The College Girl’s Guide to Binge-Watching Netflix

Whether you’ve got twenty minutes or all weekend, here’s what you could be watching instead of doing that homework.

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Netflix is amazing. We know this. It’s a universal truth. But you know what’s not-so-amazing? Trying to keep up with the hundreds of TV shows that are literally at our fingertips.

Now, we’ve all been told that we just have to watch this show, or that show, but how many of us actually have time to watch all of these shows?

This guide seeks to address this problem. Below are my top recommendations for shows to binge-watch on Netflix, organized by how much time you have to commit.

1. The Shows That Are Always On

These shows are the ones I like to call “multitasking” shows. They’re sitcoms mostly, so the episodes are short and sweet, and well-suited to playing in the background while you read your textbooks or get ready for a night out.

If this is the type of show you can commit to, I recommend Parks and Recreation.

A modern classic, the first season-and-a-half of this show is notoriously difficult to get through before the unbelievably hilarious and heart-warming payoff of the later seasons. In other words, it’s the perfect show to just leave on while you do other things. By the time it gets good, you’ll be ready to pull out the tissue box.

See also: Friends, That ’70s Show, Bob’s Burgers, The Office

2. British Invasion (for a Weekend)

Netflix is the not-so-secret home of quality British television. The nice thing about a lot of these shows (other than the accents), is the fact that the seasons are much shorter. They’re perfect for a long night at home, or even better, a weekend alone or with friends.

I recommend two shows for a weekend British binge session. The first, North & South, is a romantic mini-series that will only take you about 4 hours (and have you fall madly in love with John Thornton).

The second is for those of you who don’t like traditional Victorian romance: Lovesick. This one is two seasons, which combined lasts about 7 hours. It’s hilarious and the characters are vivid and endearing. (Note: this show contains more mature content.)

See also: Wallander, Sherlock, Broadchurch

3. The Long Haul

These shows are reserved only for the college student who has plenty of free time (or is willing to go v-e-r-y slowly). The shows in this category will take more time to watch in their entirety, but are undoubtedly worth it.

My top recommendation for this binge category is Gilmore Girls.

Not only are there seven original seasons, but Netflix just released four new extended episodes to continue the story. This show has everything: family, love, school, weird characters, and some of the best written dialogue of all time.

See also: Jessica Jones, Bloodline, Stranger Things

What are you watching?

What did you think of our picks? Have you added any of these shows to your Netflix queue? Which shows do you recommend binge-watching? Tell us in the comments!

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