Fashion Inspiration: How to Find Your Celebrity Fashion Muse

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How to find your celebrity fashion muse

Today I want to talk about fashion inspiration. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new outfits, and I often get asked about how you’re supposed keep up with it all. In an industry where everything changes every other day, how do you stay inspired without buying a whole new wardrobe weekly?

There’s a lot of creativity involved in fashion – even if it’s just in choosing how you wear the few basic pieces you have. Just like artists and writers look for inspiration to keep their creativity flowing, fashionistas need inspiration too!

There are many ways to find fashion inspiration (which I’ll be talking more about later), but one easy way is to have a celebrity fashion muse.

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A celebrity fashion muse is someone you look to for fashion inspiration. You can check out what this celebrity wears, take notes on how they wear different items, what colors look good on them, etc. It’s a way to keep your style current, while you learn about fashion.

Taking fashion notes from a celebrity is also a good way to get a feel for how your body type may look in different types of clothing. Want to try a pair of high-waisted pants, but aren’t sure if they’ll look right? Let your celebrity fashion muse do it first, and observe their results before you buy a pair yourself.

Why celebrities? These days, they have really amazing stylists, and are basically walking fashion editorials going to Starbucks. And because these famous people pay a professional to dress them, and have access to all the latest designer clothes, observing them is a great way to find out about the newest trends & pieces before they hit stores.

How To Pick A Celebrity Fashion Muse

So how do you go about choosing a celeb to be your fashion inspiration of the moment? Here are some points to consider when you go about finding the perfect one.

  • Look for someone who looks like you. In terms of hair color, height, etc., look for someone that you think you resemble. Don’t expect to find a perfect clone of yourself in Hollywood, but find someone that you identify with.
  • Find a celeb with a similar body type. This isn’t a must, but really helps when it comes to figuring out what types of clothes will look best on you.
  • Look for a similar sense of personal style. Another bonus. If you can find a celeb who’s personal style resembles your own, that’s another great way to get inspiration and exposure to new pieces that you may like.

Here are some example celebrity fashion muses to get you started. These are just some examples of celebrities with large followings – if you hate them all, feel free to find your own!

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is really popular with college girls. Her style is very cute and mainstream. She sticks to a lot of basics, but always looks clean and put-together. Since she’s started her own fashion line, Lauren’s style has become a bit more experimental, and lately she’s been rocking lame’ leggings and ultra-high heels everywhere. You can bet that she’ll always be wearing the latest trends.

Jennifer Hudson

J-Hud is naturally gorgeous, dresses her body type so well, and obviously has a great eye for fashion. Did you see her in the SATC movie? Fabulous. Jennifer Hudson is a great example of a woman who makes fashion work for her – she’s not a slave to trends that won’t work on her body, and always dresses her curvy figure right.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Parker is a great choice for a fashion muse if you’re petite, tan, and have a classy but sexy sense of style. Eva is always wearing cute dresses, tall high heels, designer sunglasses, and carrying an expensive bag. While you may not be able to buy her 300-dollar Gucci sunglasses, you can check out her style for ideas and buy a similar pair!


High-fashion and experimental, M.I.A.’s sense of personal style can only be described as eclectic. I love her look and give props to anyone who can pull her style off in real life. If you pick her as a fashion inspiration, expect her to always keep you guessing – who knows what this girl will be wearing tomorrow?

Jessica Simpson

Spunky & trendy with a hint of cowgirl: that’s Jessica Simpson’s style. Jess loves flared jeans with cowboy boots, high heels (she’s only 5’2″), and loves trendy pieces as well. If you are always wearing your denim and describe your style as casual but sexy, Jessica might be your perfect fashion icon.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s style is very trendy but also classic at the same time. You can always catch her wearing a designer label, and probably carrying a Birkin bag! Some of her outfits are a little questionable, and can lean toward tacky, but you have to hand it to her for always being willing to take a fashion risk!

Rachel Bilson

Rachel has such a cute style and always seems to look great and effortless. She’s also a bit of a style chameleon – dressing boho fabulous one day and effortlessly glamorous the next. Of course, most effortless looks in real life take many hours to put together… Either way, Rachel is an adorable choice for a fashion muse.

