College Dorm Room Shopping Part 4: Decorations

Our dorm room shopping guide concludes with cute and stylish dorm room decorations for girls on a budget.
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Orange Dorm Room

As the fourth and final part in CF's College Dorm Room Shopping series, the focus is on dorm room decorations. This, of course, is the most fun part of shopping for your room at college, and your opportunity to show off your personality.

As far as dorm room accessories go, so long as you are allowed to bring it (check with your school if you aren't sure), practically anything goes!

One of the rules I mentioned in my post on dorm room bedding applies to decorations too - you have the whole rest of your life to go with "practical" furnishings. College is your time to go all out, where it's socially acceptable to have a completely crazy room if that's what you want. Have fun with it!

Cute & Affordable Dorm Decorations

Check out some of my picks for cute dorm room decorations on a budget. Click through the gallery below to see them all:

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Here at CF, we've written hundreds of posts on how to decorate your dorm, including many DIY projects you can do for pennies. 

Visit our dorm room section to see them all, or visit some of our favorites below: 

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