Top 5 Chick Flick Halloween Costume Ideas 

Here are 5 girly Halloween costumes from movies to make your Halloween more cute than creepy.

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When we think of Halloween, we think of witches, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night. But not everyone wants to be scary and spooky on Halloween. This is why we have created a few girly Halloween costumes inspired by movies — specifically chick flicks — to make your Halloween a bit more cute than creepy.

From Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and Cher from Clueless, there are countless Halloween costume options when it comes to chick flicks. And the best part is that these looks are super easy to put together and can be translated from costume to casual wear.

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If you keep on reading, you will find 5 looks that will make perfect girly costumes.

Top Girly Halloween Costumes

Outfit #1 – Cher Horowitz (Clueless)

This is one of my favorite Halloween costumes from movies — it’s so iconic!

Cher wears plenty of stylish looks throughout Clueless, but there is not one more iconic than her yellow plaid skirt suit. While you can find yellow plaid options out there, any colorful plaid two-piece would work perfectly for this costume. Just add some over the knee socks.

Also don’t forget Cher’s catch phrases! Throw around “as if” and “whatever,” all night long.

Cher from Clueless costume


Outfit #2 – Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

Elle Woods from Legally blonde

When it comes to an Elle Woods costume, all you need to do is think pink. Pink pants, pink top, pink shoes, even pink lipstick and nail polish.

As long as you have a head to toe pink ensemble (blonde wig optional), there will be no mistaking who you are a costume party.

Elle Woods costume with pink dress, pink purse, and pink heels - cute Halloween costumes from movies


Outfit #3 – The Plastics (Mean Girls)

The Plastics from Mean Girls

Though the Plastics do wear some memorable Halloween costumes in Mean Girls, their “On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink” look makes a great group costume.

Each of the Plastics has their unique way of pulling together a pink look. Regina George’s style is edgy with a black skirt; Karen is the most feminine in a baby pink matching sweater and skirt; and Gretchen is more put-together with a plaid skirt and Starbucks drink in hand. Naturally, Cady is trying to figure it all out in her oversized pink polo.

These looks would make the perfect group Halloween costume, as each of you and your friends can style the look in your own way. Together you will be so “fetch.”

Girly halloween costumes from movies - the Plastics costume from Mean Girls


Outfit #4 – The Heathers (Heathers)

Girly Halloween costumes from movies - heathers

The Heathers, another mean group of girls, are very well known for their ’80s getups and their primary colors. They’re another example of a great girly Halloween costume inspired by the movies.

Since the ’80s are coming back, a Heathers costume is easy to do. Grab an oversized blazer with shoulder pads, a mini skirt, and a scrunchie, all in a primary color.

This would also be a great costume to get your girlfriends to join in on. Each of you could be your own color, and you can all rock some ’80s fashion together.

Heathers costume with red blazer, plaid skirt, high heel loafers, blouse, and ruffle socks


Outfit #5 – Olive Pendergast (Easy A)

Girly halloween costume ideas from movies: Olive Pendergast from Easy A

Though at the beginning of Easy A, Olive wears normal clothes, by the middle of the film, she switches into some scandalous lingerie-inspired looks. The look above in particular makes for one of the easiest Halloween costumes from movies.

Now this look might not be the easiest to wear. But don’t worry about going full on Victoria’s Secret, as you can wear any semi-sexy all-black outfit and you will look the part.

Just make sure you wear Olive’s signature scarlet A to really pull the look together.


What do you think about these girly Halloween costumes from movies?

Do you think these looks will make you stand out at the Halloween parties you’re attending? Do you plan on dressing up with your bestie? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments.

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