hmm, I have that same problem with jeans but not leggings! Can you fold your longer socks down once (so they don’t peek out but still hold the leggings down)?

    Rachel–those are great boots!


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