Nicole Richie

Boho chic with a high-fashion twist: that’s Ms. Richie in a nutshell. Nicole is usually wearing the latest runway trends, but she mixes them with vintage pieces to create a whole new look. I personally love Nicole’s style and count her as one of my biggest fashion inspirations.

Kate Moss

What fashion icon list would be complete without the ultimate style queen? If Kate wears it, you can bet that you’ll see it everywhere next week. I think that Kate Moss is probably even a style icon to the rich and famous! Nobody puts outfits together the way she does – her looks are always unique and fabulous.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

MK & A are also classic fashion muses for our generation. Fashionistas have been idolizing these tiny ladies for years now, and I’m sure that won’t change any time soon. It seems kind of cliche’ to talk about the Olsen’s fashion icon status, but if you love their style, they might be the perfect choice for you.

One Reminder:

A quick note of caution on this: When you look for inspiration in celebrity outfits, always add your own individual twist to their look. It’s no fun to copy someone’s outfit piece for piece: it’s like fashion plagiarism! Let celebrity outfits and styles inspire you, but don’t rip the picture out of the magazine and buy every single piece. Have the confidence to wear your own version of their look, and change it to suit you.

What do you think?

Now that you know all about celebrity fashion inspiration, I want to know: who is your celebrity fashion muse? Are there any famous girls whose styles inspire you? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment! Also, tell me if you think there’s anyone I forgot here.

Check back again soon for more sources of fashion inspiration – I’m going to be talking more about this in the weeks to come.

90 thoughts on “Fashion Inspiration: How to Find Your Celebrity Fashion Muse”

  1. my fashion muse or inspiration has to be the amazing beyonce. my body is very curvy, im a slightly dark eventhough im asian and my race is malay, i dont have any european look or figure. but im blessed with my body and looks. some people said im hot, i think its the bootyliious and the big hair i got. some said i look very diva and elegant in every outfit i wore. so anyway, beyonce is a great woman and i love her fashion line, house of dereon. unfortunately, its not sold yet here in my country, and im a muslim, i cant wear something so exposal, so i kinda need your help to find me a proper outfit but resembles beyonce. she wore jeans and long shirt, right?

  2. mine are anne hathaway, emmy rossum (the girl from phantom of the opera), rachel bilson, and jessica alba. yes, i am brunette lol.

  3. None of them, I look in magazines and look at celebrities and the trouble they are getting into or they are having a nervous breakdown and they don’t inspire me and magzines, the shops they promote do not go up to my sizes so whats the point. The only inspration I get from magazines now a days is for make up and hair looks but I find inspriation comes from myself.

  4. Great article. My celebrity Fashion Muse is Fefe Dobson.She shares the same style as me and me and her are also kind of look alike.No none of those girls actually inspire me

  5. I like Nicole Richie, Selena Van Der Woodsen, MK and A Olsen and Taylor Momsen. The problem for me is i can’t find a celebrity that looks like me. I’m average height, curvy, pale skin and red hair.

  6. Emma Watson is my favorite. Her look, her body, and her style are all very similar to mine. I love both her casual and elegant combinations. I’d wear every piece she would buy.

  7. jessica alba. her style is effortless and comfortable, but chic. she’ll throw on a scarf or a hat and look so pulled together. plus, we have similar body types and coloring.

  8. Wow i love this article. Let’s see. My fashion muses are leighton meester (as herself not as blair), selena gomez, kristen stewart, amanda seyfield (we have a very similar body type), kristen dunst (people say i look like her), sienna miller, jessica stam, taylor momson (although she sometimes goes over the top), cory kennedy, emma watson, and rachel bilson. I’m tall and blond with an slightly curvy body type so i always check out blake lively, kate winslet, and america ferrera also. those three alway seem to dress for their body and feel comfortable in what they are wearing. i really get inspiration from everywhere though and i am always on the look out.

  9. Lindsay Lohan
    Mary-Kate Olsen
    Nicole Richie (she’s too thin though!)
    Katie Holmes

    But I’m looking for someone like me; someone petite, dark hair/blue eyes, fair skinned… and not too girly. Suggestions?


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