18 Cute & Festive Christmas Wall Decor Ideas for Your Dorm

Deck the walls this holiday season!

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Christmas Wall Decor Ideas for Dorm

‘Tis the season to jingle and jangle, and for college students, that means decking out your dorm for the holiday season!

We’ve already talked about Christmas dorm decor for your whole room, but there’s so much you can do with just your empty walls. So today’s post will focus only on Christmas wall decor.

The possibilities in this category are endless, whether you prefer a classic and sleek look or want your dorm to have a “festive fiesta” vibe. Unleash your creativity, infuse some holiday spirit into your space, and give your dorm a cozy and cheerful transformation for the season!

Christmas Wall Decor Ideas

Adding some festive wall decor can instantly transform the space and bring in the holiday spirit when decorating a dorm for the holiday season.

Here are some ideas for Christmas wall decor perfect for college students on a budget.

Here’s a total classic: Create a gallery wall with holiday-themed prints and photos. Use frames in different sizes and shapes to add visual interest.

You can always print out your own photos or pictures, but if you want to buy something, Etsy and Amazon have a great selection of affordable prints and posters that are easily hung with command hooks.

2. Advent Calendar Wall Hanging

Count down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar wall hanging. Use mini stockings or small bags to hold treats or small gifts for each day. Hang the calendar with twine or ribbon for a rustic touch. So cute!

3. DIY Paper Decorations

Create paper decorations such as snowflakes, stars, or Christmas trees. Use colorful or recycled wrapping paper to make unique and affordable decor for your dorm room.

4. Bauble Wreath

You definitely don’t need to buy a wreath for the season! You can DIY a wreath with colorful baubles and ornaments. Use a foam wreath form and hot glue the baubles in place. Hang the wreath with ribbon or twine.

5. Door Frame Garland

I love the idea of adding garland to your dorm room door frame for a festive touch. Use tinsel garland or fresh greenery for a natural look, then attach the garland with command hooks or clear tape.

For more on this, here are 24 fun and aesthetic ways we love to decorate dorms or apartments for the holidays.

6. Christmas Stockings

For a cozy touch, hang Christmas stockings on your dorm room wall or bedpost. For a unique touch, personalize them with your name or initials.

7. Christmas DIY Art Wall

It’s so much fun to create your own Christmas-themed art for your dorm room. Use canvas or paper and paint, markers, or colored pencils to make festive art. Hang the art with command hooks or in frames. I love the DIY tassel tree sign linked above!

8. Traditional Christmas Wreath

If you want a traditional vibe for your space, hang an old-school Christmas wreath on your dorm room door or wall. Use fresh greenery (Trader Joe’s often has this!) or a faux wreath for long-lasting decorations.

9. Vintage Christmas Decoration

Add a vintage touch to your dorm room with Christmas decorations such as figurines or snow globes. You can display them on a shelf or dresser for a nostalgic touch.

10. Christmas Wall Stickers

If you want a cute and easy decoration for xmas, you can use wall stickers to add a festive touch to your dorm room walls. Choose from designs such as Christmas trees, snowflakes, or holiday phrases. The best part is, they can easily be removed without damaging the walls.

11. Wall-Hanging Christmas Tree

This is one of my favorite ideas! Create a wall-hanging Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. Use a string of lights and hang ornaments with ribbon or twine for a unique and space-saving decoration.

Looking for additional Christmas light ideas? Check out our post on How to Light Your Room with Christmas Lights for additional inspiration and decor ideas.

12. Wooden Ornaments

How beautiful are these classic wooden ornaments? They have an organic-modern vibe and can be used year after year. Use them to decorate your dorm room tree or hang them on the wall with ribbon.

13. Mini Wreaths

If you’re short on space, you can always create mini wreaths with fresh greenery or faux materials. Hang them on the wall or use them to decorate your dorm room door.

14. Xmas Metal Posters

For a super old-school, classic, and retro vibe, these metal posters add some traditional charm to your room. Choose from a variety of Christmas-themed designs and hang them with command strips.

15. Winter Chalkboard Art

Here’s a super easy DIY for you! You can create winter-themed chalkboard art for your dorm room. Use a chalkboard or black paper and chalk markers to make festive art.

16. Festive Bunting

Bunting and banners are always so cute and can be added to any part of your room. You can create your own festive bunting with colorful paper or fabric. Use twine or ribbon to string the bunting across your dorm room walls.

17. Wall Lanterns

Use wall lanterns to add a cozy touch to your dorm room. Fill them with battery-operated candles or string lights for a warm glow.

18. Wooden Christmas Wall Decor

Use wooden Christmas wall decor, such as signs or ornaments, to add a rustic touch to your dorm room. Display them on a shelf or hang them on the wall with ribbon.

What’s your favorite type of dorm room Christmas wall decor?

What are your thoughts on our list of Christmas wall decor ideas? Feel free to share your favorites in the comments below!

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