College Dorm Room Shopping Part 2: Furnishings

Our dorm room shopping guide continues with dorm room furnishings. Includes tips for buying dorm furniture and cute and affordable furnishings we love.
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Empty Dorm Room

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This is part two of College Fashion's "College Dorm Room Shopping" series. For the first part of the series, I focused on Dorm Room Bedding. Today I'm going to focus on Dorm Room Furnishings.

Furnishing a dorm room is easy because most of what you need will come with your room (desk, closet, bed, dresser.) It is also tricky at the same time because you are working with a very small space. 

Here are my top tips for shopping for dorm room furnishings.

  1. Talk to your roommate. You will save yourself a lot of time and money if you talk to your roommate about who's bringing what for your room. You don't want to get to school on move in day with two of everything - there won't be enough room for it all.
  2. Check your college's website. They should list what is going to come with your room, as well as any items that are off-limits, so you will have a good picture of what's missing and what you need to buy.
  3. Invest in storage bins. You won't realize how much stuff you have until you try and pack it up. Buy some good quality plastic storage bins and moving will be easier - plus, you'll have a place to put everything.
  4. Don't get heavy furniture.Trust me on this one. The lighter the better is the rule for furniture in college. Don't bring a huge armoir that takes 3 people to lift. It's much more of a hassle than you're going to want to deal with.
  5. Get lamps. Dorm rooms usually come equipped with one big fluorescent light that is supposed to provide lighting for the entire room. First of all, its usually not bright enough. Also, when your roommate wants to sleep but you have a paper to write, you'll be happy to have a small desk lamp on your side of the room.
  6. Buy a rug. Dorm room floors are normally cold and linoleum. They aren't cozy or homey, so I recommend investing in a good quality, durable rug for your floor to make your room more livable. Get a dark color so you won't have to worry about stains.

Cute Dorm Room Furnishings

Now that you know what to look for, here are some of my picks for some great dorm room furnishings you should consider. Click through the gallery to see them:

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