The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Boots in Summer (+10 Outfit Ideas!)

Boots are making an appearance this summer and we are here for it!

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Summer boots guide: How to wear boots in summer, the fashion girl way

In this article, I’m going to show you how to wear boots in summer, the fashion girl way.

I already know what you’re thinking: “It’s way too hot to wear boots in the summer!”

Don’t get me wrong; flip-flops definitely come in handy for beach days. But rocking summer fits with a pair of boots can shake up your style and give you an extra pop of confidence — plus some fashion girl points.

And, okay — heavy, furry boots might be a little too warm for this season, but there are still tons of boots in every color and shape that are perfect for summer.

Whether you’re going out to a nice restaurant or looking to add some grunge to your outfit, this fashion hack will forever change how you view your wardrobe. 

Sandals and flip-flops make way for boots this summer!

1. Platform Boots

Platform boots outfit with Doc Martens boots, oversized t-shirt dress, layered bracelets, mini backpack


Make any summer outfit stand out with a pair of bold platform boots. (You know we love our Docs here at CF!)

Perfect for casual days with a t-shirt dress and some cute accessories, these boots will bring any outfit to life. 

Not only do you get to be a few inches taller for the day, but you also add some grunge to a casual fit. 

You can incorporate these bad boys into your daily life. Rock these bold yet casual boots to a get-together with friends or even to the supermarket. Then wear them all the way into fall and winter — they’re so versatile!

2. Cowgirl Boots

How to wear western ankle boots in the summer: Outfit with cutoff shorts, orange crop top, western belt, fringe bag


Whether you’re from the western countryside or not, cowgirl boots are so fun and stylish to wear any time of year, especially in the summer. They have a fun, relaxed feel that looks great with any style.

Make the Western look into everyday wear by pairing the boots with denim shorts and a tank — you’ll be ready to rodeo in no time.

Channel some Western vibes this summer by kicking back in some cowgirl boots.

3. Ankle Booties

How to wear ankle booties in summer: Black ankle boots, ripped jeans, New York crop top, scarf, reusable tote bag


Simple booties are so versatile and can be worn with nearly any outfit, whether casual or dressed up.

Adding these cute boots to some boyfriend jeans and a fitting tee is best for days when you’re running errands or running around the city.

Trade your sandals for these chic booties that will provide the support you need for summer days spent trekking around.

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4. Hiking Boots

How to wear hiking boots in summer with blue leggings, gray crop tank, black hat, backpack


This summer, with most public events on pause, there’s no better way to spend your time than hiking.

Hiking boots paired with athletic leggings and a cute tank are the perfect summer drip for getting into some outdoor exercise on any terrain. You’ll definitely want to make sure you pack the right shoes for this kind of activity.

Get a pair of hiking boots and fuel your call to adventure. Go on a road trip to a canyon or mountain or even check out the local trails — you can do it all in these functional (and cute) boots.

5. Combat Boots

How to wear lace up ankle booties in summer: Outfit with maroon fabric overalls, chain strap purse, white tube top, gold earrings


These low heel lace-up combat boots are so accessible and moldable to any aesthetic and season.

Classic combat boots are sleek, practical, and stylish — a must for every college girl’s closet. Add these boots to a romper, dress, or cute shorts for a cool girl feel.

Accent the boots with a matching bag for a signature summer look.

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6. Knee High Boots

How to wear knee high suede boots in the summer with mini denim skirt, satchel bag, sunglasses, and zip front cami top


If your style veers toward the girly side, these boots are for you.

These must-have knee-high boots are a fall favorite. But I love them paired with a denim skirt, frilly top, and satchel purse — it’s the perfect summer look for when you need to dress a little more formally.

Take these boots on an evening date or late brunch with friends for a stunning, chic ensemble. Make sure to add some accessories to tie the look together.

7. Chelsea Boots

How to style Chelsea boots in the summer months: Outfit with t-shirt and shorts, striped socks, beige chelsea boots, and bucket hat


Depending on where you live, summer days can mean rainy days.

If the weather is looking overcast, grab these waterproof Chelsea boots before you run out.

Trying to decide what to wear when it’s raining can be tricky because you don’t want to have any of your pieces ruined in the rain. Pair these boots with a bucket hat and t-shirt for the cutest rain-proof outfit.

These boots will keep your feet dry and give you the chance to show off your favorite patterned socks (we love stripes).

8. Pointed Toe Boots

How to wear pointed toe ankle boots in summer: Outfit with ripped black shorts, black belt, cami top, beige crossbody


Perfect for when you want to make your casual look a little more dressed up, pointed-toe booties are one of our top choices when we’re rocking boots in summer.

These fashionable shoes fit so well with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and a matching shirt. These boots also come in a variety of unique patterns.

Wear these comfortable and chic pointed-toe booties for any evening occasion or formal event.

9. Simple Ankle Boots


We know that the summer can get busy with job and internship opportunities.

These ankle booties are wonderful for dressing professionally and killing it at your dream job.

Paired with camel-colored pants, a white blouse, and a turquoise crossbody, these shoes complete the working summer look. Swap them for your pumps on casual Fridays for an extra comfy look.

Make your summer grind a fashion statement with these ankle-cut booties.

10. Open-Toe


With these shoes, you achieve a flawless balance between boots and sandals.

Flowy maxi skirts and wicker purses are so hot this summer. Tune into this trend and pair some open-toed booties to add a little heel to the look.

These open-toed booties are the perfect casual heel for summer.

What do you think about wearing boots in summer?

As you can see, there are so many ways to implement boots into your summer ensembles.

Boots are so useful in the summer, whether you’re keeping your feet warm from the rain, going on a hike, or adding a grunge factor to your everyday fits.

This fashion hack will make your outfits stand out and give your boots some time to shine in the summer season.

Tell us which outfit is your favorite and which boots you’ll wear next in the comments below!

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