The 5 Halloween Costumes that Every College Girl Wears

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There are those Halloween costumes that get a ridiculous amount of grief for being “basic”, but let’s face it, it’s fun to try at least one (or all) of the costumes that every college girl wears once.

These simple costumes are quick, easy, fun, and guaranteed to save you from a night of questions where people ask you who or what you’re dressed as. Scroll down to see our top 5 picks.

1. Cat, Bunny, & Any Other Animal that Involves Throwing on a Pair of Ears

We’re all guilty of throwing on a pair of cat ears, bunny ears, or in recent years, a unicorn horn, when we’ve been running short on time. It’s as easy as putting on your black leggings, a body suit, or holographic leggings depending on the animal of your choice, and heading out the door!

This is a great “filler” costume for the many nights you’ll be heading out over Halloweekend. After all, some of us just don’t want to be seen in the same costume twice! For a cheap pair of ears, head over to Amazon or Forever 21 if you’re inclined to shop in stores.

In the spirit of Halloween and cat costumes, here is an actual cat in costume!

2. Boxer

The typical college boxer costume consists of a robe and faux boxing gloves, again probably bought off of Amazon, paired with a sports bra and running spandex, usually Nike Pro.

Dutch braids optional but highly recommended! Here’s a quick tutorial on Dutch braiding below:

How to Dutch Braid | Braiding 101

3. Sexy Cop, Firewoman, Doctor, Etc.

We love a woman in uniform, and this definitely extends to Halloween. Given the current social climate we live in, I recommend not toting around faux weapons to avoid any accidental scares; no one wants to carry around a prop for the entire night anyway.

A convenient place to look for these costumes can be your college’s Free and for Sale Facebook page; you’ll find them at a deep discount, and with a quick spin through your washing machine, you’ll also be able to enjoy your costume for the night.

4. Alien

Aliens have become a popular costume in the past few years, thanks to the rise of galaxy prints and holographic makeup; put all of the unicorn highlighters you bought over the past summer to use this fall!

There are many variations and possibilities for this look, but we really like the YouTube tutorial below for a quick and fun look! Add on some space buns to complete your look.


5. Skeleton

Skeletons are synonymous with Halloween, and there are many feminine twists on your average, glow-in-the-dark, skeletal morph suit that you can incorporate into your look.

Sugar skull looks, inspired by Día de los Muertos, have definitely become popular in recent years. We think this is a great look that incorporates elements from another culture without being offensive! Here is a fun tutorial below:

Easy Sugar Skull Halloween Tutorial

We’ve already covered best friend costumes and easy DIY costumes, but we want to hear from our CF fam about what costumes we should write about next. What kinds of costumes do you want to see? Do you know what you’ll be this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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